Challenges for App Developers and How to Overcome

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on May 06, 2019 in App Development
Challenges for App Developers and How to Overcome


In the modern world, every other person that we meet is most likely to be carrying a smartphone. Users are on the lookout for Apps that would keep them connected, updated, informed and offer digital solutions instantaneously and without interactions. Even though Apps have been quite commonly being used now for decades but the challenges for developing Apps that meet the satisfaction of the user and also fortify the existing business and success of the company with enhanced customer satisfaction has increased tremendously.

With mobile app development company meeting the ever advancing challenges, it would be an understatement to say that the requirement for efficient and sustainable apps in the industry is increasing at a very fast pace. This throws mounting pressure on App developers. Here we look at some of the challenges faced by App developers and how to overcome them.

1. Lack of skilled App Developers, time-consuming and expensive process:

With ever increasing demand for a skilled technical hand in the field there is definitely a lack of experienced hands who can rise up to meet the challenges of app development in a shifting, volatile market.The entire process is expensive and time-consuming and not all companies can afford the time as well as the economic burden.

Even to make necessary updates on the app to keep them more robust and functional, it requires experienced, skilled technical hand which can be an added burden on the company, both cost and time wise. This time increases more when you have to build different apps for different platforms. There might be businesses that need apps for multi devices like phones, laptops, I pads, desktops, etc. The app needs to be functional over the different OS. The company would also need to choose between native, web or hybrid apps.

-[] Solution: Many of these challenges are met by iphone app developers and other company app developers by using Rapid App development tools. The traditional coding needed is reduced tremendously for some Apps and for some Apps it is eliminated completely. This reduces the time needed to build well-designed web, hybrid or native business apps. These tools help develop App through the selection process, a multilevel curate process, which reduces the time required for development.

Some tools come with WYSIWYG design screens which can accelerate the process farther by self-creating automated files and data needed for the development. The whole process reduces the time needed for developing, testing and launching of the App. The tools are easy to use, flexible which allows the in-house team to use them with minimum training. This would automatically ensure that the App is economical, has market durability and can be created or modified in a short span of timeby mobile app development companies.

2. Maintaining Simplicity of Design and practicality:

The ultimate aim of the App is to provide some information/service with less effort by the user and more profit on the supplier end. Any app developed would be popular and marketable only if it retains its simplicity making it mass user-friendly. Each App would have a life cycle and would become redundant the moment a better version is launched. The market and user behavior keep evolving and the App has to meet the challenges of the volatility in the market.

-[] Solution: With the popularity of the App, its usefulness has to be constantly surveyed. Many apps come with built-in feedback. When you hire Android developer he has to be vigilant and keep incorporating the necessary changes to sustain the usefulness and popularity of the App. The developers need to be creative, abreast with modern technology and market demands to keep meeting the ever-growing and changing expectations.

3. Maintenance in evolving app ecosystem:

In a fast pace developing technological world the App developers are not only faced with the challenges of developing the most modern App that would be able to attract the challenging market but also have to sustain the faith and loyalty over a period of time. An App developedby iPhone app developers or android after a long effort in market research and team effort of technical brains may be the most accepted, modern App today but may become a dinosaur of tomorrow with a label of extinct if it is not able to modernize and evolve with time.

-[] Solution: Any App functioning is a part of a technological ecosystem having many existing and interdependent components like app provider company, network, carrier, cloud, operating systems, consumer, etc. An App has to take an overview of all the aspects. The iPhone app Developers have to keep pace with the advancement of each component and keep upgrading to meet customer satisfaction.

4. Connect with the customer:

After the development and testing of the app, the main challenges that faced by the mobile appdevelopment companies is to launch it in the market in such a way that it instantly connects with the masses. This holds the key to the success of any viable app. It needs to hit the App Store with an impact of awareness and visibility to the end users.

-[] Solution: The best way to overcome this hurdle would be to hire the services of a successful marketing ad agency. With their expertise and experience in the field, they would be able to get the desired results. Other than the major issues dealt above there are bound to be certain minor hurdles for the app developers to overcome as they progress in their path of developing and launching an app. One would be a decision to hire or not to hire android developer. Keeping the time constraints many mobile application development companies may hire developerto take care of some technical aspects. How much outsourcing your company needs to do if at all, would be an internal decision based on many relative issues.


It’s no doubt that the iPhone app developer or an android app developer have an uphill task when it comes to meeting the requirements and pace of the technological world, the competition of the ever-growing market and the constantly changing demands of the users. At the same time, these challenges keep the app industry vibrant and booming with opportunities to build apps that would leave an excellent user experience.

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