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Published on Feb 02, 2016 in App Development

In AppFutura our Platinum developers have a chance to include Business Cases. These reviews can be from projects closed within the platform or from previous clients or projects from outside AppFutura. We value every opinion from clients and we also want to show how the mobile app development outsourcing works, that's why we want to start a new post series: Business Case on mobile app development projects.

For our first article we've chosen Reliant Tekk's Business Case on the project Husky Network.

What was the first idea of the Husky Network project? Did you have to change something (technologies, platforms...)?

The Idea of the Husky App project was to help the merchants. It is a platform where they can manage their shops information and add and edit products using the husky mobile app. Also, visitors can view the location of shops on the map and can also view complete details of the shop, their products, and services. The admin panel was already developed when this project was started so we were using the same admin panel but we were facing some problems to fetch the data thus in order to access the database we had to do some changes but at the end, we had to replace the old admin panel to the new one.

>How was the communication with the client?

The Communications with the client were very good. The client was friendly and was always available for discussions. He was very keen for new ideas and questions related to the project.

relianttekk husky

How long did it take your company to develop Husky Network?

The time that was taken to complete the project was about 10 weeks. Because we had to include Google Map API, front end & back end web services API along with Android and iPhone solutions in the project.

What was the best and the worst about developing the app? How did you managed the unexpected obstacles?

One of the best features about developing the project was that the app was developed in swift language. The challenging part was to convert the originally developed web services (i.e. In English) in dual languages i.e. English and Italian. as Italian uses UTF- 8 characters thus to remove special characters was challenging. Manual string manipulation was used to remove special characters.

What did Realiant Tekk learn from this project?

While developing the project we got to learn new technologies like swift and Laravel. How to deal with special characters in the application. And also, how to make the app as the global solution.

And finally, outsourcing may mean that your client is in another country and you only communicate online. Do the new technologies help to communicate fluently and efficiently with the client?

Our Husky Network client was from Italy so to communicate with him we basically used Skype, WhatsApp and VOIP technology.

Check Reliant Tekk's works in their AppFutura profile.

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