Convert your dumb restaurant app into a smart app

Hemendra Singh
Hemendra Singh, Managing Director at The NineHertz
Published on Nov 06, 2018 in App Development
Convert your dumb restaurant app into a smart app

Are you a restaurant owner? What facilities do you offer to your customers? Usually, a successful restaurant offers great service, trained staff, amazing taste, unique cuisine, lower waiting time, amazing decor, etc. These are the basics. Any restaurant that wants to get a higher rate of customers must offer all the above-mentioned things.

In marketing, satisfying customers needs is the primary stage. But that is not it. Simply filling hungry tummies does not help you become a successful restaurant owner. The market is filled with restaurants. A new restaurant opens after the alternate day in the USA. As the number of new restaurants increases, the number of restaurants shutting down is also getting higher.

There are many reasons why restaurants shut down. Some common reasons are lack of skilled resources, lack of budget, and lack of marketing. Marketing is the backbone of any business. Going out and telling people how good your restaurant is, is not the only marketing technique. Many good restaurants shut down due to improper promotional methods. In this digital era, if you are not considering technology as a base for marketing, then you surely are doing it wrong.

Do you have a mobile app for your restaurant? The market is filled with mobile app development services and there are some amazing restaurant mobile app development companies. These restaurant mobile app development companies have skilled resources and the latest technologies as well as tools.

When we talk about restaurant mobile apps, some common names pop up in the mind such as Zomato, Swiggy, FoodPanda, etc. These all are types of on-demand apps and restaurant finder apps. An on-demand app is something that catches commands, gets the product or service ready in real time. These apps usually require chatting options, GPS, etc. the user simply selects a restaurant of his choice and orders any food item. A delivery guy gets the food at the mentioned location.

What is a restaurant finder app?

It is a very interesting concept. The world is full of foodie people and all of them want to try something new every time they step out of the house for eating. Though you are living in a city for years, you might not know many restaurants and cafes around you. These apps help users find exactly what they want. For instance, the user puts keywords such as “best waffle near me”. The app displays all nearby waffle outlets. These restaurant finder apps are more useful for travelers. As they land in a new city, these apps help them get the best food at the best price.

Your app can be any one of these. Or it can simply be an ordinary restaurant mobile app which has features of table booking, advance ordering options, social media sharing options, location tracking options (it helps the user reach your place in the easiest way), online payment option, etc. Developing an app and developing a smart app are two different terms. What is a smart app? It guesses your ongoing thought and influences your eating habits to a great extent.

Following are some of the reasons your app may haves become useless:

  • Not able to manage table booking
  • Not able to track food orders
  • Not able to track delivery executives
  • Users are spending more time than normal because of the poor speed
  • The user is getting confused because of unclear app features
  • Not able to retain customers till the order gets ready

There are much more reasons why your app has become a dump. If you are already having a restaurant app, you must add some features to make it a smart app. If you are going to start from scratch, you still have good scope to research and then develop the app. Let us see the ways in which you can make your app smart.

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Let us get a bit technical. Smart apps fetch user data from the user’s app movements. It collects all information such as what is most frequently ordered cuisine items, what is the most frequent visit time and day, etc. This data helps developers to offer what user is exactly looking for. Let us take an example here. Suppose you are having a restaurant app and the users are asking more queries related to restaurants with music. You can take this into consideration and add live music in your restaurant. To develop such smart apps, always hire professional restaurant mobile app developers.

1. Add chatbots: chatbots take customer interaction to a next level. What is the function of chatbots? The chatbots usually respond on behalf of restaurant executives. In the traditional way, restaurant executives used to answer every query personally on call or message. But chatbots reduce this effort. These chatbots answer every query. You can make it look smarter if you add sound recognition feature. This feature allows a user to chat without typing. These chatbots not only book tables and take orders but also suggest food items on the basis of the user’s previous data.

2. Beacons are here: What are the beacons? Beacons are smart devices that send out certain messages to the incorporated apps. Is your app incorporated with beacons? If no, then start doing it so. Beacons transmit signals that are caught by other devices. The device’s Bluetooth must be open and the device must have your app installed. Once the device is connected to the beacon, it gives out push notifications regarding ongoing offers, discounts, the addition of new items, etc. The beacon can transmit a signal only when there are no obstructions. Obstructions do not include, glass, stone, water, etc.

3. Artificial intelligence: artificial intelligence is the first thing that comes to our mind when we talk about smart apps. When an app stores the data, it does not just stores data like customer name, credentials, location, etc. In artificial intelligence, the kind of data collected are: users’ location where they are making order from, repetitive orders, a common time for ordering food, favorite cuisines, and common instructions. Once artificial intelligence is incorporated into your app, all the important data is collected which is usually ignored by restaurants. Now you must be thinking of what to do of this data. Usually, AI-generated data is used to offer personalization. By offering personalization, you can achieve loyalty of customers.

4. Augmented reality and virtual reality: augmented reality augments real-world objects by computer-generated perceptual information. Virtual reality as the name suggests displays virtual images and figures. Smart restaurant mobile app development can use AR and VR in games. Yes! Add some gaming features in the app so that users that are fed up with long waiting can pass the time and have fun.

Conclusion: Smart apps are the need of this generation. Millennials are very smart and they expect the app to be the same. By adding AI, AR, VR, Beacons, and Chatbots can help you develop a smart app and get rid of the existing boring app. The NineHertz company has skilled restaurant mobile app developers who have good experience in developing smart apps for restaurants.

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