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Published on Mar 01, 2016 in App Development
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AppFutura presents a new Business Case on mobile app development. This week, we have reached Mobulous Technologies and we have talked about one of their best apps: Map My Meet's Business Case.

What was the first idea of the project?

Map My Meet is a social networking app used to send map-based invitation to social and business gatherings that includes live directions to the venue, location sharing for attendee ETA updates, and group chat.

This app also allows users to send individual invitations or creating group of contacts for different events. With this app users can send SMS invitation to those friends who don’t have the app already installed. Moreover, users can create group chats for better communication with the invitee.

The offered app contains two major module: Event Creation and Navigation. We use Google Maps, Google Place API and Google Direction API for the successful development of this app. Apart from this, we also add a chat feature to the app for making it more user friendly.

How was the communication with the client? Was it fluid? How would you describe it?

The relationship with the client was very friendly. He gave all his specification very well and provided his valuable feedback every time we needed it during the development process.

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What was the best and the worst about developing the app? How did you manage the unexpected obstacles?

The challenging part of Map My Meet application is to provide live direction to all event members to the mapped venue and to update multiple map markers (containing member picture) on the basis of location.

What did your company learn from this project?

During the development of Map My Meet, we got to learn how to connect multiple group member pictures on the map marker and update them on the basis of their live location after fetching it from server.

What is the main difference between your app and a similar one?

In this app, we provide an option for creating group of contacts for regularly scheduled events. This app will provide personal navigation to everyone who has been invited in the event and sending notification for keeping entire group in a loop as to know where everyone is and how long it will take to arrive. Also, the user can use the app as a Navigation App, having Voice navigation, without forcing him to create an event.

Check Mobulous Technologies’s works in their AppFutura profile.

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