Customer Journey Mapping: The Untold Story of differentiating the Brand Experience

Ashish Parmar
Published on Aug 20, 2018 in App Development
Customer Journey Mapping: The Untold Story of differentiating the Brand Experience

The unmatched performance, boundless growth, and customer delight are the ultimate goals of every business, but that’s elusive. It raises a question- which key factor can bring a durable competitive advantage to the businesses. It’s none other than the customer experience, after which every brand is competing.

Presently, every brand claims to offer a great customer experience, which does not ring true every time. That’s the reason not all brands are able to stand out in the market on the grounds of brilliant CX. For creating an unrivaled customer experience, the brands have to live upto the promise made, align the offerings with what customers care about, and keep monitoring the pains and gains at every moment.

The great experience helps the brands differentiate themselves in the competitive market. But, how the brands can increase their understanding of the customer experience and engineer the optimal experiences. The customer journey mapping is the powerful tool that helps businesses in realizing the vision to get customer-centric.

At first, take an overview of customer journey maps:

The customer journey mapping is the process of identifying how the customers interact with the brand, how the business offerings get fit into the customer lives or match with their priorities and are the offerings able to maintain a pace with the shift and adapt to the customer needs. The analysis gives a compelling picture of the customer journey with the brand even before the customers connected with the brand.

This in-depth research unleashes what role the offerings play in the life of the customers under different circumstances and close the gap between the brands and customers with the identification of the pain pointsthat brand is not addressing.

In this manner, the customer journey maps describe every customer touch point from the beginning to the end, which aids in removing all the friction from the customer journey and increase customer satifaction that in turn fuel up the customer experience.

Having a clear understanding of the customer journey map is significant to connect with the customers meaningfully and create a difference in the market. It indicates ajourney map is a systematic approach that cannot be fuzzy and to walk an extra mile in the customer’s shoes, the customer journey map must be created precisely. Here’s the step-by-step guideto creating the customer journey maps:

  • Define the business goal: Before you begin creating a customer journey map, it’s necessary to stay clear with the fact what do you want to achieve because the map will support in achieving the businessobjective.
  • Nail down your buyer persona: ‘Knowing who your buyers are,’ is the important customer experience strategy which helps in approaching the different customers in a unique way.
  • Identify the buyer’s expectations: This step determines whetherthe offerings are living upto the customer’s desires or not, and ensure the business value proposition is rightly communicated.
  • Map the customer touchpoints: It’s important to find out the moments when the customers interact with the brand in their end-to-end journey. The endless stream of touchpoints is a great treasure for the businesses that create endless possibilities to strengthen the trust, build credibility and optimize the conversion rate.
  • Search and fix the roadblocks: With the awareness of customer’s expectations and touchpoints, the issues that are interfering with the customer experience can be identified by conducting a survey or using analytics tools.
  • Prioritize the tasks: Later, prioritize the low-hanging fruit (Problem) in the app garden and address it at first. Optimizing the touchpoints will push the customers down the funnel everyday.
  • Evaluate the customer experience: The translation of the visual representation of the map in the real-life is necessary to determine which points are making or breaking the customer experience. It can be estimated and improved on the basis ofthe customer’s emotions, trust, satisfaction, and level of comfort.
  • It’s a continuous cycle- update and improve: The map created lets you stand ahead in the market, but it’s not a one-time process. The trends, market and customer expectations are constantly evolving, which can render the customer journey map to be of no use, if not updated and improved. Introducing significant changes and making a few tweaks is indispensable to keep up with the customers and differentiate in the competition forever.

Why is the customer journey mapping vital for the businesses?

Get aligned with customers

The journey mapping of the customers from start to finish allowing the businesses to bring offerings in the rhythm of the customers. It lets the businesses look at the bigger picture by clarifying the aspects of how the businesses should position the purpose, intention, and investment.

By uncovering the moments that matterin the customer journey, the staff can realize the way in which their role matters, get in sync with the brand purpose, and empowered to make their valuable contribution for reinventing the customer experience.

In this manner, the employees canrecognize their roles and understand the importance of their work, which is more visible in the light of journey map.The combined efforts let the business create a distinctive niche in the market and raise a toast to success.

New idea generation enriches the customer journey

The journey map unleashes the touch points that are resultingin negative experiences such as creating confusion, frustration or anxiety for the users. This key stage allows the brands to mitigate the causes of poor experiences and eliminate the extra effort investment in the features that are not intriguing the customers.

In the whole process, a ton of ideas generated to turn the negative experiences into the moments that appeal, delight, amaze and satisfy the users.It also brings enduring memories which boost the emotional connection with the customers. However, the ideation stage is quite long that goes from prototyping to testing to the iteration of every new idea. Only this way, the brands go ahead with the ideas and engineer unique experiences.

Unearth customer’s unmet needs

Meeting the current and future needs of the customers certainly put the brands in the strong position. But, this approach won’t let the brands identify the unmet needs of the customers which helps them leapfrog the competition. This is where the customer journey mapping helps.

With maps, the brands will have a comprehensive understanding of the customers that not just showcases what the customers want and how they want, but also reveal what has to be there in the app which motivates the customers for which the customers are themselves unaware of.

The maps allow the brands to study the human behavior, make the unmet needs a part of solutions which naiive the customers wishlist.

Creating one-of-a-kind experiences for every customer journey

There is no silver bullet tactic which can fit in with all the brands and lets them differentiate in the competition. Also, many times, the brands copy the tactics that leading brands are using to improve the customer experience, but it’s a bad idea because every brand, its offerings, and the audience are different. Instead, emulating the approach they leveraged is a right method. This is where journey map becomes a panacea.

Through mapping, keeping the customer experience at the heart of the strategy, the new technology, trend, and tactic can be embraced and the desired new experience can be offered with no copy-paste. Additionally, when it comes to tailoring the experiences to the preference or interest of every customer,personalizing the customer journey becomes feasible.

Lets you invest rightly

Different strategies are planned to deliver the unparalleled experience, but unless they are channelized it becomes implausible to develop a mobile app within budget. The journey map gives a clear view of where the energy and dollars should be invested so that apps can be made future-ready and enhance the overall customer experience at every phase.

During decision-making, it’s of great value as it helps in identifying which choice is successful with assumption testing. By doing so, the brands will spend efforts, time and resources on the things that are essential.

The last word…

Cutting through the clutter, the customer journey mapping lifts more than just the bottom line. It gives a holistic view of the customer’s perspective, heighten the customer engagement and ensure the delivery of the great experience that’s promised with the comprehensive understanding of the customers.

Investment in this kind of mapping brings innovative solutions to the top of the table which offers a consistent experience across all the channels like a renowned brand. Create a customer journey map that strategically works and adds value to the customer proposition, which in turn,automatically differentiates the brand from its competitors.

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