AppFutura Tips: the ranking

New services imply new features. AppFutura presented last May the new Pro account and the new Visibility Packages. We now offer different services for each mobile app development company.

top mobile app development companies

Developers interested in our marketplace can have their own Pro account and enjoy having access to our top quality leads from our manually validated mobile app projects. But what if your mobile app development company just wants some visibility to boost the presence in AppFutura? Then go with the Visibility Packages. And which of these products is the best to get to the top of our ranking? Let us tell you the secret here.
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AppFutura Tips: Apps vs Works

Having a complete profile on AppFutura means having a strong profile among your competitors. The chances of getting hired increase if you have all the sections of your mobile app developer profile filled. The more information potential clients have, the better!

Profile section

Among the features that Pro users have, we find apps, clients, skills focus chart, certificates, business cases, works,… Some of you believe the Apps section and the Works section are the same, they are actually quite different. Check here how to build your profile with all the correct information on these two sections.
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Testimonial on mobile app development projects – Clickedu

A Spanish company reached AppFutura several months ago so we could help them find the right mobile app development company for their mobile app project: Click Edu.


We interviewed the mobile app development company hired for this project back in June, and here we present you now the experience of the client on AppFutura.
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Business Case on mobile app development projects – GLD

Read here AppFutura’s new Business Case on mobile app development. This time we have interviewed Agile Infoways, one of the top mobile app development companies in India, about one of their latest apps: GLD.

Agile Infoways GDL

What was the first idea of the mobile app project?

The app idea came through the excess use of Credit cards in between users. The client wanted to develop an app which provides the best possible offers available on user Credit, Debit, Prepaid or Loyalty cards which users can claim and save money. Also, the application should work offline with the same user experience.
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Private projects now open to all app developers on AppFutura

private Project

It has been a while since AppFutura launched Private Projects, a way for development companies to bring their own clients to our platform at a reduced fee. For over a year, this feature was for Platinum users only. We are now happy to announce Private Projects are currently available to all users on AppFutura.

Just like regular projects, even if our fee is reduced, there is an escalation depending on what pro Account you hold. Platinum users will continue to hold a 4% fee (instead of 7%), while Gold users will go down to 7% (instead of 10%). Silver users will see their fee reduced to 10% (instead of 12%) and Regular users to 12% (instead of 15%)..

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Most read posts on our Forum in October

Have you checked our Forum? There are lots of interesting topics and threads where our mobile app development companies have discussions and get information about new technologies, new devices or any news on app development. With more than 5k visitors monthly, we are happy to provide our developers with a space to talk about what they most like: mobile apps.

AppFutura forum october
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ASO, SEO and more tools to improve your apps promotion

For nearly a decade now the prominence of SEO has been on a steady, and at times steep, incline. But there is a new acronym in town that we should be paying as much attention to.

Apple App Store

Search Engine Optimization move over, there’s a new heavy hitter in town and it goes by ASO. Standing for Apps Store Optimization, ASO is in a nutshell the apps version of SEO. That is the ability to actively promote, market and generally get eyeballs to an app.

Sounds easy enough right? Well, sort of. ASO has been practiced informally in a rather helter skelter fashion since app developers and marketers began wanting to increase the visibility of their apps and started using SEO tactics, and any other tactics for that matter, to do so.

The difference of course, is that SEO tactics usually help your content stand out from billions of other online users, while ASO strategies help divert the consumers gaze from the nearly 2 million apps out there to yours. Then there is also the differences in platforms to consider. Will you release your app on Android, iOS or both? What about Windows phone and the others? These are questions that you will need to deal with in the early stages of mapping out your ASO plan.
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Android vs iOS, 2016

Do you remember those Mac versus PC commercials? Put on by Apple, those commercial would pit a pudgy man in a tweed suit, representing PC, against a younger, geeky yet seemingly hipper actor, which would represent Apple. A conversation would ensue in which a feature of the two systems would be compared and contrasted, with the Mac systems coming out on top every single time. Fast forward a decade and a half, and Apple finds itself again embroiled in another conflict.

android vs ios

Undoubtedly, today’s most prevalent technology resides in the palm of your hands. The smartphone has revolutionized the way people communicate, but it has a larger effect on how people interact with technology. And there are no bigger platforms in the mobile smartphone industry than Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. Both companies continue to push the boundaries of technology and consumers reap the rewards of their endeavors. The technology brought to bear by both companies is so evenly matched that the values to be compared and contrasted no longer revolve around features, but on marketshares and adoption rates.
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