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Published on Oct 03, 2016 in AppFutura Tips
Google developers Agency Program

These days the mere ability to code, program and develop mobile apps is no longer enough. Apps have been around for well over a decade now and the public, consumers and clients have become more savvy to the ways of app development.

A time used to exist when knowing a programming language like Ruby was enough to elevate a coder to the level of an app-God but since then the market has become saturated with legitimate and highly skilled mobile app development companies, but also a significant amount of freelancers and fly-by-night developers. This has made things a bit troublesome for both consumers and developers. Consumers found it difficult to find skilled, reputable and trustworthy coders, while developers found it challenging to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. App distribution and coding platforms recognized this bottleneck and decided to act.

The concept of certifications is not new. Indeed it has been in practice since the early days of the IT profession to ensure that the people hired for a job actually know how to do that job. Earning a certification means that you, as a professional, have a clear and concise understanding of the concepts, principles and applications of the subject (whether it be a coding language, computing system or else).

Certifications can usually be earned by taking a course or seminar, either virtually or in person. This usually culminates in some sort of standardized testing, and if the individual passes they will be awarded a certificate showing that they possess a working knowledge of the subject. In a manner reminiscent of school grading systems, there can be several levels of certification per subject, with each level exploring a more detailed or different aspect of the subject.

App development platforms such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and Magento, each saw the value in developing certification courses for developers. There are many benefits for these companies to invest in the creation and promotion of these certifications. Not the least of which is that by going through these courses a company such as Google ensures that its users have access to higher quality mobile apps.

These certifications take budding developers through the entire gamut of the app development cycle. It helps them to form a system of constant refinement, in the attempt to give the end user the best experience possible. On the back end, the course helps them to develop apps in using elegant and lean methodology. This part of the course will never be seen by the end user but is equally important due to the burden that is placed on systems, processors and networks by messy, redundant and, in general, bulky coding.

For developers, certifications can be a way to broaden their skill set or specialize in certain aspects of the app development process. While each platform offers a different number of certifications, there is no “one certificate to rule them all”. Certifications exist to show that the mobile app development company or developers have demonstrated the knowledge necessary to take an app from an idea all the way to the front end coding and deployment.

A developer can then choose whether they want to take all the certifications and be a generalist, adept at all parts of the creation process, or if they want to be a specialist whose sole focus and expertise lies in a particular stage of app development.

On the consumer front, choosing the right developer has never been easy. Trust, as with most business dealing has always been an issue. Once the app market started heating up just over a decade ago, the number of people around the world claiming to be app developers has risen exponentially.

Given the fact, that app development can be done almost anywhere with a fast and stable internet connection, means that most consumers will never meet their developers in person. Needless to say, this usually makes it that much harder to hand over their hard earned money and the fate of their app to a person half way around the globe. However, a developer that has successfully completed the courses, training and testing can now proudly proclaim that they are Certified Developers with say Google or Apple.

Microsoft certified add developer

This brings a considerable amount of relief for the consumer. In their minds, the Certified Developer has, in some way, been vetted by a recognizable brand. To them, a Google or Microsoft Certified Developer is more trustworthy, more skilled and more reliable than just any old developer hawking their talents on the web.

For their studiousness and determination, Certified Developers usually land more contracts. Clients are attracted to the fact that an app distributor recognizes that the developer has such thorough knowledge of the app creation process on their platform that they are willing to bestow upon them their seal of approval. Because of this, most Certified Developers are usually able to command a higher price for their services since they have demonstrated that they have the skills required to successfully bring an app to market.

Consumers who balk at the price tag attached to Certified Developers, need only be reminded that should they want a solid and sturdy house build that they leave it to trained and highly qualified professionals, not a random “Joe” from Craigslist. Certified Developers should not be deterred by this as the contracts that will be headed their way will be of higher quality and the companies they will be dealing with are usually experienced in the ways of app development.

So powerful is the concept of developer certifications that Google has decided to endorse certain developers that have shown that they are veritable wizards in app development. This group of elite Certified Developers have been invited to participate in Google’s Developer Agency Program. Inclusion in this special club means that a developer not only has thorough understanding of what is needed to usher an app through the development cycle, but they have time and again demonstrated the ability to develop high-quality apps and bring them to market.

In early June, Google released the names of the first wave of developers to bear the title of Google Developers Certified Agency. Google’s stringent guidelines and qualifications meant that out of the thousands of Google app developers in the planet, only thirteen agencies qualified to be inducted into this prestigious club.

AppFutura certified developer

AppFutura also offers certifications that prove which developers have been hired before in the platform, if they have used the escrow payment system, reviews from former clients and even if the mobile app development company has a team that speaks English. Certified developers by AppFutura can also find a badge, so next time you see a badge from AppFutura in a developer' site, it will mean that the company has passed the certification process.

The creation of developer groups that is endorsed by an app distributor like Google, is the next inevitable differentiator for Certified Developers. Other app distributors will undoubtedly follow suit, forming a cadre of elite developers that they can get behind. For companies like Google, this helps them show businesses that want to launch apps on its platform the easiest route to do so, by providing them a short list of developers that have repeatedly proven that they can do the job.

By creating the Developer Agency Program, Google has raised the highwater mark for app developers. The title of Google Developers Certified Agency has quickly become highly sought after, and it is Google’s hope that this will result in a general increase in the quality of apps that developers are generating, calling into mind the old adage “a rising tide lifts all ships”.

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