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Ruchhir Agarwal
Published on Nov 10, 2016 in App Development
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One of the main focus of mobile app development is to engage the users for as long as possible. Statistics suggest that the number of interactions of an average person with their mobile devices is around 150 times a day. And, the majority of this interaction constitutes engagement with a variety of mobile apps.

Today, we have a mobile app for everything including health care, flight bookings, to-do list organizers and many more. Getting every information right at the finger tips has made life indeed easier and viewing this inclination towards mobile apps, a lot of companies have begun creating innovative mobile apps, like, for example the mobile app development company E2logy. However, not all apps become successful whereas some garner huge popularity. E2logy has sum up some of the key factors to increase the engagement of your mobile app here. Stickiness or user engagement is one of the prime factors behind the success of mobile apps, and while designing one you must focus on this very goal.

Make a strong first impression

There are too many apps available in the market and to make your mobile app successful you got to leave a strong first impression. Welcome the users in an impressive manner, explaining them how the app works and encouraging the users to get started. Use innovative ways to show them around, help them to explore the features and post a great welcome message. Such tricks work great to start conversations.

Make the app simple and consistent

Simplicity is an important criterion of designing mobile apps. Instead of complex functionality, easy navigation and simple features always impress the users. If you offer too many levels of menu to reach a desired feature, your app is likely to be uninstalled by the user. Also, mobile app developers have to think that too many complicated features drain the battery of the devices rapidly.

Design the UI in such a way that the users do not require instructions or guidance. Keep the overall design and elements consistent and maintain visual connections to encourage the users to come back to your app.

Select an appropriate theme and color scheme

Choose an uncluttered and attractive theme to optimize user experience. The design and color scheme must be in accordance with the purpose of the mobile app. Relevant content and graphics help to build brand image and loyalty. Colors used in the apps also have an important role to play as they appeal to the users and help in building an emotional relationship with the customers. Every color implies a different emotion and purpose and therefore it’s important to choose them wisely.

Integrate with social media accounts

Forcing the users to create a new account for logging in to your app could reduce the mobile app popularity significantly. Instead, as a mobile app developers you msut integrate your app with social media accounts, allowing users to log in through them. Also, if your mobile app allows you to share things on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, users are surely going to love it more.

Personalized user experience

Being an app developer, you must understand the problems, needs and buying strategies of your target audience. This helps to create an app with personalized user experience. The apps which offer customization options garner greater popularity. Also, the design principles must match with the operating systems. It’s better to design a cross platform app that is available and functional across multiple platforms and devices.

Improve through mobile analytics

In order to increase user engagement, it’s important to track and analyze the behavior of users. Measuring how frequently the users are returning to your app, how long are they staying and which features are they using the most can help you significantly in improving your app functionality. User feedback is also helpful so that you can tweak certain features or alter some courses quickly to increase user engagement.

Introduce appealing interactions

You can also introduce appealing mobile interactions in your app to surprise and delight the users. Such interactions aren’t essential for the mobile app functionality but can boost the user experience greatly. The app can also provide visual, tactile or aural responses to confirm success when the user performs an action. Such features can greatly enhance user interaction.

Strategic notifications

Other things that mobile app developers must have in mind are alerts and notifications sent strategically, they can be quite helpful. The notifications must provide a sense of urgency so that the user opens the app and takes an action. However, developers must be careful about the frequency and tone which must not scare or annoy the users.

Efforts to increase the user engagement of mobile apps must continue beyond the stage of app development. Constant monitoring and improvement are very essential to make your apps highly engaging. E2logy is an expert in developing such engaging mobile apps and its skilled and experienced mobile app development team covers every aspect carefully that leads to high engagement. Thus, to make an app successful, all you need is just a few more considerations, as mentioned, apart from technical excellence.

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