Crazy Business Ideas That Bombed the Market Positively

Elina Nazarova
Elina Nazarova, Chief Marketing Officer at Powercode
Published on May 10, 2021 in Enterprise App Developers Resources

Business is boring and has no room for craziness and fun. In many cases, it is true, but some business ideas got successful because of their creativity and unique perspective on things that can make money. The businesses highlighted in this article are outstanding examples of strange ideas that made thousands of people want to spend money on buying unique goods or services.

Pet Rock

This rock-solid idea for a business has already become classic. Launched in 1975, this idea brought millions of dollars to its owners. It is an excellent example of selling not the product but the idea. Pet rocks that are just pebbles found on a beach are represented as perfect pets that don’t need to be walked or fed. They’ll never leave or get sick and die, which makes them so attractive to customers.



It is difficult to imagine that someone would want to rent a chicken for real; however, renting a farm animal is a good business idea. Urban farming popularity and the increasing desire of many people to try small farming don’t limit the concept to only chickens. Similar businesses offer to rent cows, goats, ducks, and other animals so people could try farming and decide whether they like it or not without spending too much money.



The idea to upgrade a simple blanket with sleeves is a perfect example that successful business ideas are everywhere. Snuggies were a great success when they appeared on the market and even appeared in the famous TV series The Big Bang Theory. Since many people switched to work from home, this product won’t lose its popularity in the next few years.


Boyfriend Body Pillow

Not all products and services aimed at single people are as successful on the market as this pillow concept. This idea is beneficial for the ones who create and sell them as well as to society because it reduces the level of stress and depression caused by loneliness.


I Do, Now I Don’t

This service is one of the best examples of turning lemons into lemonade. The founder of this business idea was rejected by his fiancee and couldn’t get a suitable refund, so he created this P2P platform. It helps sellers get a fair price for the engagement rings and other jewelry items they don’t need anymore. At the same time, it gives buyers an alternative to overpriced retail jewelry stores. In addition to being a marketplace, it offers VIP services for buyers and sellers like jewelry concierge service, item cleaning, etc.


Hangover Helpers

Basically, this company is a cleaning business that chose to work in a specific niche. The Hangover Helpers provide the after-party cleaning services so their clients can host legendary parties and don’t worry about making their entire house clean, shiny, and smelling nice again. The price of services depends on the number of guests, indoor rooms, bathrooms, outdoor areas, and location.


The Rage Cage

Even though the quality of living around the world continuously increases, so does the level of stress among all age groups. The idea is to give people a room and a few items they could destroy to release their anger and reduce stress. This business idea is genius because it doesn’t require significant investments while it has high demand in big cities around the world.


Ship Your Enemies Glitter

You can make money on pranks on friends or enemies. The idea of Ship Your Enemies Glitter is as follows – a customer purchases a glitter bomb on the website for $9.99 and gives the address to where it should be delivered. Then, the envelope with tons of glitter is delivered to the target address. Unless the customer won’t tell the final glitter recipient who’s to blame for the glitter all over the place and body, their identity remains anonymous.


Ship Snow Yo

Making money on sending real snow across the United States is real. Even though the founders don’t earn millions on this idea, their business launched in 2015 is still on the market. The company sells only one product – snow. Still, it also offers its customers fast delivery to different states, 100% natural product, a new experience for those who have never seen snow in real life, and entertainment (Snowman kits).


Wine Yoga (Beer Yoga, Goat Yoga, etc.)

Yoga will remain a trendy fitness activity for decades. While traditional kinds of yoga are focused on health, non-traditional types like Wine Yoga add the flavor of entertainment to the process. Different elements added to yoga classes attract diverse audiences, and with the right marketing strategy, your yoga-related business idea can turn into a profitable success.


Even the strangest idea can be the start of a profitable business. Of course, even the best ideas require business and marketing strategies to succeed. Still, once you develop and implement them, you may become a living example of how one weird business idea bombed the market positively!

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