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Published on Jan 04, 2017 in App Development

Nowadays a businessman without a mobile phone is like a car without wheels. Running a business without a communication tool is impossible. It must be remembered, however, that a smartphone may be used not only for making phone calls or keeping contact lists. Just like car equipment facilitates smooth and safe driving, mobile apps optimize company management.

The mobile app development company RAD4M has written this pro developer article so all of us learn more about how a mobile app can help a company develop itself and gain productivity from its employees.

Areas where apps might be used

Company development depends on a series of factors, such as access to current key information, successive broadening of the scale of business activity, offer development, effective finance management as well as keeping control over customer relationship or human resources training. Thus, it seems that business apps may be used in unlimited number of areas.

A properly designed mobile app enables access to information of vital importance to a company, irrespective of time and place. It enhances employee communication and project management. Mobile apps considerably improve work efficiency. They modernize the company and optimize its processes.

Effective information exchange

What is vital for each thriving company is good employee communication. Effective contacts among all organizational levels have a considerable impact upon the lead time and quality of carried out orders and thereby help fulfill clients’ needs.

Undoubtedly, well motivated and active employees do their work faster and more efficiently than those who do not access to the company’s current affairs. The number of tasks and news spreading within any organisation each day may give a headache. When employees are cut out from what is currently happening around them, they may feel undervalued and overlooked. Neither will they be able to get ready for the planned changes if informed after the fact.

Modern technology considerably facilitates the process of information exchange in a company. Properly designed apps help employees communicate with any number of authorized persons about new tasks, work progress or upcoming events. Mobile programs also have a positive impact on project teamwork. They enable information and ideas sharing and significantly enhance communication between the lower organizational level and managers. Fast and non-invasive exchange of opinions with the executives may, in fact, turn out the key factor for project success.

Time is money

Any instance of time saved in a company is worth its weight in gold. It is very hard to keep the deadlines when the workload is too high. Therefore, tasks optimization and their effective performance are of vital importance. Business applications positively affect working time management.

Specialist software enables carrying out purchase and sales orders, information exchange, financial settlements or suppliers selection, irrespective of time and place. Mobile apps also are a perfect solution for virtual trainings, reporting and tightening cooperation between employees. Apps’ functions help to build competitive advantage and increase industry effectiveness. A mobile company is an effective company, adapted to the requirements of the modern market.


Modern methods within our reach

People and task management becomes much easier when done with proper tools, which not only help us save time but also money. Mobile apps which can communicate with their users, become a more and more effective support for them. Their functions, such as sending carefully chosen messages, will quite easily cater to the needs and expectations of the users and will facilitate their work.

Business apps are quite often based not only on innovative solutions but they also draw on traditional tools, yet modernized and perfected. For instance, what can particularly appeal to managers is the interactive Gantt chart in a mobile app. This tool enables project division into separate tasks and their scheduling. The possibilities of this solution may be extended considerably when turned mobile.

A chance for everyone

Nowadays, when the popularity of smartphones and tablets is rapidly increasing, each industry sector may gain from creating a mobile app, the modern ones and those traditional as well. Apps are equally effective in transportation, banking and trade industries. It must be remembered that currently it is the companies that can successfully combine implementation of mobile solutions with modern company management systems, that become really competitive.

Studies have shown that managers more and more eagerly make use of business management apps. Management applications (ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning) up to now reserved for big organizations, are in fact growing in popularity even among small businesses. Those systems gather data, organize and integrate all the areas of a company as well as facilitate resources management.

They are currently the most popular types of business software. ERP systems delivered by various producers quite significantly differ from each other, both in terms of usage and scope of functions. Several types of ERP systems can be distinguished e.g. module systems (consisting of independent yet interacting apps) or integrated systems (consisting of a single database and a business platform where all the functionalities use the same data in real time). Thus, ERP systems improve and systematize the work of the whole team, which is reflected in employee efficiency and effectiveness as well as company profits increase.

Aces in the pocket

Dedicated apps reflect the needs and objectives of a company, constituting thereby perfect tools for market competitiveness increase. What is important, broad knowledge on the latest mobile apps is not required to introduce them in one’s company. Modern applications are so intuitive that even an information technology layman can easily grasp their functioning. Undoubtedly, implementing apps in an industry brings a series of advantages, both for the management and members of the staff:

  • Company management improvement
  • Work from any place you need
  • Communication improvement
  • Coordination and work assisstance facilitation
  • Business operation improvement in the areas of organisation, sales and customer service as well as the records
  • Possible integration with other systems used by the company and common results presented in a single user interface

Solutions made to measure

Solutions currently chosen by companies are more and more frequently not the cheapest ones but those which can increase their efficiency. In the long term, it is a solution catering for the specific needs of a company that will prove much more profitable than purchasing a finished product.

When choosing a dedicated app, the mobile app development company RAD4M are sure that it will have all the necessary functions and will have a user-friendly design. They can define the expectations and monitor the process of their implementation. In case of even the most minute irregularities or failed solutions being detected, RAD4M can modify the project. When purchasing dedicated apps, clients can also be sure that data contained within the app is protected adequately to its significance.

Constructing a valuable mobile app, adequate to the needs of a modern company is a complex task, requiring considerable skills. If you wish that a mobile app created for your company caters for all the needs of both the executives and the staff, feel invited to contact RAD4M.

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