E-Commerce App Development: Things to Know For Developers

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on May 10, 2019 in App Development
E-Commerce App Development: Things to Know For Developers


With the advent of technology, everything is changing, even the way we shop is no longer limited to buyers going to the shops and purchasing the items. Rather with the help of technology, the buyers are purchasing their products online, at their own convenience, while on the go, avoiding the queue and with the option of selecting from a vast range of options for a single item. As a result of this, the demand for e-commerce sites has been on a substantial rise and the demand for the e-commerce development company.

So if you are planning to develop an e-commerce app for your store there are certain factors that need to be kept in mind. First, it is always better to hire an App developer for such a project as they have the knowledge of the market and how to develop the e-commerce app that will suit your company. Second, find an app development company that uses reliable platforms for developing e-commerce websites and services.

In this article, we will discuss why to go for Magneto e-commerce development services for your e-commerce app development as well as why you should hire a professional and well-known developer for your e-commerce app.

Why Magneto E-Commerce Development?

Magento E-commerce development is widely used and the most popular development platform. Magento gives you the edge over the others in your business. It will help you to have a business domain and presence on the web that is better than your competitors.

There are many huge companies over the market which offers the e-commerce development services and has the team of professionals with robust experience in the field that can provide engaging Magneto e-commerce solutions. The companies offer Magneto e-commerce solutions which range from Magneto 1.x to Magneto 2.x. An e-commerce development company also ensure that you get the best solutions with the Magneto e-commerce solutions in web development and market integration as well as the B2B solution deployment. Magneto E-commerce solution is best for developing an e-commerce app since it provides unique solutions that can help in an unprecedented level of overall business growth.

To get such a service one should always consider hiring mobile app development services since the experience service provider knows how to develop the app that will benefit your company.

Things to Know For E-Commerce App Development

Before you jump into developing an e-commerce app for your company or product there are several questions that you should have answers for:

  • What kind of e-commerce app do you wish to launch?
  • Will it be for selling your own products or will vendors have to register?
  • Who is your target audience, the kind of product that you want to sell?
  • Who will be managing the delivery of the products?
  • How do you want to upload the products, change the pricing and update the stock?
  • How will the commission work?
  • How do you want the reviews to work and who can leave the review?
  • For which platform do you intend to make the app, Android, iOS or both?

These are important questions that you need to have answers to since when you hire app developer, he/she or the company will work accordingly to develop the e-commerce app. But a client you should be aware that the developer has the knowledge of the following and develops the app accordingly to make your e-commerce app a success.

The Buyer: Before starting the app decide on your target audience, and conduct research. Understand your buyer’s persona, likes, dislikes, and age. This will help in creating an app that the buyers can relate to.

Your Competitors: Research into the competitor’s business model and the reasons that make the buyers choose them. Instead of copying their model offer something that is unique in the app so the buyers are attracted to your e-commerce app.

Select the Technology: As a developer, you should be aware of the business and the best technology that can be used for creating the e-commerce app while maintaining the budget, selecting the inventory as well as the CMS, database, and framework. Also, knowing the code of the app for both front and back-end languages. If possible it is better to have a hybrid app, as it is better to capture the market.

UX and UI Design: It is important to design the app keeping in mind that it provides unique User Experience (UX) and Unser Interface (UI). A well-known mobile app development company should be able to create visuals, color schemes and app transitions with a logo that will attract the customers as well as create a lasting impression on their minds.

Full Synchronization: if you already have an e-commerce website ensure that you synchronize it well with your e-commerce mobile app.

Google Analytics: As part of the back-end of the app, get your answers on how your app is faring with Google Analytics. You can receive the real-time data about your customer’s preferences and demography of the buyers. This will help you in analyzing your business.

Social Media Integration: This will ensure that your app’s products are in front of your customer every time they log into any social media platform. Researchers have shown a constant presence helps in enhancing sales.

Easy Registration: One of the key aspects to bring in customers is to have an app that has an easy registration process. To ensure that you can have a registration process with a couple of clicks.

Multiple Payment Option: To retain customers you must offer multiple payment options for the e-commerce app. So while using the most popular methods like debit and credit card, net banking and COD, you should also offer an e-wallet payment system as that is now the trend. With this method, you can also nudge your customers to use your in-built wallet system if you wish to do so in the future.

Push Notification: Engage your customers with push notification feature. This will ensure your customers are kept up-to-date with all the referrals, offers, discounts, sales, promotions, and the arrival of new stocks.

Review & Ratings: As a developer, you should provide the option of reviewing and rating of the app as well as the products as it will help you to understand the shortcomings of the app and the product. The features that the customers like and don’t.


E-commerce development is the demand of the time; hardly relevant to the size of your business. The companies are in fact making the impressive business with the help of an attractive and engaging Magento e-commerce development. Alongside, the developer's experience also speaks with the end product, therefore it is always imperative for businesses to partner with the company which has the potential team of experienced developers. No matters you are looking for Android or iOS, a scalable app is what business needs, and this only can pay you an advantage.

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