Developing Secure IoT Apps that Connect Devices to the Household

Anshul Sharma
Anshul Sharma, CEO & Business Head at Fluper Limited
Published on Jan 24, 2019 in Internet of Things Developers Resources
Developing Secure IoT Apps that Connect Devices to the Household

Internet of Things has already made a full-fledged entry into the market. There are various fields in which IoT apps are doing best in various fields such as home automation, smart city, industrial automation, and telemedicine. In present times, various entrepreneurs want to jump on the IoT bandwagon in order to leverage the business benefits of this technology.

Before searching for a reliable IoT application development company, just find the answers to these questions –

a) Which features do you want to include in the app?

b) What is your expected budget for developing the app?

c) Which is your target audience and what are possible challenges?

Make sure you have the answer to these questions so that you don’t need to waste your time for unnecessary discussions.

Challenges of IoT

The key challenges of IoT are security, privacy, connectivity, and compatibility. This technology impacts a lot on mobile app development process so app developers strive to tackle these challenges. So, you need to search an experienced IoT solution company so that you can get the seamlessly-performing application with all necessary features.

a) Data Protection

There are numerous IoT devices that not only collect but also save a large amount of data. Needless to say, retrieval of data is an important part of this technology. This is because collected data directly affects user privacy. Whenever you store data online, you should use the Secure Sockets Layer Protocol. A wireless protocol that has inbuilt encryption is the best option that you can use for securing data.

b) Attacks on Side Channels

In present times, hacking of devices has become a common phenomenon and IoT apps are always a soft target for cybercriminals. So, it becomes extremely important to use an authentication protocol between encrypted devices.

c) Issues with Hardware

This problem has existed from the day IoT was introduced. The problem persists because chipset manufacturing is entirely focused on this technology. Another issue is battery backup that is mostly observed in IoT applications or devices.

d) Capacity and Latency

To improve the IoT device performance, developers are looking for different ways so that they can improve latency and capacity of the device. But the problem is that latency and capacity are inversely proportional to each other if one is upgraded then the other will get degraded. To resolve this issue, you should carry out stringent tests so that you can achieve the perfect balance between capacity and latency.

Things to consider before developing IoT applications

1. Use a readymade platform

Build your app using an existing platform such as IBM Watson IoT. Such a platform has security features i.e., authentication and encryption. If you are building an application on well-engineered framework then you don’t need to worry about unexpected surprises.

2. Use Secure Hardware

To protect your idea, ensure that you are buying sensors from trusted vendors. Choose only those vendors that can help you in ensuring user privacy with EPID technology.

3. Consider User Experience

Talk to your customers and try to find out how people interact with products and what their basic needs are. You need to focus on those features that are most important for users.

4. Hire Proficient Developers

Before hiring an app developer, it is extremely important to define the user base so that you can target the audience. It is very important to choose a developer that has the necessary experience and someone who has worked with other platforms.

Examples of IoT applications those are live right now

Developing Secure IoT Apps that Connect Devices to the Household

a)Driverless Cars

The most futuristic application of IoT is the autonomous car. Although these cars are under development we will see in the coming future. There is no need of drivers in these cars as they are sensible enough to take you to your destination. The most fascinating thing about these cars is that they are equipped with sensors, cloud architecture, internet etc. There are various companies that are working on driverless cars such as BMW, Uber, and Google.

b) Amazon Go

The name of Amazon always comes at first when we talk out new technologies. After the successful online store, the company has decided to use IoT to its retail store. Now there will be no cashier or cash counters that will give a fabulous online shopping experience. The store will have a counter of products that will be arranged like a normal supermarket. When you will pick any product, the sensor will immediately add it to your cart. On the other hand, when you keep it back, it will automatically get removed. Once you finish the shopping, money will get deducted from your Amazon Wallet.

c) Wearables

You will be surprised to know that wearable devices are the part of the IoT ecosystem. From fitness bands to smart devices, everything you are wearing can be connected to the internet and that is an integral part of the mobile app development services. With inbuilt sensors, these devices provide you with precise information that you need.

d) Smart Homes

Smart homes are a perfect example of the Internet of Things. These homes are specially designed to provide you optimum security so that you don’t need to stress for anything. Philips has come with smart home illumination solutions through which you can control the color of lighting as well as set different hues according to your needs.

e)Smart Hotel Rooms

This might be a new concept for you but hotel chain like Hilton are using IoT technology to create outstanding travel and stay experiences for customers. Hilton ensures to deliver better safety and security of data. In fact, heating and lighting systems are connected to the internet so that they can enable personalized experience to visitors. The best thing of using these features is that you can set light according to your preferences as well as control the temperatures of heaters as well. Besides this, you can also check the information on hotel deals as well as travel suggestions.


Internet of Things gains the ground rapidly as we can use it to boost the business through improving services & simplifying complex tasks. It does not matter, whatever the future holds for IoT, smart devices will be convoluted into our lives. Are you looking for renowned IoT application Development Company? Just come to Fluper that is a leading mobile app development company and has developed customized IoT applications for different industry verticals.

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