Blockchain Is Reshaping Supply Chain Extensively

Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta, Director Mobility at Techugo
Published on Oct 23, 2019 in Blockchain Developers Resources
Blockchain Is Reshaping Supply Chain Extensively

Supply chain has become cumbersome and very complicated now, thus integrating blockchain has been perceived as a big solution to all problems. While there is always a new technology to consider, this is the big time to explore blockchain’s other benefits.

As per the experts, blockchain technology has the capability to turbocharge the profitability and effectiveness of several businesses. Correspondingly, supply chain aspects can also be improved through this technology. While supply chain industry is dealing with several ambiguities, integrating a tech solution is necessary. This technology can help in dealing with the complexity of managing supply chain, handling and creating links between various distribution centers.

In this article, we will look at the aspects of how blockchain technology can improve the processes and promote transformation, by considering different problems of this industry.

Blockchain- A Gleaming Twilight In Supply Chain

In supply chain, it is always hard to trace the products and parts, even avoiding mistakes is also very challenging. This industry has no dearth of headaches, regardless of involved commodities, whether electronic items, food product, consumer goods or anything.

Another, most problematic aspect is friction, while the products go back and forth several time, dealing with everything is challenging. Centralized third party control that keeps an authority over supplier, provider, and client, is another aspect that requires change. Multi-step procedures for transactions and many other issues are there.

All of these problems can be solved through blockchain technology. Moreover, cryptocurrency transfers can also solve many transaction-related issues. Blockchain can manage any form of exchange, tracking process and agreements that would solve many aspects. While blockchain integrated mobile application development is also flourishing, possibly this industry would receive great benefits.

Here take a glimpse of the ways this technology can enhance the supply chain.

Blockchain Impact On Supply Chain

Automotive payments

This technology is amazing as it can solve the most critical problem of this industry. It allows businesses to track all types of transactions more securely and transparently.

Blockchain ledger systems enable us to transfer the funds anywhere across the world, and there is no need of traditional banking transactions. A payee and payer can exchange funds directly and there is no need for a central authority to validate the transaction. Moreover, there are no security issues instead it facilitates rapid transactions compared to the other types of payment.


Another major benefit of this technology is easy tracking of items. It enables companies to work with distributed ledger systems that can record each product status throughout all the stages including production to dispatch. In this system, records are immutable and permanent. It is possible to trace each product from the source. Walmart is already using a blockchain system to track down sales in China.

Blockchain systems enable the companies to track every piece of item from creation to process and storage. Also it enables businesses to track the product by ‘selling date’ and other different aspects. By this, it is possible to see the source supplier of each product and track the mistakes.

Electric Power Micro-Grids

This shows how blockchain entities can be used for any kind of supply. Actually, after the arrival of smart contracts, another ray of possibility has emerged. While smart contracts usage for redistributing the excess power from solar panels is flourishing, the exchange of green energy can be cost-effective.

The smart contract makes buying and selling of every tangible and intangible entity less cumbersome. While ‘TransActiveGrid’- application running on blockchain that monitors the distribution of energy also shows how this technology can be more productive.

How Blockchain Will Impact Supply Chain?

While some supply chain businesses are already utilizing this technology, experts suggest that blockchain can become a universal “supply chain operating system”. Following are the ways it can improve supply chain task:

  • Easier recording the quantity and transfer of valuable goods such as pallets, containers, trailers, etc. This can be done throughout all the transfer stages at each node of supply chain.
  • Tracking purchase orders, receipts, orders changes, shipment notifications, and many other trade-related aspects.
  • Checking the validity and assigning certifications or significant properties of physical products such as finding that the food product ingredient and quality status.
  • Linking physical goods to demographic entities such as bar codes, serial numbers, digital tags like RFID, etc.
  • Exchange of information related to manufacturing, delivery, assembly, and maintenance of products between vendor and supplier.

How Blockchain Integration Will Be Beneficial?

There is no dearth of benefits blockchain integration provides. Here take a glimpse of them:

Improved Transparency: This technology enables complete documentation of a product’s journey throughout the supply chain. From revealing its true origin to touch points, it augments the trust and aid in eliminating the bias data. This makes the supply chain transparent and enables manufacturers to reduce the numbers of data recalls by sharing logs with OEMs and regulators.

Scalability: These systems enable each and every participant to access any number of supply chain node and access the data

Improved Security: While blockchain is a distributed ledger system with codified rules, this can potentially reduce the need for audits that generally internal system and process managers do. On the other hand, it consolidates security.

Moreover, the increased innovation in this space will also instigate several changes that will make this industry more efficient workspace. While blockchain system and application development companies like Techugo are exploring more innovative ways for its integration. Surely in the future, the existing supply chain problems will get solved through this technology. To know more, stay tuned with us.

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