Beacon Technology Ideas For Your Business Mobile App Development

Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta, Director Mobility at Techugo
Published on Jul 02, 2019 in Mobile App Marketing

Beacon Technology Ideas For Your Business Mobile App Development

There is a huge buzz around the world about the beacon technology. The unwavering admiration about this technology is permeating in the market.

Imagine you are going for shopping, and once you reach the store, you receive a notification on your mobile featuring a discount on your favorite items.

Do you think it is impossible? No, It is NOT. Though, the question is how your phone would get to know where you are moving.

Well! Here comes the beacon technology. It allows your smartphone to find your location.

Before you learn about the secret practice behind it, let's take a look over the Beacon Technology.

What Is Beacon Technology?

Its name is synonymous for its functionalities, these are small, lightweight transmitters that employ low-energy Bluetooth technology to send signals to the smart devices available near them. This technology is the most recent enhancement in location technology and proximity marketing.

These small transmitters are very potential devices that transmit the information to smart devices by allowing location-based searching and easier & accurate interaction of devices.

Thereby, once you will approach the store, the beacon sends your location data to store and then marketers use that data for targeting you with advertisements.

From the above description, you would have understood how powerful is this technology. Though, people have any queries related to it, such as HOW DOES IT WORK? and HOW IT CAN BE USED FOR BUSINESS?

Do you also have these questions wandering in your mind?

Don't fret! After reading this blog you will have the answers. So, take a deeper look into the WORKING and usage idea of beacon technology.

How Do Beacons Work?

Incidentally, this technology was created by Apple. And! undoubtedly, these small devices are incredibly simple. Every beacon includes a radio, a CPU and batteries. All of these work in collaboration and the process includes the repeated broadcasting of identifiers. Beacon has a single identifier picked up by user's device such as a mobile phone. This identifier marks out a crucial place in your environment.

Basically, an identifier is a unique ID number that the user's smart device recognizes as distinctive and unique to the beacon. Once the device establishes the connection with a beacon, it starts performing the functions for which it was programmed to.

So, now its task is clear, it makes sense to talk about its usages.

How To Use Beacon For Your Business?

As I discussed above that beacons send information to mobile devices. Though, to receive these signal, mobile must have a beacon-enabled application. Therefore, businesses need mobile apps that can receive their information through the beacon and can target the people passing nearby the beacon.

Though, the question is how beacon based mobile apps can be created. Don't worry! Here are some ideas to utilize beacon with your business application and incur a huge return on investment.

1. Notify consumers about the item available in their shopping bag, as they pass by your store

This is the most common and admired use case of beacon technology with a mobile phone. Actually, for the brand, now it is very essential to meet the hyper-connected consumers as per their convenience. For these businesses are leveraging all the channels of interaction both online and offline and providing a seamless user experience. In order to offer this, they are using beacons. Actually, beacons are proximity detection devices that offer brand with insights of their customer base and enable them to match consumers with accurate information at the particular place and at the right moment.

2. Birthday alerts in customer loyalty programs

Presently, the customers' purchase decisions are based on their interaction with the brand and its potential to reward them. Today, more than 60% of brands receive a significant portion of revenue from a repeat customer drive.

Here beacon can play a significant role. As being proximity detection devices, beacons enable businesses to send right information by acquiring a complete understanding of their behavior, actions and demographics. For cosmetic stores and accessory brands, this is a great opportunity to leverage beacons to send out birthday alerts to customers via your business application. With that, you can remind them for picking up the special packages during their birthday month.

This would increase your customers' loyalty and helps in gaining huge returns on investment.

3. Reward points that lead to discount while people unlock location-based fact about certain venues

For the museum, beacons have brought new opportunity to engage users. As these small devices have the potential to allow visitors to encounter hyper-localized tales about a lost world in the premises of the museum. This can be achieved through a beacon-enabled application that can utilize geo-location technology and beacon transmitters. This technology has the ability to offer power in the hands of users for designing their own tour by automatic location detection and relevant data about the surrounding.

These are some broad ideas. Apart from these, here are some ways this technology can be used in mobile app development.

  1. With beacon, businesses can trace the moves of customers. Altogether, these beacons can offer the reports like, which section of the store has maximum & minimum visits, and can find out what attracts the customers most.
  2. The other most appreciated use is attaching beacons on the expensive devices, so when someone tries to remove or steal it, an alarm can inform you.
  3. Beacons can also be used with an attendance system similarly the RFID enabled IDs.
  4. Altogether, beacons can be attached to packages or resources & users, and track them with the help of the mobile app, and can find the exact distance between them. This can help in parking when there are numbers of a car parked in the area.
  5. Restaurants can equip every table with a beacon so the customers can make the order right from the table through a mobile app.

Surely, these usages of beacon technology can transform human life and can make the customer experience more luxurious.

Being a mobile app development company, Techugo is striving to utilize this technology for offering its clientele with new generation beacon-based applications. To know more about this technology, get in touch.

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