Challenges that Mobile App Startups Face After The App Launch

Akansha Pandey
Published on Nov 08, 2019 in Enterprise App Developers Resources
Challenges that Mobile App Startups Face After The App Launch

Mobile app industry is not the latest to businesses making an entry on a semi-hourly basis, trying whether they fit in or not and all the way hoping to get a split of all the good things that the stores have to offer- Global Reach and Sky-High Revenue Chart.

But, the mobile app development companies are not novel to seeing new businesses come in trying their luck in the field and leaving because of failed success.

For an application entrepreneur, there can be nothing worse than the time where after investing a very good amount of time and money all they get left with is an app that sees either low down or very short-lived achievement.

And the sad truth is that it is a very common occurrence.

A massive dare for any app-based start-up entrepreneur is to search for reliable and calm focus among a variety of highs and lows and finding the things to avoid after app launch.

They experience a great exhilaration as they observe hundreds of installs immediately for they have employed all the factors that make apps successful, and the next second they feel the misery that those were the only installs.

Developing a startup takes time. But making sure that your startup isn’t the one that meets the same fate is something that you cannot leave on time. And knowing about the challenges rise ahead can definitely give you a head start, especially in devising post app launch strategies.

Let us beware of all the challenges that you’re app entrepreneur can face after your app hits the market.

Challenges that Mobile App Startups Face After The App Launch

1. Establishing You in a Crowded Market:

No matter how truly amazing your app idea is, there are very minimal chances that the app idea you have is truly the one that the world has not seen or at least not seen by the mobile app market. In fact, probabilities are that if your idea is actually the one that has never been seen before, it will be only a matter of time before the market gets crowded with it.

And for a startup working on a situation of low resources- manpower and funds- it can be one of those things to avoid after app launch that can keep you from establishing yourself in a packed market place and not get lost in the crowd. The scariest part of it is that the chance of you getting lost in the crowd is still prevalent even if follow the unwritten app ideation manifesto that the app should be developed only after considering the user’s needs, the exact buyer persona, etc.

2. Getting a Team Together:

Most frequently the team that you got associated with to develop your mobile app gets left behind once the project is completed and launched. So, once it all ends, the team that you have left is the one that you have to create.

Now, theoretically, it sounds much easier than done. In other words, you have to employ the right mobile app developers with the necessary experience to take your mobile app forward till the end of time. But, when you get into the practical grounds in a reality where what you have to offer to those right people is next to nothing, it all seems to fall apart. After all, if it was this simple, it would not have been one of the most thought of post app launch strategies.

Getting a team mutually- the main thought after mobile app launch scheme- that is in sync with your app idea and your vision of the business when in return all you have to offer to them is hardly anything bigger than a tag of experience.

3. Scalability:

One of the major mistakes that app entrepreneurs make is confusing scalability with growth. They think that scalability, like growth, is increasing the business witnessing a time when the revenue inflows are on an all-time high, etc.

When, in reality, there is a very thin but prominent line of difference between scalability and growth. While, in case of expansion, you know you have to incur expenses in order to reach the next level, scalability, in its idea itself, means that you will have to work on growing your business while the expenses are kept very low and constant.

Now going through the simple definition of scalability, something that we must go through for it is one of the most important to be followed eventually tips after launching an app, there are some other issues that get strung along. Issues like the timing of scalability and the scope of it. If you extend your business too soon or too late, you will face failure and if you scale at the right time in the wrong domain, you will face failure.

4. Marketing:

The task spinning around finding an answer to how to market a startup app is not even half as glorious and pieces of cake as the many listicles on the various marketing platforms tell you.

There are a number of things you have to decide between- the right platforms vs the cost-effective platform-less expensive vs wider reach- and the list of confusions and struggles goes on.

The answer to how to market an app successfully itself has been the cause of the demise of a number of brilliant app ideas such as you’re in the market and it is not going to stop. In fact, the extra the platforms coming up to expose your brand to the world; the greater is becoming your chances to get sidelined.

Expenditure of your company’s intent to create a presence in the market and not getting any results at the back of it can be very scary and the truth is, this disturbing atmosphere is what is keeping entrepreneurs awake every night.


A lot of times when we are getting ready to start a new venture, startups face certain kinds of hurdles and challenges which they need to overcome to take their startup to the upper level and make it the top brand.

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