Automation testing, an integral part of the app development process

Published on Apr 25, 2017 in App Development
Mobile automation percentage differs on the basis of the functionality of use cases, business process automation feasibility, tool selection and type of app. Although organizations have clear mandates for automation, there is still the unexpected absence of matured automation-tool strategy. There are lot of confusions in terms of tool features and compatibility.

Automation testing by Algoworks

The confusion over tool features and compatibility has insisted mobile app development companies to hunt open-source tools. The mobile app development company Algoworks believes that this dilemma is also because there is not a complete understanding of tools’ features and ROI. The most famous automation tools which are available today are Seetest, MonkeyTalk, Calabash, Appium and some of these are open source. What should companies look for in mobile automation? Just like other strategic initiatives occurs in an enterprise, similarly, mobile automation also holds great importance. If implemented in a right way it can make the enterprise very efficient in a mobility QA. It should never be taken lightly. otherwise you cannot reap its real benefits. Seeing the importance of mobile automation, it is very much clear that it will not remain isolated for long and therefore it will gradually integrate within multiple business channels and technical processes. This will help in evolving towards a complete framework based on automation tools. Mobile app development companies must look for avenues of combining web, mobile and desktop app testing into a strategy by reusing functional knowledge, tools and technical innovations. Different ways to automate mobile testing In general, there are three ways to automate the testing of mobile apps.
  • Handwritten test scripts link: having proficient programmers and developers who are capable of doing test scripts, handwritten test scripts link is the best choice. Also there are many test automation frameworks, tools and integration which are both for commercial and open source use but your engineers are the best people to write codes for you as they will give you what you are looking for. Handwritten test scripts might take lot of your time but it is well-structured script which will be nothing but the application you want to test.
  • Record-playback approach: this approach is nothing but a less error prone way of writing code where code is not actually written, instead tests are quickly recorded, played repeatedly against different device configurations and Operating Systems. These tests focus more on user driven activities and user interfaces.
  • Automatic test exercises: it offers a great way to smoke-test mobile apps. Automatic test exercises are nothing but testing user-interface logic. It is similar to opening menus, clicking buttons and multi-gesture actions. These test exercises give inaccurate results sometimes but they offer speedy feedback on every iteration of an application.
Focus areas in testing for mobile apps and gamesUser Interface and functionality The overall functionality and User Interface will be affecting directly how successful the mobile app or game will be. These two things enclose visual appeal and gameplay and therefore are the most important things to be placed right. It is, therefore, imperative to ensure that device fragmentation does not break any of these. Below are mentioned some of the things in UI which need to be tested:
  • User Interface layouts and elements
  • Menu structure and functions
  • Screen resolution
  • Screen orientation
Graphics performance Another important focus area is the performance which needs to be consistent across all the devices. Always apply tests which last for hours, this will help in determining how well your mobile app or game will respond to various levels of usage which definitely include performance and battery usage. For determining whether your game can run effectively or not under heavy load for a long time you must run loads or stress tests. Such performance tests measure how responsive your game is on real devices. User Experience and usability The navigation flow, User Experience and usability cannot be done on the desktop with mouse and keyboard, therefore, to test how usable and entertaining your mobile app is, consider these two important things:
  • User interaction and responsiveness: test the performance of the application, it is very important, this will either break or make the User Experience.
  • Background events: check for interruptions, effects of battery chargers, battery consumption and usage have a significant impact on User Experience and entertainment value.
Multi-user features Testing multi-player capabilities is very much important and therefore a lot challenging as it requires real users to measure performance. A typical case is when the game is communicating with the back-end server. You have to check the connectivity which is a mandate as it helps in synchronizing the back end with devices that need to get information about the gameplay. Check and test different scenarios that may severely affect the game’s experience and users are bound to give negative feedback. Social integration Integrating the mobile app or your gaming app with social networks is another important factor. You have to test wisely whether you are able to share something across an ecosystem with friends, for example. Test this efficiently with real Android and iOS devices with different OS versions and different device configurations for assessing functionality and easy usability. Security and liabilities Almost all mobile app developers and coders use some open-source components in their mobile apps. It is a widely accepted and recommended practice as it offloads the development of code for non-core functionality. It is also suggested to check for various security concerns, vulnerabilities and licensing restrictions with third party code. Key takeaways Hence, testing is crucial for ensuring success in a highly competitive landscape of mobile apps and games. Here are few key takeaways that might help you before you leave for the day. Consider below-mentioned things before making testing a part of your development process:
  • Plan carefully. Automation of generic processes is essential.
  • A well thought out strategy is important.
  • A solid development and testing process is fundamental.
  • Build your tests to be maintainable over various development phases of your mobile application.
  • Always choose a testing technology and provider with which you can grow with. Choose a technology and vendor that is able to handle your needs.
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