Certified or Market Approved: Which Developers Should Companies Hire

Ojus Sharma
Ojus Sharma, Co-founder and CEO at APPLIFY
Published on Aug 21, 2018 in App Development
Certified or Market Approved: Which Developers Should Companies Hire

Two developers show up for an interview. The first candidate has 5 years hands-on experience in various technologies. But he doesn’t have any certifications. The experience of the second candidate, on the other hand, is 3 years but he has various certifications from Oracle, Google, Apple, and Amazon.

Who would you hire?

Let’s suppose you picked up the second guy. After all, who would miss someone who’s certified by industry moguls?

Now, what if the person took help from a colleague to qualify those tests, just crammed the questions, or (very less probability) qualified the tests by luck? In such a case, you’ll end up hiring an unskilled employee.

On the other hand, if you decide to hire the first one, you have the risk of losing a potentially brilliant candidate.

So, what to do?

These lines from a blog written by Jagatveer Singh, CTO at Applify, will give you an insight:

Certification is confirmation of certain skills/characteristics of a person by a person or organization that have already displayed and proven their skills in the same area and have gained enough trust in the market to vouch for candidates like you and me once we pass their assessments.

In simple words, a market approved entity gives a certificate to a person that he/she is market approved.

Surely, this makes a person eligible for an interview but doesn’t prove that he/she is the perfect candidate for the job profile.

And the biggest proof of this is that they there are many people in the market working in top positions despite having no certifications.

Hence, being certified doesn’t guarantee that a professional is fit for the job because after hiring it’s the work that will matter and certifications will only be a piece of paper.

Experience, on the other hand, doesn’t prove that a person is skilled in his job. Sometimes a fresher can do a task better than someone who spent half-decade working in the field.

So, how to choose the right person.

On the basis of their practical skills.

No matter a person has over 1 dozen certifications or have 5 years of experience – he/she is not perfect for the profile if he/she fails to clear the technical round.

In simple words

It’s the work of a candidate that matters, not his certificates or experience.

So, here’s an advice to all budding app developers from our app development experts in Singapore:

Don’t just focus on building your resume. It only looks good on paper if your work doesn’t justify it. Put some focus on improving your skills and build your profile as well.

Meanwhile, companies should encourage their employees to learn new skills so that they are industry-ready and aware of the latest trends.

E-learning website Lynda can help you in the purpose.

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