Best beta testing tools for your mobile app

Prateek Saxena
Prateek Saxena, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Appinventiv
Published on Dec 05, 2017 in App Development
Best beta testing tools for your mobile app

Quality, performance, stability, security and reliability are some of the must have app factors that can only be achieved with stringent testing, both from the mobile app developers and end users’ point of view.

There are two major types of testing practices: Alpha and Beta testing. In Alpha testing, the application is analyzed by in-house app testing experts who test each and every functionality of the application looking for technical issues.

Now even though Alpha testing, like it’s name, is a thorough mode of inspection, there are some issues that only the end users, with less to none testing background can assess in an app. And that is where Beta Testing comes into the picture.

In Beta app testing, the mobile application is handed over to a specific group of end users to use the app for a particular time period and give feedback. On the basis of their feedback, the application is updated and launched in the market.


Mobile app beta testing brings the following issues into the limelight, assisting in increasing the chances of app success:


You will always be sure that you have developed a top-quality app, but only beta testing can help you to determine if all the features are working as expected.

Best beta testing tools for your mobile app


To attract more users, it is required that your app has impressive user design, with users able to navigate easily. It is important that you know what they want and what they do expect from your application. The best way to find answers to all these queries is Beta testing. Give your app to the beta testers and see if they are able to follow the navigation flow easily.


You strive to make a bug-free application, but it is quite hard to say that your mobile application has no bug until it is used in a real-world scenario. By beta testing your Android or iOS application, you can discover minor to critical bugs and make your app better.


The speed and performance of your mobile app also depends on the device, operating system and other apps present in the device. To observe how your app’s performance gets affected by the above factors, it has to be tested on real devices and not on simulators.

Best beta testing tools for your mobile app


By allowing users to try your application even before its launch, you are actually creating awareness in the market. The users will do word-of-mouth marketing for your application as well as provide you insights using which you can shape your marketing strategy.


You might be investing a huge amount of money in testing your app on different devices, in different geographics and with different network conditions. Mobile application beta testing lets you achieve your goal with minimal cost. There are a vast number of crowd-testing platforms like Beta Family and Test Birds where you can reach hundreds of professional beta testers who will test your app and give feedback.


As you are well-familiar with the importance of beta mobile app testing now, it is imperative for you to know about the different beta testing tools available in the market. From the myriad of options, following are the few popular testing tools that we use and recommend to all.

Best beta testing tools for your mobile app


TestFairy is one of the prominent beta app testing tools trusted by big brands like Adobe, Samsung Pay, Pizza Hut, Groupon, Gameloft, GoPro and Centurylink, to name a few. It supports testing for both native apps (Android and iOS apps), as well as for application developed using platforms like Xamarin, Unity, Adobe Air, Appcelerator and PhoneGap.

This application testing tool provides you with a video of everything happening on the mobile device, including comprehensive internal metrics such as memory, CPU usage, GPS networks, crash reports, etc. In other words, it helps you to know what client performed on your phone and analyze which functionality of the app is widely-used or not tried even once.

TestFairy is very easy to use, it requires no SDK or code changes to the app for testing, it is available at no cost, and it gives you an opportunity to test your application on more than 10,000 devices. Moreover, TestFairy is integrated with various top bug tracking platforms such as GitHub, JIRA, Bugzilla, and Trello.


Trusted by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, IDT Telecom, Synchrony Financial, Scotts and Rubbermaid, Ubertesters is one of the best beta testing tools we recommend to all the mobile app developers. It is a cloud-based testing tool that supports Android, iOS, Xamarin, PhoneGap/Cordova and Appcelerator.

Ubertesters platform provides you with three types of testers, namely Functional testing, Usability testing and Localization testing. It allows for an ensured app to be distributed and tested across different devices by different teams across the globe. In addition to this, it includes test cases support, a bug submission tool, video recording, SDK auto-insertion, device management toolkit and much more.

Crashlytics Beta (Fabric)

Crashlytics is a robust tool rendering you a complete, real-time understanding of your mobile application’s performance and health at every stage. On top of this, it lets you know the exact line of code where the app crashed. Thus, providing useful insights to be used for app user audience growth, retention, and engagement.

It is used for testing Android, iOS, TV OS and Mac OS applications and is favored by PayPal, Kayak, Waze or 500px.

UTest/ Applause

Integrated with JIRA, Visual Studio, and GitHub, UTest is another significant beta tester community that connects you with more than 250,000 testers and renders ‘in the wild’ testing. The app owner can have the app tested by different testers on different devices, locations and environments.

Hockey App

Hockey App serves the mobile app developers with different options, such as management and recruitment of app testers, distribution of applications and the collection of crash reports. Trusted by Microsoft, this mobile app beta testing tool can be employed for a testing app developed for iOS, Android, MacOS, React Native, Cordova, Xamarin, Unity and various other app development platforms. It supports Jenkins, Visual Studio, Fastlane and several other built servers and tools. It also offers integration services with bug tracking systems like GitHub, Pivotal Tracker, Mantis, Lighthouse and many more.

Each of the four widely-used beta testing tools mentioned above have their own specifics. To make it easier for you to choose the right testing tool, here is a comparison table:

Best beta testing tools for your mobile app

Besides these, you can also rely on Google and Apple testing options. Both tech giants also support Beta testing of applications. Apple has provided an online service called TestFlight for iOS app developers within the iOS Developer program. It enables you to prepare your app for beta testing, invite testers through iTunes Connect, and manage the beta-testing of up to 100 iOS apps in your Apple Developer account. It’s 100% free and allows deployment of iOS apps without UDID. On the other side, Google Play Developer Console allows you to submit beta apps in the Play Store from where the users can test the application and leave their feedback on the online channel connected to the app.

App beta testing is a complicated yet an essential phase of mobile application development. It ensures that you get actionable feedback about the bugs in your soon-to-launch mobile app. So, are you ready for beta testing? Choose the right beta application testing tool from the above list and increase your chances of success.

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