Five Factors of UX Design for mobile app development companies based on human behaviour

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Published on Mar 10, 2016 in App Development
Five Factors of UX Design for mobile app development companies based on human behaviour
“All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire” Aristotle

Aristotle may have nothing to do with UX but he definitely laid out the foundation of human behavior in the seven points he states above. While one can not reason chance and passion in terms of science, UX and mobile app development have adapted to the other five by putting them down as essential factors in the following idea proposed by Peter Morville.

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These factors may apply to anything that involves engaging people. It could be visual designs, content or mobile applications. Affle Apstudioz believe that to inculcate these into practice in mobile app development companies, it takes more than just wireframing or an architectural hierarchy for your design. It takes a keen eye to figure out a real problem and solve it out.

The prescribed hierarchy is only a part of building a fantastic UX, it requires constant attention, brainstorming and an in-depth understanding of human behaviour to judge how to include the five factors within the competencies of design.

Factor 1: Usability

Ever found yourself, as a developer, stranded in the middle of a mobile application? Not knowing where is the next navigational icon is or not being able to identify the required feature. There is nothing more frustrating than the user not being able to figure out the next step. Here is where you remember the user’s habit and familiarity with trends, the intuitiveness comes from identifying the habits.

Building mobile apps that are self explanatory is the key to great usability for app development companies.

Factor 2: Usefulness

Usefulness is different from usability. Usefulness means to appeal to the user’s needs. This is less of a design, more of a functionality issue. The concept of the app and the execution of the concept is what determines the usefulness of the app.

Factor 3: Accessibility

The accessibility factor is all about navigating on your app. How easily can the user identify and execute the functionality that is desired of a screen, or move to the next one. If your user can spot navigational buttons and icons without hassles then it’s a well made app, triggering the desired behaviour. Easy to access app functions make the user compelled to use it over a hundred other apps that may cater to the same need.

Factor 4: Desirability

The user can be pulled towards the app. Now this factor is covered in various attributes. The concept of the app, the UI design, the interaction. The smoother the process that the developer has created, the more viable the concept, the more aesthetic the graphics, the better the interaction with the app, the more desirable it is. A keen eye for features that delight users is a part of increasing the desirability of the app. This factor adapts to the user’s nature, habit and hence identifies the desire to include it into the app designing routine.

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Factor 5: Findability

Findability is solely dependent on how convenient it is for the user to figure out the objective of the app. For example; if your mobile app development company has a food ordering app and the ‘order now button’ or the reviews , or other features that the user may need to make decisions aren’t easily on the app screen it reduces the chances of the user meeting the end goal. Convenience is again a matter of the nature and habit.

Factor 6 : Valuability

All these factors put together come down to the central theme of the plot. Is your app valuable? Does it solve a problem? Does it make it easy for the user to navigate, hence find and reach his end goal? Is it compulsive? Can it grow into a habit? All these aspects together increase your app’s value. A persuasive UX can create a need and hence a value for your app.

This is how Affle Appstudioz's mobile app development company figures out the best app designs.

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