Fuel up your workflow with a company app

Manish Jain
Manish Jain, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Konstant Infosolutions
Published on Mar 31, 2016 in App Development
Fuel up your Workflow with Enterprise App

Rather than watching the incredible tasks which your employees habitually do with the mobile apps of your customers, you have to jump on the wagon of developing mobile apps with the mission of moving one step further from all and build a company mobile application that your employees will love. Konstant Infosolutions has prepared this new guest post about this topic.

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is building an app, we understand that you know this fact very well, but we’re talking about enterprise apps where professionals can optimize their regular work with some help. IBM published one white paper stating that 75% of 500 fortune companies are taking steps to deploy HTML5 mobile apps.

In this high-tech world, nothing is as easy as we think, and so is the development of a company mobile app. Developing a mobile app for your business operations to improve the workability and efficiency is a complex process to execute. Here are some tips to make your enterprise app development a little easier and fruitful.

Dig out the real need of an app: It’s an inaugural step when developing a business app. You have to find out if there are reasons to build a business app or if it is the right way to improve the corporate governance.

After discovering the practical obstacles, do the research on platforms to come out with the best solution. As per the understanding, HTML5 is the fastest, cheapest and easiest platform to create a native app that will accelerate device specific controls like GPS location data, sales reps works offline on the field, accelerometer data, etc.

Involve your people: The aim of developing an enterprise app is to improve the efficiency and increase the engagement of workers associated with your firm. The next significant step is to choose who is going to develop an app. But before that, get the opinions of your employees at every stage of mapping an app.

The companies apps are solely dedicated to the organization’s people, so it’s important to take the participation of your power users while working on an app.

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Sub-step is to define, who will exactly use your app? The more users contribute in the process of reviewing wireframes and setting ups of the features of an app, the more useful the app will come out. In case of redesigning the app, the involvement of power users in the designing process will make them feel empowered, and they will suggest good options to make the product not just what they have now but even better.

When it comes to marketing, you eagerly want to know the view of your customers and modify the products or services accordingly or collect the feedback from employees to develop an app accordingly. Moreover, it shows that you care enough about your associates to have their participation.

Understand the user experience: Customers' apps are setting an example for high user experience, due to which employees are expecting to get the same level of user experience they get from customers' apps.

Conduct the internal research to detect the user experience because building an exceptional and acceptable UX for workers is a critical task in the app development process. Employees know the objective of the enterprise app which leads their expectation towards better productivity and adds efficiency in their daily work.

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Enterprise apps must integrate flawless features and high-security measures to leverage the usability of apps for employees, in concise, they can perform their task and complete them on time, no matter where they are.

The app should be developed under the concept of continuity so it facilitates users to use the app anytime, anywhere and on any device. For instance, an employee starts working on the desktop and later completes the remaining task on the mobile device. This level of continuity should highly increase productivity as well as user adoption.

Make it adaptive: Adoption for any app is necessary. An app won’t help anyone to be more productive if no one wants to install and use it in the workplace. You can make it mandatory, but it’s not the best option for adoption, you have to incentivize them to use the app.

For making it adaptive, you have to offer them incentives, enhanced features and benefits, through which things get done easier and faster, and soon they will motivate to make them choose to use the app. The design of an app must contain only those functionalities that will make your employee’s life easier or better and makes a difference in the workflow.

A goal oriented app is not the only way to attain the objectives for a better workflow. After launching, you have to track the performance and crashes of the app and for that purpose, you need some supporting tools like Analytics or Application performance management tool that will measure the results.

Konstant Infosolutions mobile app developers have the know-how to develop useful mobile enterprise apps for companies with great navigation, excellent UX, and adaptability, considering your operational problems and employees reviews to make the best out of it.

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