Common Misconceptions CEOs Have About Web Development and Design

Amit Agrawal
Published on Apr 03, 2019 in Web Developers Resources
Common Misconceptions CEOs Have About Web Development and Design

Web development basically refers to the duty or the task which is linked with the development of certain websites for hosting the website via the internet.

This is a broad topic, which actually deals with many like web content development, web design, and scripting and network security configuration, among other tasks as well.

Web Development Company explains web development in a different way, they say it’s the process of coding and programming that actually enables or allows the website’s functionality as per the owner’s personal requirements. Secondly, it deals with the other non-design aspect building up a website, which includes coding and writing markup.

Web Development Company like XYZ defines web development hierarchy as follows:

  • Client-side coding
  • Coding
  • Database technology

On the other hand, we designing refer to another aspect it refers to or deals with the creating process of the website. It altogether deals with aspects of webpage layout, content production, and graphic design.

Websites are generally created using a specific markup language called HTML. The people who design a webpage in short a web designer use these HTML tags that define the content and metadata of each page.

The CEOS face with some problems regarding web development & some of the very common issues they face are broadly discussed below.

1. Considering Website development an Easy Task- Basically, the clients want a 20-page website with log in setup, online payments, and other widgets.

Nevertheless, the necessary development is actually very time consuming and is really a complicated work. The web developing can look like deceiving, for example, the web development may seem small but it may actually include complicated work and require more days of programming.

2. Everyone should be Involved- Rather than actually wasting the time gathering up all the people and declaring one’s specific ideas, it is better to work with the only people who will work upon it. Gather your own content strategy, brand assets, business objectives, and use flow accordingly.

3. Websites are a Commodity- Some CEOs has a perception that websites are commodity hence letting go website design to be average. Instead, website design is a commodity and it needs to be eye-catchy. One should invest proper time in developing & designing an online presence properly.

4. Once a Site is Built it’s Done- This phrase is a common misconception of thinking that once a site is launched the work is packed up, but in reality, one should actually need to maintain after it is launched. Even also you don’t have a high amount of traffic on your website; you need someone to keep an eye on the site for its proper functionality.

The basic feature of web programming refers generally to the writing and coding involved in web development, which refers to the web content, web client and server scripting, and network security. The languages used by web programmers are HTML, Javascript, Perl5, and PHP. They altogether deal with the technical aspects.

Some of the top web programming company which deals with website programming.

  1. Cyber Infrastructure Inc
  2. IndianNIC Infotech Ltd
  3. Dev Technosys
  4. Belatrix Software
  5. Mojo tech

Now, let’s have a look upon the misconception the CEOs have regarding website designing:

1. Website Design shouldn’t Cost so Much- It’s really confusing and frustrating when one actually thinks that web designing should not cost much while visiting or looking into a unique, beautiful, simple, attractive website it may seem that it should not cost much for designing the website. To make a website truly attracting, beautiful as well as unique one actually needs to invest much time and a considerable amount of money is also needed. Hence this kind of misconception should actually be banished.

2. The Website should Contain all about the Company and the Owner- One should never think this way because your website should contain about the visitor and about the folks who would become your customers. The website’s messaging and imagery should definitely reflect the brand and most important the company’s personality. One should write the content with intention in mind of engaging the visitors, keeping their attention and altogether convincing the customer the benefit the company is actually providing with.

3. Any Change in the Website should Cost Free- There are some web programming company which provide with warranty or support period, if in the calculated time span some issues come, they may do it at no extra charge. Nevertheless, if that time span is over, and the owner wants to fix some problem, the owner needs to pay for the changes.

4. Website Done Signifies Job Done- One should never think in such a manner because a website is never finished. The web is always in a changing mode and hence to catch up with the thing, the web should always be updated continuously. There should always one person present to look upon the proper upgrade of the website according to changing the web.

There are many web development services the USA that offers amazing website related services starting from developing the website to making it look attractive. Now, many custom software development companies have started with their own website development services to make even small business turn into a brand. But for this, every CEO needs to think differently keeping their misconceptions aside.

The above article has given you the brief conception of the actual misconceptions the CEOS face regarding website developing and website designing. It also speaks about the ways how one should actually make the best use of web development services in the USA when getting a website developed and how one should keep up with the random changing web. If you are a web designer or a web developer you should invest your time more and make the website look really beautiful and attractive, but if you are a CEO of any big size company you should really change your misconception regarding this because a website is a business’s image which is accessible to everyone from everywhere and it needs to stand out among rivals.

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