Build Innovative Apps with These Best Practices for AR Development

Manish Jain
Manish Jain, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Konstant Infosolutions
Published on Aug 02, 2018 in App Development
Build Innovative Apps with These Best Practices for AR Development

Combine computer generated graphics with augmented reality to build innovative apps in form of live video imagery across multiple sensory inflections including audio, visual, olfactory, haptic and somatosensory.

You might be well aware of the immense success of the Pokémon Go app and how it engaged audiences all over the world for quite a long time. One of the most engaging features of this app was the use of AR that generated real life imagery. Enterprises around the globe are now applying a similar approach and trying to associate their brand identity through AR App Development. However, there are certain important factors that need to be considered when you develop mobile apps so that you can capitalize the opportunity. Here are the best practices that you can use for AR development and ensure its success in the global market:

Build a Supportive Enterprise AR App Team

The talent of the people who work in an enterprise determine the kind of app that would come out once it is completed. If you wish to achieve the best out of your app, make sure you have the support of right people with you and hire dedicated developers. Hire developers who have the right credentials that you are looking for in your enterprise.

Image processing is a crucial part of the AR development, and there are layers of imagery that go into the creation of real life like scenes and creatures. With the help of AR, you can keep a track of the natural features and mark out areas in the surroundings that you want in your app. Hire people who possess such skills in AR and can also work well with programming languages such as C# and C++ and 3-D modelling.

One of the major tasks of the AR development team is to bring out realistic images into being and align them with the natural surroundings. This is necessary to give your app a reality effect. For this, knowledge of UI/UX is also necessary so that the developers understand the importance of providing an interactive interface to the audiences that would keep them engaged to the app.

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It is always better if you hire experienced professionals who have worked in this domain and know how demanding and challenging an AR development can prove to be. Invest in people who have a good record of creating and refining AR apps either for the consumer or for the workplace. They must also be able to cope with the progressive nature of such an app as you need to keep upgrading the changes and introduce new features so that you do not lose your audience.

Develop a Strategy for Creating the App

The first and foremost step towards building an innovative app is to strategise the entire process right from inception to completion. For this, you would need a mobile app development platform that is equipped with capabilities that are expected in an AR development environment.

It is also a good idea to associate your AR app with the future prospects of the company and should be aligned with the other projects that you have in pipeline. Also, consider if your app offers the right amount of flexibility and can cope with the technological advancements.

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Consider Designing a Competitive Enterprise AR App

More and more established companies are investing in building AR app and in such a scenario building something that would stand out in the crowd in the need of the hour. Time and again, the enterprises have tried to align the AR app with their brand identity and then reduce friction in the customer experience. You can also build strategic partnerships that provide access to the audiences who follow your app.

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