Web Developers Resources

Web Developers Resources

Find the latest news on websites and web apps. In the Web Developers Resources category of the AppFutura blog you will learn how to develop a web, discover the new languages and technologies, and realize how successful you can be with a website.

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Desktop and Progressive web apps
Web Developers ResourcesDesktop and Progressive web apps
by AppFutura on Nov 28, 2016

There was once an idea in the tech industry that all vendor, publisher and developer needed to do to succeed was to present the customer with the latest and greatest mobile app development in technology. Consumers are so enamored with having the latest gadget or product that this strategy worke...

Mobile web or mobile app?
Web Developers ResourcesMobile web or mobile app?
by AppFutura on Aug 01, 2016

Truth of the matter is that in today tech­savvy world, where commerce, entertainment and lives can be played out in the palm of a hand, a company’s mobile strategy can make or break them. Hard figures show that mobile commerce is outpacing desktop commerce at an exponential rate. Google has ...