Follow these tips and tricks to speed up your Ruby on Rails app

Hemendra Singh
Hemendra Singh, Managing Director at The NineHertz
Published on Dec 12, 2018 in Web Developers Resources
Follow these tips and tricks to speed up your Ruby on Rails app

“It’s too slow!", "It was too boring! Had to wait long to get the response”. "The app is not responding". Are you getting such negative feedback from the users? Well, there may not be any such issue while you were on the testing session of your app. The interface was excellent, the designs were catchy, and then why are the users lagging for a response?

It is all because of the compatibility of the issue. The development and testing done by the developers are at the latest system without taking into account that the users may or may not have the latest devices. So, no worries, it’s neither of yours nor Ruby's fault, and you can quickly boost your Ruby on Rails app and take the lead in the app market. All you have to do is follow these tips and tricks to speed up your Ruby on Rails app.

1. Switch to a new Host

What we generally do when we do not get treated well, we look for other better options. So, if you are getting negative feedbacks, there may be a chance to be a problem related to your hosting provider. Change the hosting provider and also add some credits to you app performance with CDN, Content Delivery Network, which will assist your app to locate the data packets with no delay and even if there is a network breakdown.

2. Proper Database Management

There can be another problem related to the database causing the apps fantastic performance. Your Ruby on Rails app may work excellently while the testing session but as the demand increases the database expands, so it is essential to include the database management upgrade in your booklet.

Maybe you have missed adding the index feature in your database. Adding index will allow you to search the particular contact without taking much time. It will make sorting easier by redirecting the query to the specified record.

Next, to indexing, make sure you do not use the 'find_by()' and 'find_al_by()' and other such queries every time to retrieve data as it takes a lot of effort to load the whole database. Try other sorting questions with conditions. It will not only reduce the load on the app but also save your time.

3. Try using Objects of smaller size

While developing the Ruby on Rails app, you have so many options that you may forget about the format of objects you were using, which eventually cause the app to become slow and consume more time than it usually does. You can reduce the size of the objects like table, images, and videos so that it does not affect the app performance. The 'minify()' method may help to do this.

4. Activate the Caching option

Cache pages, SQL requests, Actions, fragments, and assets are the options you can use for caching in Ruby on Rails. You can go for any one of them to enhance your App performance. Well, you already have the idea of 'CACHE' which stores the recent search. Being the temporary stack, Cache helps to speed up the response as it does not allow the request, look for data in the whole database, which is already present in the cache memory. It not only works with the simple search requests but also helps the user auto retrieve the records for the complex requests.

5. Reduce calling the Garbage Collector

Did you know each time you call the Garbage collector, the main code is suspended for about 100-400 ms while implementation, which can be hot for your app performance? So, it would be better if you opt for skilled professionals, either the Android app developer or the iPhone app developers. If you are working as the developer makes sure you are clear with the concept of 'reject' and 'reject!' methods. The unfortunate part of these methods is, it does not connect the data to the primary database instead makes a duplicate of it from the source to make it available for the input parameter.

6. Include Bullet in your code

Well, Ruby itself is no doubt a gem, adding bullet would look more like your gemstone surrounded by the other treasures, likes jewels. Similarly, bullets are the credits to enhance the Ruby on Rails efficiency. If you find your app lagging or always popping up with a message like “app not responding"; it is possibly a result of malfunctioning of the code at the time of execution. Like, if you have set the limit of the iteration to N, it may sometimes happen that the system may either overflow or miss out some code, which in turns cause the app to shut down. To overcome this issue, you need to set the iteration limit N+1 instead of N; it will help you know the malfunctioning of the code and resolve it in the +1 iteration. And also help to get rid of overflow by giving a sufficient number of iterations.

7. Better data storage options

While developing your Ruby on Rails app, you should be very careful about the storage options. The CookieStore, MemCache, ActiveRecord, DRb are some of the data storage options which you can choose according to your requirement. Keeping an account of the flow of data packets is essential. So, it is significant for the proper functioning of the app. If the data storage is not well managed, the app may fail to respond to the user's requests sending a negative message.

You may be wondering why you are not able to compete the other Android app development company in India even after putting equal or more efforts regarding performance and efficiency. Well, it may happen that your app may look more at parallel tracks of the Android apps. But in the end, make sure you have done the Stress-Test because if it remains, it will probably hamper your app which intern will lead your trade to declination. With the availability of so many options in the app market, if your app lags even if for 3 seconds, twice or thrice, your app is fired. It won't take even a minute to uninstall your app and switch to the other. So, follow these tricks and boost the speed of your Ruby on Rails app to compete against the other app developers.

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