Gear up your application for the holiday season with useful tips and marketing ideas

Richa Sharma
Richa Sharma, Chief Operating Officer at Fluper Limited
Published on Dec 22, 2017 in Mobile App Marketing
Gear up your application for the holiday season with useful tips and marketing ideas

It’s Christmas guys! We can begin our countdown to the grand day of celebration as the world prepares itself to welcome the much-awaited festivities of the year. Festive seasons are crucial for businesses and enterprise app development companies like Fluper aptly recognize the weight of such opportunities adding extra earnings to their business operations.

If we take a glimpse into the statistics, we will be surprised to see that mCommerce app sales cross $600 billion marks, especially during the festive seasons. In addition, the CPC (Cost Per Click) rates doubles up for the apps throughout this season. This is only possible if the mobile app development companies sketch out a proper marketing strategy on time to be inclusive of rendering efficient enterprise mobility solutions.

This is not a hidden fact since most of the consumers have one or two mCommerce applications installed on their handsets. We get a swell of offers and discounts pushed to our smartphones as soon as any festivity nears. These push notifications are but the output of some creative app marketer’s brain. The efforts will pay off only if enterprises have wisely strategized to harness holiday businesses for sale.

Now, if you have an application and require some guidance pertaining to how to prepare your app for the festive season,here is a list of useful tips and marketing ideas.

Design your app in accordance with the holiday season, it is the key factor to gain more customers for your application. Moreover, if it is a tourist application, a lot of homework is required such as listing out the hot spots for tours. In addition to the tourist spots, you need to figure out the popular hotels and other places of accommodations along with pictures of the famous attractions uploaded, shopping malls, restaurants and other places mentioned too. Besides, design, the homepages need to be informative with actual feedbacks from previous tourists.

Add decorative features and holiday-themed content worthy to keep the application in the spotlight specific to the occasion or just redirect users to the extra-added page specific to the festival. However, the content needs to be creative enough with plans to release it as early as possible to grab the market before competitors enter the race. Also, make sure that your application caters to other festivals besides Christmas to render a feeling of unity among users.

Research to study customer requirement is crucial before investing in expensive marketing strategies. An in-depth knowledge of the ongoing user demand, as well as market trends, exerts a direct influence on app marketing managers adopting new strategies. Extensive research is required to know what is in demand among the users and offering exactly what they are searching for, not only ads to the benefit of the business owner.

Marketing incentives through discounts and offers as well as contests can accelerate the search for the application and eventually the sale of the items. On organizing contests, one thing is crucial to keep in mind: make sure the chosen theme and the course of the contest are appealing to the users. More so, special discounts on offers and discounts pertaining to a particular restaurant or on a purchase of any apparel and or other goods always work best with the users.

Decorate your app store page where ASO plays a major role in user acquisition but on a seasonal basis. Hence, if you are planning to make money from festive seasons, update the icon, description, screenshots and teaser videos to reflect the holiday mood through fitting content to aware the users of what they can expect from the applications.

Test your ad creative way before the festive season begins since zeroing down on the exact mix of creative content, target and bid rates. Early preparation will give you time to strategize your fund investment accurately and you will not be late to embark on your marketing plan right on time as soon as the festive season hits the show.

Knowledge on holiday peaks is yet another factor that requires close attention from the owner and mobile app development company. Even though holidays commence from the month of October, there are specific dates where the searches and clicks hit the ceiling along with the costs in relation to those specific clicks. Companies need to avoid making the heavy investment on peak days so as not to lose business with maximum investment but poor returns.

Prepare to pay off holiday prices by setting aside advertising budget separate to meet the high demand of the festive seasons. Be ready to pay more for each click to enhance your app store rankings. However, there is constant requirement and agility on the part of the mobile app developer to track the charts to decide whether it is worthwhile or not to make additional commitments.

Update submission within a specific time wherein app stores often do not accept new updates such as Apple refuses accepting new application upgradation from December 23rd to the 27th again the same year. No alteration is possible pertaining to prices, descriptions and other related featured within the specified time slot. Any content needs to live during the festive season must be put up for review two weeks prior to such shutdowns.

Notifying consumers through push messages to make them aware of the offers and discount coupons such that they are tempted to pay the visit to the application. Currently, push notifications have become the sole tool to reach out the ultimate buyers.


Holiday app marketing is a high-risk venture yet it is high-rewarding as well. Enterprise owners need to be prompt enough to grasp the opportunities of mass selling before your competitors even think of initiating such campaigns. Since the festive season fetches maximum searches, mobile application development companies involved with e-commerce applications must have the required experience and skills to design attention-seeking contents to successfully drive traffic to their application.

So, it is time for the mCommerce apps to pull up their socks and exploit the bubbling market to beat the competitors and contribute towards doubling up the spirit of the holiday with app offers.

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