Blockchain: A Robust Technology Transforming the Business World

Richa Sharma
Richa Sharma, Chief Operating Officer at Fluper Limited
Published on Aug 21, 2019 in Blockchain Developers Resources
Blockchain: A Robust Technology Transforming the Business World

Blockchain is capable of disrupting almost every industry in one or the other way. However, there are numerous hurdles to overcome before it can show its complete transformative impact.

The directors of major financial institutions, where safety and security are predominant, accepting the technology open-handedly. They are ready to invest a considerable amount in resources to find out the best way to implement Blockchain in their organization. In fact, the buzz of Blockchain is such that every company wants to implement it for the betterment of their business. I know, you have already gone through different tutorials, blogs, etc., to understand the importance of Blockchain. However, you are still looking for some accessible and relevant guide. Today, I am going to resolve all your doubts related to Blockchain technology, and the way it is changing the world. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin.

Blockchain is Powerful: Why?

From Top-Rated Mobile App Development Company to Healthcare to Education, every industry is leaning towards Blockchain. As the name suggests, Blockchain is a chain of multiple blocks containing information. The technology, whether private or public, is an instant ledger of records saved in a distributed ledger. It is a peer-to-peer network of data or transactions without any central authority. Because each record is encrypted and time-stamped, users can only access the block they “own” with the help of a private key. Being immutable, Blockchain can be categorized as the safest network. Whenever a transaction happens inside the Blockchain, a hash is created. Every block is connected to one another with these hashes. Hence, whenever a change is made, it is essential to update the entire chain.

Blockchain helps in secure and streamline transactions. It eliminates the dependency on any third-party to manage the processes. In short, the technology is revolutionary when it comes to record-keeping. It can track the changes in a transaction or record.

Private vs. Public Blockchain

Entrepreneurs talk a lot about private versus public Blockchains. Basically, Public Blockchains are cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, allowing peer-to-peer transactions. Hence, they can bring transformation in global payment by making them seamless.

On the other hand, Private Blockchains (built by distributed ledger association R3) utilize Blockchain-based app development platforms like Ethereum or BaaS (Blockchain-as-a-Service) platforms.

The director of Digital Currency at the MIT Media Lab, Brian Forde, said, "A private Blockchain is an intranet, and a public Blockchain is an Internet. The world was changed by the Internet, not a bunch of intranets. Where companies will be disrupted the most is not by private Blockchains but public ones."

Where Can Blockchain Technology be Used?

Blockchain: A Robust Technology Transforming the Business World

You must have heard; Blockchain technology can transform different sectors. App Developers are implementing multiple approaches to build Blockchain. However, if you haven’t realized the power of Blockchain in your day-to-day life, go through these practical examples:

Manage Contracts using Smart Contracts

Industries that are dependent on contracts, including financial institutions, insurance, construction, real estate, entertainment and law, construction, would benefit from Blockchain. They can use Blockchain’s indisputable manner to manage, update, track, and safe contracts. Smart contracts are embedded with if or then statements and triggered without any middleman or intermediary. These smart contracts are too based on Blockchain.

Payment Processes without Intermediaries

One of the most famous and adopted digital currency that runs by Blockchain is Bitcoin. Even if you are not using Bitcoin, its influence is only expected to expand. The technology has the potential to be eminently transformative to any organization that processes payments. As mentioned earlier, Blockchain can eliminate the requirement for an intermediary, which are common in today’s payment processes.

Supply Chain Management

When the value status of the assets or services gets changed, Blockchain is the best suited for maintaining the processes. This is the reason that some experts believe the technology can become a “supply chain operating system.” Walmart and it's Food Safety Collaboration Centre are already using it. They are tracking farm origination details, factory and processing data, batch numbers, expiration date, shipping details for pork, and storage temperature. Blockchain permits for instant status updates and enhances the security, as well as visibility of the supply chain. Most of the industries want to track their products in the supply chain, and Blockchain provides an indisputable tracking mechanism.

Real Estate and Auto Title Transfers

One of the main objectives of Blockchain is to make buying or selling of good less confusing. Blockchain eliminates the need to use paper and allow you to perform a safe and secure transaction. Moreover, it enhances the property search process, enables intelligent decision-making, brings a transparent and comparatively cheaper property title management, and makes the cash flow management simple.

Digital Voting

Are you worried about a fraud voter? Well, it can be avoided with Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology provides the competence to vote digitally, and it is transparent enough that anyone can see modification done on the network. It would not be wrong to say that the technology integrates the easiness of digital voting with the unchanging nature of Blockchain to make your vote truly count.

Identification, Passwords, and Personal Records Systems

Governments manage huge amounts of personal data from birth and death to marriage records, passports, and census data. Blockchain technology provides a streamlined resolution to manage all of it safely. Onename, a Blockchain startup, has the same vision. The organization wants to manage personal identification. To offer services to register and maintain a Blockchain ID, the enterprise introduced a product known as Pascard. It is used as a digital key to replace all the passwords and IDs needed for individuals. It even includes driver licenses.

There is another identity management system, namely ShoCard, which is used by organizations. It helps individuals, as well as enterprises, to validate their identity quickly.

All Things Considered

Apart from these, there are several practical use-cases for Blockchain technology. It can be used in our everyday life and business operations in multiple ways. However, as the technology is new to the world, it will take some time for everyone to understand it properly. Only after its complete knowledge, it is possible to implement it. I, personally, believe that its deployment in industries will entirely change the way we live in, and the results will be dynamic. If you are looking for a Trusted Blockchain App Developer, then Fluper is here to help you out.

Description: Being an innovative technology, Blockchain has so many things in its bucket. From payment to supply chain management, it can revolutionize everything. Want to know more? Read the full article.

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