Chatbots: a new beginning to exploit the technology from a business point of view

1a_Chatbots A New Beginning to Exploit the Technology from Business Point of View

In the era of technology where everyone is looking forward to expand their business through internet by providing the best of services and giving the best customer satisfaction, chatbots can play a major role in the growth of your business.

Chat bots were around for a long time but companies are now understanding its use and are now beginning to exploit its resources from a business point of view. Appinventiv, a top mobile app development company, has pointed out the top 3 reasons to use them.

What is a Chatbot?

Chatbot is an artificial intelligence program which is developed to give intelligent response. You will feel as if you are conversing with a service representative or a customer representative through an instant messaging.

In other words, chatbots are computerised company representatives that are capable of solving each and every problem.

In the absence of a chatbot, the user will directly have to visit the website and then he/she has to enter the requisite details to get the forecast of the required area. With the help of the chatbot, user can chat and ask for weather update and the bot will reply on real time basis.

Advantages of Chatbot

  • With Chatbots, you can go that extra mile

Chatbots perform automatic services and act like a middle man in communications. This helps in reducing customer complaints and give a quick feedback and redress to the problems of the of the customers in a hassle free manner. The bot will do the similar task as what humans will do but in a more efficient manner. With the help of chatbots you can cut down resources by reducing the manpower thereby reducing the overall cost.

  • Availability 24x7

Chatbots are there round the clock, each day, everyday. Customer Service is the backbone of any business and it is a prerequisite for any business to succeed. In some cases, customer service executives are unable respond to the phone calls or emails due to heavy traffic. Here comes the role of chatbots: with Chatbots, your queries will be answered on real time basis which will make you satisfied and happy. These chatbots perform a tremendous task when it comes to provide flawless customer support.

  • Easy Deployment

Chatbots are less troublesome to deploy. Let’s take the case of mobile apps: it’s a less herculean task to deploy chatbots in order to increase user experience of the app based on real time usage data rather than having lengthy app updates and relying on users to update their apps at all. Many businesses have started to be listed in bots, like in China, a number of big brands are on Wechat. Chatbots are cost effective and certainly provide a value for money.

1b_Chatbots A New Beginning to Exploit the Technology from Business Point of View

Our Take

Chatbots along with Artificial intelligence are creating new marvels, iMessage being the latest example of the same. Chatbots help in enhanced productivity and effectiveness of an organization. As per our opinion, We believe that Chatbots have a great future and they are the next big thing in the world of technology. Be it chatting or integration with cab aggregators like Uber, chatbots are beating the heat everywhere.

Our Expertise

We at AppInventiv posses a deep understanding of the entire bot development process. We have integrated bot in various applications across different industries. We have a good deal of experience in bot development and want to give quality bot development services to businesses irrespective of any industry.

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