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by Fluper on Mar 23, 2017 / App Development
iOS mobile app development company by Fluper

At the Mobile World Congress, the most important event in the gadget technology, SAP launched a SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS which has further intensified the partnership between SAP and Apple. This integration of SAP data and iOS devices will enable to offer powerful native iOS apps for iPhone and iPad. This union will also heighten up the mobile app developer experience by leveraging the growing community tools. This partnership would enhance not only the mobile app developer’s experience but User Experience as well.

As iPhone has turned into an object of marvel analogously, iOS has aced the test into success. This success has been considered by innumerable enterprises according to the business suitability. There are some basics quite easy to be overlooked which may lay the foundation of an unsuccessful iOS app. Let’s look at the points that the top mobile app development company Fluper has in mind when developing a mobile app in iOS.

Proper delineation of the plan

Accomplishment of desired goal with a series of steps carried out to embark the journey of iOS app development, the concept of "plan" must not be unmarked or, otherwise, the success can be endangered in the long-run. So, every future strategy must be articulated in front so that you do not divert from the objective you have set.

Must be aware about the advantages and disadvantages

As far as mobile app users are concerned, Apple’s iPhone is considered to be one of the most popular smartphones, analogously enterprises are quite successful in generating demand consistently year after year. Custom iPhone app development has been a trendsetter and has revolutionized the domain of enterprise.

For instance, advantages of iOS app development for the enterprises:

  • Unconstrained performance
  • Fluid responsive which enhances the user experience
  • Splendid security by fingerprint scanning

Following are the few flaws which must be taken into consideration before the selection of the platform:

  • Touch of rigidity, it is supported by only iOS devices
  • Applications are considered to be quite vast as compared to other mobile platforms, which has proved to be quite cost and time consuming

There are a few countries which are still android-centric, so decision must be taken accordingly to extend its tentacles for the global reach.


Everyone urges behind the original thinking that intensifies authenticity. By investing infrastructure and creativity, mobile app developers can extract profits. By utilising tools as well as frameworks, an elegant app can be achieved. Hence it is considered to be a selective club.

Apple takes the initiative to perform thorough investigation since they believe the best can modulate in this fierce economy. This is the outcome of the ingenuity, users can readily pay the money invested by the iOS mobile app development companies. The community is ruled by elite groups that appreciate the originality which ensure profit in the App Store. So, the number of mobile apps are less as compared in general, hence the chances of downloading cliché apps are quite less. So, this is expected to have a trickle-down effect on the enterprises as well.

Think in the interest of users

Although this is irrespective of the fact that you have come forth with the path-breaking idea and users will fond of that mobile app. At the end of the day, that amazing idea will produce something for the end user. So it must be taken into consideration that the idea or functionality may appear to be quite amazing as a mobile app developer, but may not be in case of users. Hence, the ultimate motive is to make the app as user-friendly as possible because the idea may be left in vain if the it is confined to just functionality.

The mobile app must not be accommodated for highly skilled elite group but should be catered to the rest of users as well.

Don’t overlook the importance of rigorous testing

This is something inevitable for mobile app development companies, irrespective of the platform. You should be mentally prepared that tons of unanticipated issues can spring up until it gets in motion. It would be favourable if the issues are hitched during the testing phases rather than during the time of downloads by consumers.

Rigorous testing will save the company’s reputation from being contaminated and further extend flawless app to the users.

Infer the significance of feedback

Do not get frightened with the feedback of users. This is the critical assessment with the ultimate motive to improve the performance. Appreciation would fetch more encouragement, and negative feedback would fetch further scope of improvement. It would further demonstrate accuracy as you gain skills and experience. So this would be a sound judgment to hire an iOS app development company and get yourself completely prepared to confront feedback.

Comparative study behind the cost of development

At the end of the day, a summary of intended expenditure must be prepared for immediate hunting of the top iOS mobile application development companies. It must be kept into mind that the cost of mobile app development is quite high in iOS app development. It might be possible that a less experienced developer or mobile app development company can accomplish the task at a lower price. As the experience increases, the price of iOS app development company are expected to puff up as good as five times. Hence, seasoned mobile app developers must be favoured, but there are various other factors to be considered, for instance time is directly proportional to the complexity involved and similarly number of functionalities you are intended to add up.

Cost is also dependent on the initial release of the appl which takes more than 3 months and looks for stability which may vary among mobile app development companies.

Development timeline

A business must confront with the bifurcation involved in the mobile app development timeline for an iOS app. This is something irrespective to the size and experience of the app development company. It involves the discussion where you look for the requirements and further decisions related to mock designs by employing this period. Then it proceeds with the alpha version after the initial implementation where test is taken into consideration followed by the support period.

So, ultimately you must be prepared to invest time and cost in order to get long-lasting survival by employing mobile app. Hence, all these points urge for a careful thought which would give a cognizance before hiring a successful iOS mobile appl development company.

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