BlackBerry Developers Resources

BlackBerry Developers Resources

This is the BlackBerry Developers Resources section on the AppFutura blog. Find here all the information about BlackBerry apps and how they can be useful when the target is a company or enterprise. BlackBerry apps run Android OS, so the Android section of the blog can also be helpful.

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BlackBerry opens its software for developers
BlackBerry Developers ResourcesBlackBerry opens its software for developers
by AppFutura on Mar 27, 2017

When word got out a couple years ago, that the once might tech giant BlackBerry was looking to make a comeback there were some in the industry who were eager to see what the Waterloo, Ontario based company would bring to the table. On the other hand, there were some who were convinced that the ...

BlackBerry PRIV Android Slider: overview and comparison to main rivals
BlackBerry Developers ResourcesBlackBerry PRIV Android Slider: overview and comparison to main rivals
by AppFutura on Dec 24, 2015

Everybody knows that BlackBerry, the once-great company, has had some unstable years lately. But it seems that we can finally say it: BlackBerry is back! And this return comes with the release of the BlackBerry PRIV, a BlackBerry-made device running Android software. This interesting combin...

Is BlackBerry dead?
BlackBerry Developers ResourcesIs BlackBerry dead?
by AppFutura on Aug 19, 2014

BlackBerry, the OS that was once a $20 billion company and dominant in the business world, seems to have lost its direction since two years ago. In this time, the company has made several changes on the OS and the managing team, but with no results. Predictions for the group are alarming: Black...