Build an app that wins

RapidOps, Inc.
Published on Jul 31, 2017 in App Development
Build an app that wins

Businesses over the world want to capture the market with their products and services. For reaching out to their intended audience, retailers and businesses look for various strategies so that they can develop a successful app.

Statistics from various research firms have reported that 77% of the users uninstall an app and abandon it, never installing it again!


Mostly, such user behavior is observed because they don’t find the app that much useful or after using the app, they don’t see the features that they were looking for.

After thorough research and meeting various mobile app development companies, businesses settle for a firm to make their app and become their brands face. But when users uninstall the app, to never come back, it means a huge loss for the organization.

We have outlined a few steps that will be helpful for you while you are planning to get your mobile app developed.


When you develop your app, keep in mind that not everyone will like it and not everyone will keep it in their device for long.

Focus on app analytics:

  • Engage your audience based on the average time spent by them on your app.
  • Based on the various segmentation such as age, sex, demographic location, profession.

Once you have these details, base your app's features and updates on the usage pattern of your users and keep improving the features and user experience targeting the filtered data, making your users loyal towards your app.


Don’t restrict your app to a specific user base. If you want to reach a bigger audience, then you will need to be omnipresent. So, develop your app for multiple platforms.

We understand that it might not be feasible for you to be technically sound as per mobile app development. In such cases, it is advised that you hire a smart, dedicated and efficient mobile app development organization.


Users have an insatiable nature, and you can’t keep them hooked on to your app with something “regular”. You can’t blame them, even if you keep yourself in their place, you will know that you won’t stick to a mobile app that doesn’t give you multiple functionalities.

Once you get your users on board, keep them engaged with new features and functionalities. Entertain them with descriptive content, audio or visuals, give them various offers, keep them engaged with your app. But, be creative while you are at it!


Today, the mobile user is more interested in your app’s UX rather than its UI. You must be really particular about how you design your app for getting the maximum UX out of it.

Keep these points in mind:

  • Your app design must be frictionless
  • It must have an engaging design
  • It should have descriptive onboarding screens
  • Short sign-up process
  • Guest checkout option
  • Simple yet descriptive content

If you develop an app that fulfills all these criteria, then your app will win the competition and also last longer in the user’s device, making a success story for itself.

As a business that wants to compete and win in the market, you need to have a winning strategy for everything. For that, you need to have an app that fulfills your users’ various demands, but at the same time clearly sends out your company’s motto.

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