How Beacon Technology Is Changing the Event Industry

Amit Upadhyay
Amit Upadhyay, Co-founder and CTO at BrainMobi
Published on May 25, 2018 in App Development
How Beacon technology is changing the Event Industry

After leaving a mark in the retail industry, the dawn of Beacon technologies is set to sort out complications in the Event Industry. Multi-Day annual events like music festivals, sports events, annual conferences, Global Summits, or even college festivals have gone to host up to 20 thousand people at once. The logistics and other management criteria have definitely reached the delivery standards which is the only reason why those events don't end up being total disasters. Despite that, there are several logistics issues and scopes for better management integration that can help bring convenience to the next level. Here are a few ways a custom Beacon app can improve its skills in the event industry.

Ticketing and Security

Taking the case of music festivals, wristbands and other manual modes have been the method to access and become members. However, there’s the risk of losing your wristband and that would mean a complete exclusion from the event. This would seem highly unfair. The other major factor of inconvenience is the massive queue and the amount of effort and time that participants waste by merely waiting. Beacon apps can quicken the process as well as ensure better security accuracy.

Small Monetary Transactions

How Beacon technology is changing the Event Industry

Keeping track of your spendings on meals and transport, as well as purchases within stalls, or simply using the ferris wheel in any music festival. As of yet, employed methods are still struggling to match a suitable standard of convenience and participants still need to take certain responsibilities. Beacon apps can be employed to manage all the transaction windows under a single unit.

Geo-Locator Abilities

Events are a hotbed of multidisciplinary events scattered around in a big venue. There are conferences, music festivals and educational exchanges. Many mobile application development companies are building market-centric Beacon apps that could help participants in knowing precisely where the concerned event is taking place and what is the shortest way to get there. It can also help maintain attendance and communicate important messages.

Does Not Rely On the Network

Beacons work on Bluetooth and can transmit a high volume of crucial information at a quick pace. Mobile phones are notoriously unreliable in music festivals because of network issues. Beacon apps are externally-installed hardware devices and have a high bandwidth to accommodate a good load of devices. This makes information exchange a highly self reliant process and network issues aren’t a problem anymore.

Helps Maintain Analytics and Preserve Stats

Transactions and operations done via software can always be recorded and analyzed. Events have many commercial intentions and it would be interesting to seek a better way to monitor their crowd traffic and visibility. Reception of certain events and live monitoring can always help scale logistics better and safer. Also, data can come handy while making a marketing strategy.

As one of the best beacon application development companies we, at BrainMobi, try to anticipate everything there is to know about Beacon apps. We also have a big expertise in BigData, IoT and Cloud Computing Methods. We are able to provide the best business solutions to support your beacon requirements. If you have an idea for such mobile applications, feel free to write to us.

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