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Hitesh Dhawan
Published on Jul 15, 2021 in Non categorized

Have you determined a business idea for your start-up company, and you plan to launch a mobile application? Well, we live in a highly competitive world, and the technology ecosystem is constantly evolving! In fact, many start-ups have the highest failure rates just due to the lack of information to select the right platform for mobile application development. If you want to use a cross-platform framework for your application in 2021, you should switch to Flutter for application development, because Flutter accelerates the application development process and reduces development costs. They also possess an excellent user interface with smooth animation.

Google launched Flutter only a few years ago, but the pace of updates on the platform puts it a few steps ahead of some of the leading cross-platform frameworks in mobile application development. It was developed by Google for auxiliary environmental computing and is currently used by many high-tech companies such as Groupon, eBay, and Tencent. In addition to well-known companies, there are some start-ups that use Flutter to bring their digital products to the market. Flutter's growing market share and features make developers believe that future cross-platform applications belong to Flutter.


A software development kit is an integrated tool that developers can use to create various applications. The device can be used to convert the code that needs to be programmed into native machine code suitable for business needs (including Android and IOS).

Framework (Widget based UI Library): A variety of recyclable user interface elements (which include buttons, sliders, text-based inputs etc.) that can be customised to meet the requirements of the business.

Before Flutter went public, developers liked PhoneGap, Xamarin, Apache Cordova, React Native, Titanium, etc., as well as the company's overall advantages. Flutter stands out from all other cross-platform applications simply because of its creativity and ease of use.


- The exclusive code base for each platform
One of the reasons Flutter stands out is its unique writing method, which overcomes the traditional limitations of the cross-platform approach, which requires developers to write multiple codes for different platforms. Now Flutter application developers only need to code once, rather than code individually. For two operating systems, namely Android and IOS, therefore most developers consider Flutter. Flutter is a hybrid application development environment that can reduce the daily work of users and developers. Therefore, the quality of the application can be quickly improved.

- Open-source feasibility
Flutter comes with many free open-source packages that support rapid development and free for developers along with “Dart" which is another programming language. Some of them are YouTube player, Flutter Ecommerce, Frideos flutter, etc. In addition, since it is an end-to-end open-source platform, developers all over the world are constantly adding their work to the library, making the structure more extensive.

- Rapid Development of the Application
One of the benefits is that it can speed up the development and testing process. It is a single code base framework added to the hot reload function, which allows developers to easily build applications while testing them in real-time. In turn, this also plays a vital role in reducing the cost of developing mobile applications.

- Many open-source packages
Flutter comes with many free open-source packages that support rapid development. Some of them are YouTube player, Flutter Ecommerce, Frideos flutter, etc. In addition, since it is an end-to-end open-source platform, developers all over the world are constantly adding their work to the library, thereby increasing the structure.

- Compatibility
Widgets are a component of the application, but not the Flutter framework; thus, there are no or minimal compatibility issues on different operating system versions. This saves massive time during mobile app testing.


- Supporting Dark Mode Feature for IOS 13
Flutter is best-known for its famous Cupertino widgets. With the release of the 1.12 version, the escalation is felt.

Apple recently added a unique feature called "Dark Mode" to iOS 13. Therefore, Flutter developers improved Cupertino's widgets to make them perfectly synchronized with dark mode while maintaining pixel perfection.

- Introduction of Add-to-App.
Add-to-App can easily integrate the specifications collected by Flutter into apps for Android and iOS. It is one of the most famous fixes in all cross-platform development techniques. These features improve the Android development workflow by integrating the Flutter module wizard directly into Android Studio so that you can easily use Flutter to write common codes in your codebase and use them on iOS and Android.

- Optimized Web Support
Flutter Web support is now available for creating beautiful web versions of mobile applications. Web application support will benefit start-ups and mid-sized businesses because it will reduce the time and cost of creating Web applications from scratch.

- Desktop support for macOS
Flutter aims to invade the macOS market, enabling developers to easily create beautiful desktop applications for macOS. Flutter's strategic goal is to conquer the development market of iOS and macOS.


Flutter's decision to develop other domestic applications is not surprising in the field of application development. It utilizes Google’s internal language called "Dart" and provides widgets designed with the best quality for building powerful cross-platform applications on a tight budget. The mobile cross-development platform hence myths about it is busted, Flutter is hiring a large number of mobile application developers.

Flutter's free and low-cost features make it a powerful and easy-to-use application development platform. Organizations with limited budgets can look to the future and seek huge growth through Flutter's application development services to meet future market needs.

  • With Flutter, developers can use a single code base to build applications for the two main platforms, Android, and iOS, thereby providing cost-effective isolation during the development process.
  • The user interface is an efficient handheld GPU rendering that allows developers to take advantage of various interfaces.
  • Features such as hot reload speed up the application development process by presenting coding changes in real-time.
  • It supports various IDEs, including Android Code, Visual Studio Code, and XCode.
  • Through a set of code libraries for verification and testing, Flutter reduces testing time.

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