Choosing a cheap app development company can kill your app idea

Choosing a cheap app development company can kill your app idea

As the mobile application technology is getting updated and trending, more sad stories of clients are heard. Some app owners make the wrong choice when choosing a mobile app development company. All the app ideators have a unique idea in their mind and they look forward to work on it, then they will hire a freelance app developer or a mobile app development company, but it is very important to hire an experienced team to work on your mobile app.

Most app owners will hire a mobile app development company that offers their services at a low price, but this can really affect your idea. With this option, your app developer will end up costing your money, time and clients.


Once your mind has a killer idea for a mobile app, you are ready to share it with the masses with the help of a mobile app development team. Hiring a mobile app development company is a crucial step that should be taken seriously before developing an app. It is very clear and simple to understand that a low cost mobile app development company can result in weakening the quality, while a higher cost developer can help to improve the quality. Choosing a cheap app development company can waste your time, money and your killing idea. Below app owners will find the must know pointers to choose a relevant mobile app development company:

  • Time is money: Hiring a cheap app development company can affect your time and money. For example, there are two mobile app developers, one is experienced and the other one is just a fresher. Now a company has experienced app developers that will claim they can build your app is just 5 days and another company that has fresher app developers will take more than a month, as they have no experience. Therefore, hiring a company with fresher developers for your app will cost you more time and money.
  • Lack of experience: Hiring a less experienced mobile app development company that has never worked on an app like will end up with disappointments and dissatisfactions. It will definitely fail to deliver you the desired quality. Before hiring an app development company, make sure to enquire all the details, whether they have worked with an app like the one you want or not.
  • Lack of quality: If you have an amazing idea in your mind and you go to some beginner company offering you cheap deals, give it a thought twice, just don’t think about the money in your initial stage. For example, an experienced app development company will offer your app with all the desired designs you wanted, but a cheap app development company will definitely take less money from you but will just offer you the working app, they won’t work on the design much, as they will not have any experience as a mobile app designer.
  • Lack of infrastructure: This point is very important. For example, there is a company with a good infrastructure and an app developer working in the room. What would you prefer? A cheap app development company with no infrastructure and no experienced developers or designers or the first one mentioned here?
  • Lack of talent resources: Obviously, the lack of talent resources is the key factor in hiring a cheap mobile app development company. A talented resource will help you give a unique and catchy app to present in the market. Lack of talent resource will prevent businesses in general from moving faster. For example, an IOS mobile app development company will not be able to handle Android app development or any Windows app development, therefore, it is essential to hire a company with great talent resource.
  • Working without a project manager: Well, working on an app development project without a project manager is a huge side effect. For example, a cheap app development company will not have enough potential and money to hire a project manager for your business. However, the whole control will be in the hands of a mobile app developer working on your app, and this is actually useless. An app project manager is a person who looks after to all your needs in a specific timeframe.
  • Ignoring testing protocol: We are talking about the testing of the software before handling the app to the client. A cheap app development company will not work on the app testing part, as they won’t have experienced app developers, they will just straight away pack your desired app and ship it to you. A good app development company will check the project before delivering to see if the app works flawlessly or not.
  • Lack of technology: A cheap app development company will not offer the latest technology for your app. They will work on outdated technology as they don’t have much money to afford the new technology or platforms. Your app will be out of date just after launch. This is one huge side effect. So kindly consider all the technologies that will be used by the company for your mobile app.
  • Lack of proper communication: You will definitely face this issue after hiring a cheap app development company. For example, such company will not have employees with good communication skills to build a relation with the clients, this can create a language barrier. The mobile app developer and the client will not be able to understand what they are talking if the app owner hires a cheap app development company with no English background.
  • Lack of incomplete information: A cheap app development company will develop an app without a proper requirement analysis of your target audience and this will result in the loss of your business. A good app development company will do things systematically and will ask for your requirements.
  • Lack of coordination: A cheap app development company will always lack in coordination. Let me brief you with an example, such companies don’t have much experienced and talented app developers, so there will be no teamwork between them. Such companies are not able to follow the proper protocol and this can result in damaging your app and the idea.


Mostly what people think in the initial stage is money rather than app development skills. This is another drawback of hiring a cheap app development company. As such company will not have skilled employees, they will develop an app for less money with a cheap app design and loss. Now, to get the desired app, you will spend more money. A good app development company will give you exactly the same app that you imagined. So, giving money to a cheap app development company will return you nothing, so ensure not to focus on money in your initial stage.

It will not matter to the customers, but it will affect the credibility and image of the app owner. Below are a few points:

  • Crash of apps: People install mobile apps, some of them take time to open and can also crash. Such apps are mostly designed by cheap app development companies, as they don’t fix the bugs and errors. They will just make your app and ship it to you.
  • Review of the app: This is an essential point. People mostly check the reviews before downloading the app. A bad designed and the less catchy app will never get good reviews. If your app starts getting bad reviews, then slowly and gradually, you will lose customers. A good app development company will not let the customers give bad reviews about the mobile app, they will work on every issue.
  • Low-quality app design: It is said that the first impression is the last impression. One should fall in love with the app as soon as they see it. Low-quality app design will never prevail in the market. A cheap app development company will not work on the design properly because of the lack of resources and talents. If your app is not catchy and interesting, then it will fail in the market. The design pattern, navigation, color and typography should be similar to all pages. If not, it leads to chaos.
  • Outdated technology: An app works as a salesperson, a content marketer, customer support and a coordinator. A cheap app development company using only outdated technology for your app will come with a bigger risk than just pain and frustration. Keeping outdated technology for your app can negatively impact your users satisfaction and morale. Make sure to hire a mobile app development company that can offer your app all the latest technology for the best user experience.

A cheap and small app development company can help your competitors by selling your application to several other clients. And if the competitors get that particular app with a better design and user experience, then you will definitely see the downfall for your business. So it is important to hire a top-notch mobile app development company that will not share your app idea with anyone and will keep it secure. Cheap app development companies do this to earn more money from your app.


We hope this article has helped you learn more about all the risks of hiring a cheap app development company. Any business these days needs a mobile app. The successful brands had not designed or developed their application via any cheap app development company. To have all bugs and errors fixed and a catchy app with great user experience, you need to hire a skilled mobile app development team.

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