Chatbots, the future of businesses with mobile apps

Ashish Parmar
Published on May 22, 2017 in App Development
Chatbots, the future of businesses with mobile apps

Embracing technology in its most evolved and newest form has become a necessity more than a luxury for the present business organization because of the cut throat competition. Last year, we all have been the witnesses of the power of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and the things they are capable of. Coming in the same league of the new age technologies is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which is rendering amazing platforms to the business organizations.

AI technology has been instrumental in bringing business intelligence to the core things involving the concept of Chatbots into play. A chatbot is a responsive technology that has been built combining AI and messaging platforms. Since its arrival in 2011, it has become a mainstay in maintaining and improving customer care services. Chatbots have influenced the customer proceedings in such a manner that over 59% of the users aged 18-55 are comfortable having bots for interactions with the companies, chatbots can be found in mobile apps, websites, etc.

It provides funny, interactive and innovative methods to the mobile app development companies to communicate with their clients and customers. Though this landscape in its infancy at the present time, looking at the adoption rate, it is bound to evolve and become big in the coming future. Therefore, it is the most appropriate time to look at the ways the chatbots along with mobile apps are empowering businesses to the core.

What is a chatbot?

In simple words, a chatbot is a messaging app or feature that is referred as a conversational interface and designed to simplify tasks that matter. It covers a number of categories, right from the developer frameworks to AI tools and connected services. Right from the established players to the newbies, everyone is on the go to include chatbots in their scheme of things and we have various examples of it such as Alexa, Siri, Google Allo, etc. The new age of chatbots are even capable of recognizing the speech patterns of the customer and interpret it in an overwhelming manner.

Making the customer interaction lively

Artificial Intelligence from the outset itself plays a very major role in improving the level of customer satisfaction as it provides them real time remedy to all their queries. The bots use AI technology and natural language processing so as to clearly understand what the customer wants to convey and be a human equivalent option for the company. It also provides a much economical alter and is available 24/7.

Having bots combined with mobile apps will give the companies an added advantage of being at the fingertips of the users’ every-time, thus enhancing their mobile app experience. It also reduces the percentage of digital disturbance while the communication process is not hampered at all. Chatbots have a chat interface and their intuitiveness can come in handy to enhance the overall mobile app user experience.

The blend for the future

Working alone with mobile apps can prove to be working just with one hand in this highly competitive business scenario. Mobile Apps with a blend of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots for customer service will give users an impression that they are conversing with a human so that they could avail a solution to their queries in a more convenient manner. The amalgamation can manage a larger number of users at a time and also synchronistically save their details for a future use. This will help companies look into the matter of the customers with utmost ease and also provide the most relevant solution. The human, like chatbots, are more brain gravitate and will form an absolute companionship with the mobile apps. The interaction with the consumers will help them perceive the chatbot as a friend and subconsciously develop a very good relationship with the company.

Audience’s eye candy

It is sure shot and proven fact that for any business to succeed, you need to work according to the audience’s likes and expectations. The same thing goes in with inculcating AI powered chatbot along with mobile apps. As majority of the smartphone users are millennials, they prefer chatting as the most convenient mode of communication. Therefore to give them an enhanced user experience, the companies opt for Artificial Intelligence to enhance the marketing strategies.

As bots are quick to respond to the user as and when they need, they speak volumes about the efficiency. They also carry an added advantage of reducing the confusion while understanding the query of the customer because of the well organized algorithms.

Educating the customer in and out

Whether your app is for Android or iOS platform, it is a basic requirement that the customer should know how to use it. With the evolution of mobile apps, customers have also become more advanced about the technology and aware about the method to use it. Having a mobile app amalgamated with chatbots will give a double layer of cushion to the companies so that they can educate their customers to the core and make them aware about the specification of the mobile app. In different sectors such as banking and e-commerce, chatbots are no less than a boon for the organizations to keep the lucidity of the conversation going and make the onboarding process smoother.

As the majority of users have gone mobile, the banking industry also has to revamp itself so as to stay in the hunt. Therefore, there is an increased usage of chatbots along with mobile apps to rope in a higher number of customers for a longer period of time.


One thing is quite clear, the bond of chatbots and mobile apps is the thing that we will be looking at in the near future. The subtle partnership will provide an increased horizon for the companies to extend their business and remain floating amidst stiff competition.

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