E-commerce apps: the tool for boosting revenue

Published on Sep 07, 2017 in App Development
E-commerce apps: the tool for boosting revenue

Let’s face the facts - going out to buy clothes, shoes or even groceries is becoming pretty much old fashioned. Day by day we are getting more and more used to order the things we need online - with just a simple click. Everything around us has become exactly one click away from us, allowing us to avoid inconveniences such as long queues, traffic and many others.

We all know that time is a valuable resource. So why wasting it, when you can do all the shopping from the convenience of your own home, for example, via a mobile app?

Imagine the following scenario – you need to buy shoes. You have a couple of shops on your mind, however, you cannot be sure that they will have exactly the type of shoes you need. Let the search begin! How much time will you spend on looking for the shoes you need? An hour or two maybe? How much time will you spend stuck in the traffic before you get to the store? How much time will you spend while looking for a parking spot? What if you find the shoes you need, but they don’t have your size? What if they are out of stock?

Pretty inconvenient, right? Imagine that you could spend this time doing something much more pleasant and you can reduce the time spent on looking for shoes to just a half an hour of your day (or even less). You can save time, fuel and energy. Wouldn’t it be nice?

Of course it would be. That’s why online shopping and e-commerce apps have gained their popularity nowadays - with one simple click you can check item availability, order whatever you need, have it delivered to your door and meanwhile you can enjoy your free time. Doesn’t it sound much better?

E-commerce apps allow you to do your shopping, but only the pleasant part of it. Also you have the freedom to shop at your own pace and convenience – online stores are open 24/7 and you can do your shopping even at midnight.

Well, now imagine how your customers would feel if they can do that through their mobile phones anytime, anywhere. They will have a 24/7 access to your store and they will be able to shop whatever they want, whenever they want. This would be a huge advantage for your company, and, of course, it will have quite a positive impact on your revenue.

A report by Yahoo’s Flurry analytics shows that 90% of the time spent on mobile is using apps.

90% of the time spent on mobile is using apps

And the percent of mobile usage grows year-over-year as the other report from Flurry states. That can only mean that people are incorporating mobile applications for as many needs as they can. So do you need an app for your business? Of course you do. If you are still not convinced enough, keep reading.

Mobile App Usage

Shopping apps have 25% growth in usage and are one of the top categories in the list. More and more companies invest in developing branded mobile applications to provide the best shopping experience to their customers, proving that if businesses want to succeed they should follow the trends and be prepared for the changes in order to be on top.

So why invest in building an e-commerce app? Not only that shopping gets easier but customers rapidly adapt to using mobile devices. The conversion rates from apps are unmatched.

The key to success is being able to provide what customers aspire. As the app usage is still growing every year, e-commerce apps will surely have high return of investment. 88% of customers use retail apps and most of your competitors have already realized this fact. No matter in what kind of industry your business is, you most probably can think of a competitor who has a well-designed app. Customers also have better opinions of brands that offer a good mobile experience, so if you don’t offer such one, you can lose your customers in the favor of your competitors.

E-commerce apps also allow you to engage in with your customers on a whole new level. Via push notifications and messages of latest offers, discounts and relevant promotions you can keep your customers constantly engaged with your business. You can even send personalized discounts directly to a specific customer via your app.

Most websites offer email subscription for the latest offers but which one do you think a customer is more likely to read (and see also) – a push notification that will pop-up directly on their screen or going through their e-mails to find yours and read about your latest offers? An app will give you the advantage to be constantly in touch with your customers.

Digimark has built the app Click’n’Get (for iOS and Android devices) for a customer in Germany to help users find the latest deals, promotions and sales in their local area. The idea behind this app is to enable customers to get details about the products or the shops they are interested in sent directly to their mobile phones, considering their current location. The app also eliminates the time-consuming search on websites, newspapers and magazines.

This app is designed to fit the needs of each and every person who has it installed on their phone and even more – it puts them in the mood for shopping, because it makes shopping so easy! With just a simple click, a customer is able to find interesting stores and shops in their area, the latest offers and discounts, to do a virtual window shopping, and the app even has a trip planner – for pre and post shopping experiences.

Click’n’Get is just an example of how one idea can ease the lives of so many people and provide them with a much better experience, a much better shopping experience.

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