Deal or no deal: top budget-friendly wearable watches of 2018

Anshul Sharma
Anshul Sharma, CEO & Business Head at Fluper Limited
Published on Feb 27, 2018 in App Development
Deal or no deal: top budget-friendly wearable watches of 2018

Apple and Google watches may have been making the headlines in January with its add-on features, but Let us just face it, not everyone makes enough to afford that expensive genius stuff instead we have to settle down for some affordable smartwatches. Don't get disheartened because here is the compilation of reasonable wearable watches that you can buy and have some unique features too.


At the top, we have Whoop. Athletes can keep track of their workout with this watch as the iOS and Android app developers made sure to connect your phone to your device to keep track of what you do and how much you do to analyze your ability and possibility as an athlete. This device tracks your heart-rates, skin temperature and motion. The data generated can be analyzed by an algorithm of your app and prompt messages are sent to you time to time whether you have to go easy on yourself or when your fats need to be burnt, etc.

Cost: $500

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

Hey! If you brought this watch you got a music player too and can keep your phone at home while workouts, and these little things track your heart-rate and running dynamics. The unique feature that it has different from Whoop is that it monitors a seven-day workout cycle and heart-rates to keep you from working out more than required. The best part is it has 5 hours of GPS mode battery life and there is more, you can order a smoothie into your gym.

Cost: $499.99

Epson ProSense 307

Epson ProSense 307 is one of its kind and gives clear instructions to its mobile app development company catering apps for its brand to have apps for almost all platforms. The devices go full 20 hours, tracking your heartbeat, running, biking and swimming. It keeps going if you don't workout and keeps the record of your calories and steps for better analytics. You can enable this device with any fitness app you have in your phone but with the specific app Epson, you can get better numbers on your health and fitness with goals to have a perfect number to maintain.

Cost: $249.99

Blocks Core

This value gadget is just amazing, you can add or subtract what you want to keep track in this bracelet, like wearable with blocks that can be customized. You can add ABC(altitude, barometer, compass) block, tiny LED flashlight block, heart-rate monitor or a GPS. It doesn’t end here, the company intends to add some more blocks this year later like sweat-sensing blocks, air-quality monitoring block, UV sensing block, NFC payment functionality and Amazon Alexa compatibility.

Cost: $140

Casio G-Squad GBA-800

Casio is quite known for its watches and has finally added a fitness tracking apparatus to its watch line which pairs with your smartphone and lets you set motion related targets. The battery for this watch is rechargeable and the data is collected in the application. Although it lacks a heart-rate track, it has a "Find my phone feature" that enables you to send an alarm to your smartphone to figure out where you placed it the last time, a feature which is, in my opinion, worth it.

Cost: $120


Wait a minute! How are these tech people fitting all the electronic sensors in the wristwatch? Well, that's what technology is all about, I guess, but it just turned affordable getting so much for just a few dollars, it doesn't require any branding, these sell themselves. Well dress up with the cheapest techy smartwatches in the market and spread some rich cent on the streets.

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