Enterprise Applications in 2018: What It Takes To Create a Competent App

Kabir Bedi
Kabir Bedi, Senior Technical Content Writer at SoftProdigy
Published on Sep 12, 2018 in Enterprise App Developers Resources
Enterprise Applications in 2018: What It Takes To Create a Competent App

Over the years, enterprise applications have been developed and created by countless businesses. The idea of having an enterprise app is winning as it makes work convenient, easily accessible and fast!

Before we get to the good side of using an enterprise app in an organization, we must first get to the messy part – its creation!

It may be all exciting to bring an enterprise app to work but it takes a lot of planning, critical thinking and a very smart use of technology to create such an app.

An Enterprise Application

Enterprise applications are business applications designed by business organizations to integrate their computer systems and other mobile devices. These applications are critically designed after satisfying a plethora of requirements and conditions.

Such applications serve the purpose of carrying out the work of an enterprise in such a way that smooth workflow, easy communication, and coordination are facilitated.

The Creation of an Enterprise Application

The creation of an enterprise app is seen as a very demanding and daunting task. This is because there are a number of requirements that need to be met and one requirement may contradict the other. This way, it gets pretty difficult for the developers to meet each and every requirement and make the project of app development a success.

Now, the criticality of these requirements is that they determine the different features of the enterprise app. These features decide the working of the app, its administration and control, its maintenance and the security it offers.

If any of these factors are missing from an enterprise app, it is going to be a huge failure!

For an enterprise app, there are a lot of tests that it needs to pass in order to fit in with today’s corporate trends and work patterns. Along with being a successful model in all technical terms, an enterprise app also needs to be accessible and mission-critical. It must be handy to work with and must be easily circulated in an enterprise.

One of the most important features that an enterprise app must have is that it should be accessible on multiple devices and on multiple networks.

With all these requirements, it is safe to say that the creation of an enterprise app is a highly complex task. Thus, you need to seek experts that deliver nothing but quality.

Selecting the Type

To get the best and most compatible app for your enterprise, you need to be sure what you need it for. There are several tasks that can be accomplished with the help of an enterprise app. However, it is not possible for one app to serve all the purposes at once.

So, you need to go through a bunch of permutations and combinations and decide what type of app you want. This decision is based on the tasks you want to handle with your application. These tasks can be listed as:

  • Sales
  • Providing services
  • Accounting
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Human Resources
  • Handling Inventory
  • Marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Content Management

All of these are the tasks that businesses want their enterprise apps to achieve. To start the process of your enterprise app creation, you need to make your decision about which tasks you specifically want being done!

You can choose a combination of tasks as well like one app can incorporate the functions of HR management, communication, collaboration, and content management within an organization. Similarly, an app can do both sales and marketing for your business.

So you can choose the type based on your selection of tasks from the list above!

Factors to Keep In Mind

If you’re planning on introducing an enterprise application for your business, you must know that it is a gigantic task. Creating a successful enterprise app takes a great deal of hard work from different teams, a failsafe design, and a lot of research.

To get the best app for your business, you need to keep a close eye on whatever is happening around you, in the market, with different enterprises, and with different enterprise apps. Every single detail can help you make a better decision in terms of your app.

Here are a few factors that you can keep a close eye on in order to make your app a huge success:

User Behavior

During your research, you need to learn about what kind of users are happy with what kind of apps. This gives you very beneficial insights on what you would incorporate in your app based on your users.

For instance, if you’re trying to make an app for sales like an e-commerce app, you need to learn more about your target audience. You must be well-equipped with the information of their buying patterns, what similar apps they use, what is it that they’re looking for in an app, and what success rate did the other apps have with these users.

Such information helps you build a strong, failsafe, and very attractive user interface. When your users get what they want in an app, they stick with it and enjoy working with it.

The other example for this can be taken as an internal communications app for the organization. Now, you can use already popular apps like Skype and Slack for this purpose. But if you want your own enterprise app for communication, you can follow in the footsteps of the most famous apps and learn about the behavior of their users.

Understanding of the user behavior with already successful apps can help you interpret the user interface that your users are most comfortable with. So, you must have a closer look at the pattern that they follow.


This one is similar to the above point – just a lot more elaborative. The other factor that you need to take care of is that of the competition prevailing in the market.

We all try to make our businesses better! When you’re in business, there will be many instances when you’ll realize that you’re quite lagged behind from your competitors in certain situations.

So, keep a close watch on what your competitors are doing! There must be already successful apps used by businesses in the similar industry. If you follow them, research on them, and learn about them closely, you can infer the pros and cons they have in them.

This helps you make your own enterprise app better. For example, any bigger-level e-commerce store is bound to take inspiration from the app of already famous stores like Amazon.

When you learn about your competition closely enough, you can learn about their mistakes and can avoid these mistakes in your own case. This really helps in making your app better!


Whether it is an enterprise app for customers or it is an app for internal usage by an enterprise, it all comes down to the response the app is getting.

The users decide whether the app is competent, convenient, and helpful to them or not. So, knowing about the response of your end users is everything you need to make your enterprise app better.

For example, suppose you’ve designed an app for the internal communication and collaboration within your organization. You need to make sure that the app works fine for both kinds of employees – the ones in the office and the ones in the filed or overseas. If something is not right, it must be fixed. You can also ask the users every now and then and get their feedback on the app. This helps you fix any bugs or fallbacks within the app.

With all these efforts, work, research, and a lot of other chaotic tasks, you can create a competent enterprise app. Just make sure to keep updated and seek expert help for the best results! With everything done rightly, your enterprise app can be a great win and it will serve the purpose it is intended to.

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