Complete Process of Mobile App Testing

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Published on Apr 04, 2019 in App Development
Complete Process of Mobile App Testing

With the advent of technology, application development companies are getting popular across the globe and one of the crucial processes of this process is testing. Application Testing is the process that is used by the professionals to check the functionality, consistency, and usability of the developed applications. This process can be automated or manual type. With the help of this process, the quality of any application can be enhanced along with the cost reduction, ROI maximization, and efficiency of development time. Mobile app development companies focus on various

Categories of Applications

Prior to getting the information regarding the application testing process, it is important to get to know about the app categories. Well, there are three categories which include,

Desktop Applications

In the desktop app testing, the UI, business logic, database, reports, roles, functionality, security, performance, hardware and software compatibility, and data flow are taken into account.

Web Applications

Testers give importance to the performance, load, and security of the application for the web apps.

Mobile Applications

When it comes to the mobile applications, testers do the main type of testing such as UI testing, rule-based testing, regression, functional, and security testing.

Key Challenges for Mobile App Testing

  • It should be downloadable for the particular platform.
  • Unique challenges possessed by different mobile operating systems.
  • Device Accessibility can become even more challenging.
  • The mobile application should be compatible.
  • It should be responsive on the variety of devices.

As it has already mentioned that there are the two types of app testing process, you will learn more about those types in the below-presented write-up.

Types of Application Testing Process

Complete Process of Mobile App Testing
  1. Automation Mobile Application Testing
  2. Manual Mobile Application Testing

What is Automation Testing?

For this testing process, some automation tools are used to execute the test case suite. This is the process which demands considerable investments of money and resources. When you have used an automated process for your test suite, you will not find need of human intervention.

Benefits of Automation Testing

  • This process is quite fast in comparison to the others.
  • It enhances the efficiency.
  • It offers wide coverage for application testing features.
  • By using this, time can be saved along with the cost.
  • There will be reliable and accurate results with this testing process.
  • After using this, human intervention will not be required.
  • Testers can avail of the re-usable scripts.
  • It tests the applications frequently and thoroughly.

How to Choose an Automation Tool?

Criteria to select the best tool for your requirement:

  • User-friendly
  • Capable to test database as well as images
  • Perform error-recovery testing
  • Support functional, test management, mobile, among types of test
  • Environment Support
  • Use scripting language
  • Support multiple testing framework
  • Reduce training cost of the chosen tool

Automation Testing Tools

These are Top 5 best Automation tools available in the market:


This tool is the industry leading Automation Testing platform. It is well-known for reinventing software testing for DevOps. Tricentis is the only one which achieved the leader status.


It offers end to end test automation with the delivery pipeline which will make your focus on the improvement of the application.


For the authoring, execution, and maintenance of the automated test cases, there is this tool you can take leverage of its artificial intelligence.


This software testing tool is used for regression testing. Being an open source testing tool, it offers playback and recording facility for the testing. But it supports Mozilla Firefox web browser only.


Being one of the top automation tools, it is used widely for functional and regression testing. The concept of keyword driven testing is used by this tool in order to test creation and maintenance. By using QTP, a tester can build test cases directly from the application.

What is Manual Testing?

App developers are aware of the fact that building an app is just a half process and testing makes their task complete. Manual testing is a testing process to detect the errors or bugs in the mobile applications. But this process is performed by a human sitting in front of the computer. S/he manually executes the testing process step by step. In this testing process, the features of an application are used as an end-user.

Manual Testing Process Flow

Complete Process of Mobile App Testing

Application Requirement Specification Analysis

It is a kind of document which contains the complete data about the system how it is expected to function. Basically, it is the step where the tester goes through a functional requirements specification document and try to understand what the application is function to be like.

Test Plan Creation

This document is developed by the test manager himself. It created to introduce all the managers, testers, developers to the set of ideas to guide throughout the process.

Actual Testing

When the application build is ready to find bugs, actual testing completes and defects or bugs are reported. In this phase, testers use many ways like functional, non-function, and maintenance to reach the final decision.

Before Release

The quality of the application is ensured by the testers prior to launching the product in the market. And once it is made sure, it can be released without doubts and issues.

Steps in Requirement to Release

  • Application Requirement Specification Review
  • Objectives
  • Target Date
  • Detailed Project Plan
  • Develop Test Plan
  • Test Plan
  • Test Specifications

Writing of Test Cases

  • Development
  • Installers Building
  • Build Procedure
  • Testing
  • Test Summary Report
  • Code Freezing

Decision to Release the Product

After completing the entire process when testers reach on the results, they announce the decision with a valid reason. If they do not find any error, the application gets approved to release. But if there are bugs available, they postpone the release of the product. And make the developers work on the applications again.

Final Thoughts

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