Flutter: A Cutting-edge Technology that Will Transform the Way We Develop Apps

Ojus Sharma
Ojus Sharma, Co-founder and CEO at APPLIFY
Published on Mar 20, 2018 in Cross Platform Developers Resources
Flutter: A Cutting-edge Technology that Will Transform the Way We Develop Apps

While doing research for blog topics around the web, we stumbled upon this blog post:

Is Google quietly laying the groundwork for Android’s demise?

The title was pretty intriguing and powerful, popping thousands of questions in our minds.

Why would Google shut down the project that’s making most of their revenue?

Will the Android development industry end in the future?

If not Android, which operating system will smartphones use?

We all decided to take a look at the blog post, which shares details about Flutter, a product recently unveiled by Google at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018 event. This product allows mobile app development companies to quickly develop apps that work across multiple operating systems and various devices, be it an iPhone X or a Google Pixel device.

This reminded us of the new OS of Google: Fuchsia OS, a futuristic project that Google initiated a while ago. This project wanted to bring similar computing experiences on different devices (tablets, smartphone,computers).

Do you know what this means?

According to our app developers in Singapore, mobile app development will change in surprising ways. Apps will be developed more quickly without any compromise on quality.

Most importantly, a major problem will be solved, i.e. Android fragmentation.

We all know that different versions of operating systems run on different devices. Moreover, manufacturers have the flexibility to offer new updates whenever they want. What happens is that they make changes on their own and hence, the user experience differs on each smartphone. As a result, the operating system is fragmented.

But if Flutter becomes a reality, all updates will be released simultaneously and the problem of Android Fragmentation will be automatically resolved.

Flutter is in its initial stage right now and only a few coders are using it right now. However, really soon it could become a fully-fledged reality and that will be the time when mobile app development really revolutionizes the sector.

Want to know more about Flutter? Watch this video:


Download Flutter from www.flutter.io and get your hands on it.

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