Design Thinking - How important is it for the small screen world?

Published on Jun 11, 2019 in AppFutura Tips
Design Thinking - How important is it for the small screen world?

It may surprise you to the wits ends that design of a mobile App impacts 77% of the traction rate. Leave aside being successful, if you miss to put on your “Design Thinking” caps, the App may not even be noticed by the audience.

The IT giants have known how important the UI/UX of a mobile App is since long. An interface that interacts with the end user drives the emotional quotient that makes sure your App has a longer shelf life.

What is design thinking and why is it so important?

Design Thinking is a problem-solving methodology that inspires the development of innovative solutions on the basis of what the potential user requires. It is the methodology that takes an App beyond the research and focuses more on solving the problems of users.

The app designer needs to go beyond the usual and standard problems with the 6 steps of design thinking. Design thinking makes sure the ambiguous aspects are identified and investigated to make the App reach the desired goals.

Three phases of Design Thinking

Design Thinking - How important is it for the small screen world?

1. Understand

It is vital for a design thinker to understand the problems of the App user so that the desired solutions can be implemented. Creating deeper and alternative understanding ensures many ideas to solve the problem are generated.

2. Explore

Once multiple ideas are generated, it becomes important to explore the impact of all the solution and whether they will solve the problem at hand or not.

3. Materialize

The process of design thinking is an ongoing one. The designer needs to keep an eye on the previous aspects of design and current designs. No detail must be missed so that the right design aspects must be materialized.

Six Elements of Design Thinking

1. Empathize

Developers must never be in a hurry. They must do enough to understand the potential users of the App. Collection of the information about the problems their target audience face and making an investigation report makes it easy for the designers to empathize with the end users. The research must be cognitive and must ensure the problems are identified and classified.

2. Define

A research team of designers always has a hypothesis ready that includes the known and identified problems. After the research from a design thinker’s perspective is complete, one needs to go back and match it with the initial hypothesis. If both match, one can define the aspects that need to be covered.

3. Ideate

This step allows you to innovative precise solutions once the problems have been defined at the last step. Create as many ideas as possible as if you limit your thinking, the creativity will not flow. It is advised not to discard any idea until you reach the best solution.

4. Prototype

This step allows designers to materialize their ideas into dummy products. These products are analyzed further before the final pick is made. It is always a good practice to build 2-3 prototypes in parallel so that you have something to compare against.

5. Test

Testing a prototype ensure you go ahead with an idea that is polished and meets all the elements of the ideal App. The testers may provide you with valuable feedback that can be incorporated to refine the product further

6. Implement

Making the final product out of the design you finalized is a must. Do make sure the implementation is executed only after the previous stages have been completed optimally. Implementation must be as per the desired technology framework that can incorporate all the elements of the final design.

How important is design thinking for the small screen?

Design Thinking - How important is it for the small screen world?

Design thinking is more about provoking the right emotion in the right quantity among users. Learn how it helps in an app’s success and how important is it -

Touch the right string

Customers are the ones who drive your business. A business relationship is always based on an emotional bond between the buyer and the seller. As the technology industry has recognized the importance of the emotional bond between the two, even the users have adapted to such a unique bond. A designer needs to keep in mind the emotions that each screen of the App creates in the user's mind so that it rides the wave and gains more traction.

It must address the problem

Every App has a goal or vision and must try to solve the problems of a user. Keeping simple goals for an App that adds to be the full-fledged solution makes the App more acceptable among the users. If a keep fit App has a lot going on it may demotivate the user but if it is more planned and well laid out, the user would feel motivated and would want to stick to it forever.

Understand, Explore and materialize

Design thinking is very important. Utilizing it allows designers to understand what users want, explore the options they have at hand and materialize the layout that is magnetic enough. Each stage needs to undergo the process of polishing again and again so that each kink in the design flow is removed and the end product is feature packed but allows users a space to build an emotional connect too. Over small screen devices, it becomes even more vital as it can look cluttered and messy very easily.

To wrap

A design thinkers job is no different from an artist who uses a brush stroke and stops to look at what did it change. As the screen sizes of the handheld designs vary a lot, you need to stay on top of the fact that the same design will be used across multiple screens and it must not break down.

Operating with a strategy that is developed after a well-thought exploration and identification of the user problems, you must have tried to connect to the emotional aspects of the end users. It will require iterations as you test it along with different devices and you may even have to alter the aspects, but at the end, it is all going to be worth it as you scale step by step and develop a design that hits the right chord.

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