End to end IoT app development

End to end IoT app development

With the Internet of Things (IoT), we have succeeded to shift towards the more advanced level of technology. This innovative technology holds the ability to transfer data from various devices and sensors over an established cloud-based network. With this, a wholesome transformation is clearly visualized in the approach when we do business or live life.

IoT is scalable and also offers a flexible approach, though enabling cloud to share data can increase the risk of hacking, less safety and data compromisation. The increasing exposure to data transmission over cloud-based infrastructures has raised a big question on the security issues, putting pressure on designers, programmers and security experts to establish a secured channel in the interconnected systems.

IoT solutions are benefiting companies accelerating revenue streams, increasing efficiency. Hence, it comes as a daunting task to thoroughly develop and implement IoT solutions. Today, many companies have come-up with effective and appropriate IoT security strategies to deliver services that are secure.

IoT market research

The global network of connected devices is increasing to meet the requirement of data collection to provide a more customized solution. Thus, with the bounce in technology the devices linked to the cloud are also soaring rapidly.

A source from FOW Community reveals that the number of the connected devices device via intranet will lift up in between 26 and 212 billion by 2020. So maintaining security will be a big challenge, for example for car navigation or retail POS to your building's climate control. The embedded systems will witness an attack from hackers that might lead to harm your confidential data, to steal your data or enter into your network via connected device.

Testing IoT solutions before its deployment

As we know, every IoT device has its specific hardware and software to make sure that its operation does not get compromised. Moreover, the firmware, operating systems and a variety of their combinations are in abundance what complicates testing of IoT softwares in the long run.

Internet connectivity is sometimes very hard to rely on. Therefore, functional testing and performance testing are quite mandatory to achieve secured results.

Some of the common Security testing protocols are as follow:

Application defense

Sometime defense can also show a reverse action, thus it is important to have a security protocol that accompanies all the development phase, it should also include third-party embedded code.

Network defense

This helps to monitors external threats via an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) software.

Device defense

Its basics include protection of password protocols and patching. The practise is done on the basis of two-factor authorization for the end user.

Dynamic app security testing

This test is best when the mobile app is live, and can be achieved with "friendly hack" via automation during development.

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