Google Firebase: Technology That Is Redefining The Mobile Application Industry

Devesh Pareek
Devesh Pareek, Business Development Manager at A3logics
Published on Sep 27, 2019 in App Development
Google Firebase: Technology That Is Redefining The Mobile Application Industry

The Internet was a ground-breaking invention, and in a few decades, it has become a vital part of day-to-day human life. However, in the initial years, it wasn’t as widespread and had limited users. This changed with the advent of web applications in the first decade of the 21st Century, which took internet usage in enterprises to the next level. Firebase is the level up from traditional mobile app development.

The technology, first developed in 2012, was acquired by Google in 2014, and since then, it has completely revolutionized the mobile application industry. Here’s how:

Real-Time Database

Firebase Realtime Database is a cloud-hosted NoSQL database that offers synchronization and storage of data in real-time. This allows developers to interact and access the cloud data from anywhere, thereby providing flexibility, save precious time. Also, Firebase development doesn’t require developers to have access to backend support to build an app, as Google's cloud computing services are equipped with SDKs compatible with major platforms like Web, Android, iOS, etc.

Integration With Google Analytics

Firebase is integrated with Google Analytics, which gives it a significant advantage over the competition. To begin with, it would allow developers to track whether users are using the app on what type of device, i.e., laptops, smartphones, or tablets. Other features that come with Google Analytics like exporting data to BigQuery and designing personalized user experience for each ID make Firebase hard to beat.

Faster Than Others

Firebase is blazingly fast and fluid, being based on the NoSQL document storage system, which is quite different from the rows and columns of the SQL. What this means is that it provides real-time updates and notifications to the slightest of changes, to all the targeted users. This invites quick reactions and responses for further development, hence, offering an engaging experience for both users and developers.

Enhance Safety And Security

Security and safety of data are extremely important for any developer, and Firebase excels in this regard. The cloud computing services provided by Firebase add additional layers of data security, which prevents hackers to rewrite and authenticate data without prior access. Moreover, apps build on Firebase are deployed on the CDN as a static app, which furthers the security quotient.

Ease Of Content Storage

Firebase allows storing user content on the cloud, like photos, videos, texts, and documents. This allows users to have a formidable back-up in case of data loss. Apart from this, it also provides SDKs for cloud storage, which enables linking offline mobile users, who can transfer data automatically as soon as their devices are connected to data networks.

Better App Monetization

Firebase comes integrated with AdMob, Google's in-house mobile advertising service. This allows developers to lay down advertising policies, and hence monetize the app optimally. The facility offers several templates and advertisements to choose from, more than most of its competitors. AdMob also lets you customize the template layout to improve user experience, and increase revenue.

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