Challenges faced during a product’s development and overcoming them

Amit Upadhyay
Amit Upadhyay, Co-founder and CTO at BrainMobi
Published on Jun 29, 2017 in App Development
Challenges faced during a product’s development and overcoming them

From finding the right problem area for which the product would be developed to marketing your mobile product well, there is a multitude of challenges one might face. Some of the challenges commonly faced during the development of products are the ones we will explain in this article.

Identifying the problem the app will solve

Challenge: A lot of times, products are made for problems which don’t even exist. This puts the companies in a fix since now they have a mobile product that doesn’t have customers to serve.

Solution: This is the first step of developing a product. Identify a problem which you wish to solve and then find how you would be solving the problem. The next step would be to see how many people face this problem. Since you would be investing a lot into developing the perfect mobile product, you must be sure if the problem that you see as a problem is actually a problem that many people face or not. There are a lot of problems that people overlook as normal things but instead are problems that need addressing. These are the problems that need to be addressed first since a lot of people face these problems, so you would hit the ground running.

Identifying your customers

Challenge: One of the biggest challenges one might face is to find the right audience for your mobile product or app. It is important to know who would become your customer and whether a profitable number of prospects would convert into your customers once your product is up and running. This is a step many people miss out and end up making products with no one to buy them and then trying to convince people to buy their product.

Solution: Before setting out on a product development adventure, it is necessary to know who would buy your product. Without the right audience, your product would not amount up to much. Once you know your customers, you can set your mind on other challenges.

Amount of investment

Challenge: Most projects are either too high or too low on investment. When a project is too high on investment, chances are that it would take a lot of time to cover up the costs of mobile app development. When a project is too low on investment, chances are that the quality of the project would be inferior to the quality it must have.

Solution: Create a balance in the amount of investment made to develop your product. Investing just the right amount of money to develop the product would ensure that the product’s costs are recovered timely and also that the product will be of good quality. This may be a decisive factor in your product’s success.

Duration of the mobile app development

Challenge: While the products are unique, the problem area isn’t. If the mobile app developers take too long to create the product, chances are that there might be a lot of products regarding your problem area already. This would make penetrating into the market difficult since the existing products might have created a goodwill for themselves.

Solution: Try to complete the development of the product in a fixed amount of time set after considering how much time the development of the product should take and adding some extra time in case of unforeseen problems coming up during the development of the product.

Marketing the product

Challenge: People perceive that marketing of the mobile product is something that is to be thought about after the product has been released. This causes the product to reach out to potential customers late. Hence the profits don’t start rolling soon.

Solution: Marketing of the product must start much before the product is released. This intrigues the audience and creates a buzz in the audience. This step sieves the potential customers to provide you with the right customers for your product.

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