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Top mobile app development companies report: After the app is developed successfully

While it is true that most app creators can breathe a big sigh of relief once the mobile app has been given the final stamp of approval, it does by no means indicate that the work ends. The development phase of the process is indeed important, after all without the successful completion of this step
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Top app development companies interview: BrainMobi

Amit Upadhyay is Co-founder and CTO at BrainMobi. The mobile app development company was founded in 2015 by himself and Sunny Arora and is located in Noida, India. The company employs more than 50 IT professionals and developers.


How AR/VR will help your business to explode?

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are today’s trending topic. It is estimated that both technologies will explode in the coming years. Our future is going to run with AR and VR. In the coming years, people will become addicted to the use of these technologies as everything will run using AR and VR.


Mobile app features to help you improve user acquisition and retention

The present business world works on Charles Darwin’s principle of ‘Survival of the fittest’, and for surviving, user acquisition has become a major magnitude as their satisfaction is the biggest advantage a mobile app development company like Prismetric could have. There is a lot of competition in app development and marketing calls for advanced methods
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Is Augmented Reality the future of apps?

Augmented Reality (AR) is no longer used to maneuver people about any app, it has become the new reality. Now we have to gaze upon the future of Augmented Reality apps. A decade ago Augmented Reality was just a figment of our imagination but today mobile apps are drifting more and more towards the web
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How to avoid failing when launching a mobile app startup

The best ideas in the world fail if not executed in the right way. As a mobile app startup, you want to do all you can to make sure you avoid crashing and burning even before you launch yourself in the market. Here are a few things you can do to avoid failing when launching
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WWDC 17: what iOS app developers need to know

Apple’s annual Worldwide iOS Developers Conference (WWDC) recently took place, and the Silicon Valley tech giant showed yet again that it is pushing the boundaries when it comes to enhancing the way its users are interacting with the world through Apple devices. Operating systems were big topics with the release of iOS 11 and the
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How to boost your retail sales with a mobile app

Today it’s impossible to talk about e-commerce without considering mobile. According to IBM, last year more than 50% of holiday web traffic and 35% of sales came through mobile channels. Still, not every retailer knows how to unleash the power of mobile for their e-store. One way to boost your presence on the mobile scene
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Why does the appeal of some apps quickly fade away?

Did you know that on average a mobile app loses 75% of its users within the first day of its installation? In addition to this, most applications have a shelf life of no more than a week. Within this time frame, a mobile app is expected to launch itself, function impeccably, build an audience and
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8 indispensable strategies that will decide the fortune of your beauty mobile app

“When virtue and modesty enlighten her charms, the lustre of a beautiful woman is brighter than the stars of heaven, and the influence of her power it is in vain to resist.” – Akhenaton When it comes to beauty, then mobile app development is certainly a unique industry. On one hand, it’s dominated by some
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Steps to take when developing a CRM software

Rеgаrdlеѕѕ оf whеthеr you hаvе picked a CRM seller оr nоt, it is a smart thоught tо рlаn fоr the hіеrаrсhісаl dіffісultіеѕ уоu may mееt: Whаt assets dоеѕ іt іnсludе? Dо you hаvе to roll out hierarchical іmрrоvеmеntѕ? Whаt аrе the оbjесtіvеѕ оr аdvаntаgеѕ you hоре to еѕсаре with a CRM framework? Dо уоu nееd
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iOS 11 from a developer’s perspective

Last week Apple presented the newest iteration of its operating system for mobile devices, iOS 11. The announcement took place at WWDC, in full accordance with Apple’s long-standing tradition to debut new versions of iOS at the developers conference. The annual event that gathers iOS developers all across the globe was held in San Jose
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Top app development companies interview: Xtreem Solution

Vikash Jangid is the CEO & Co-founder at Xtreem Solution. The mobile app development company was founded in 2008 by himself and Shivratan Jangid and is located in Philadelphia, United States. The company employs more than 100 IT professionals and developers.


Top app development companies video interview: Yudiz

Kalyan Acharya, Business Development Head of Yudiz is our last interviewee of our mobile app development company video interview series recorded at the Mobile World Congress 2017. Check out what Kalyan had to say about Yudiz Solutions, Virtual Reality or smartwatch apps.


A closer look at how developers are improving app revenue

When it comes to downloading a mobile app the choices are almost endless as there are literally millions of options available. Android’s Google Play Store recently hit the 2.2 million app mark, while Apple’s App Store came in second with 2 million apps. These are the two major players in the mobile app market, but
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News for developers about Google I/O

The long-awaited Google I/O finally went down recently near the company’s headquarters, the aptly named Googleplex, in Mountainview, California. The annual event is first and foremost a developer conference, but it also had a little bit of something for everyone else. The usual suspects were there; Android Wear, Google Assistant, Google TV and Google Home.
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A complete makeover of education apps with emerging technologies

ITunesU, Byju’s, KhanAcademy, CrashCourse, we have heard it all. There was a generation that grew up with the new-found magic of internet and started visiting online resources leaving behind the tomes in the libraries. Next came the inclusion of audio visual dimensions in teaching to keep up the student interests and also supplementing the ways
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How mobile apps are changing the landscape of healthcare industry

The zeal of healthier and longer lives has lead to continuous advancements and research in the healthcare industry. From a ‘brick-mortar’ industry to online healthcare landscape – everything is fascinating in this sector. Today’s mobile-first world hasn’t left the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector intact. Doctor’s consultation, prescriptions, purchasing medicines, fixing appointments and health checkups –
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Examining the risks of Artificial Intelligence

From self-driving cars to Siri and the Roomba, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is penetrating every facet of our daily lives. AI is no longer portrayed as a robot with humanoid characteristics; instead, it can encompass anything from search engine algorithms to autonomous weapons.


M-commerce is set to change retail industry with AR and VR

In recent years, e-commerce has reached new heights, but it is not the true frontier for retail and shopping as mobile commerce or m-commerce is attaining a lot of attraction and continues to become more popular each passing day. Let’s see what mobile commerce is and how it differs from e-commerce. In simple words, m-commerce
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Top app development companies interview: TapFreaks

Mohammad Asif is the CEO at TapFreaks. The mobile app development company was founded in 2010 by himself and is located in Ontario, Canada. The company employs 27 IT professionals and developers.


5 tips to make your mobile app successful

Mobile applications are booming all around the globe and making a solid place in customers’ hearts. In a survey, it has been found that the market of apps is escalating at a non-predictable rate. Also, it has been said that it will get a wider impact in the coming years with more interesting features and
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Top app development companies video interview: OnGraph

Gaurav Gupta, Delivery Manager at OnGraph Technologies is our next interviewee of our mobile app development company video interview series recorded at the Mobile World Congress 2017. Check out what he had to say about OnGraph Technologies, Internet of Things and mobile app development outsourcing.


Smart connected homes with virtual personal assistants

With big forces at play in the market, year 2017 brings in new and interesting things in terms of connected home. Virtual personal assistants (VPA) and big-brand products such as Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, Google Home and Apple HomeKit are giving consumers a glimpse of the future. The year foresees a much broader adoption of connected
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Android filters in the new Play Store version

Have you recently browsed through your installed apps and noticed that you still have Pokémon Go on there even though you haven’t opened it for months? Chances are that it’s not the only errant or forgotten app in your smartphone. Don’t worry, this behavior of collecting and casually forgetting about older or less used mobile
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How to design a great mobile app UX?

First thing one must understand is that design is the most important aspect of creating a mobile app. It’s an era which says apps have become a major source of delivering services and making business. It’s hard to imagine life without smartphones, and mobile apps inside have become part of our daily life. Mobile app
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Find top mobile app marketing companies in MobileFirms

AppFutura has launched, a new directory to help mobile app marketing companies (and other mobile app services) find a place to promote their work. Every day hundreds of mobile apps are published on the app stores worldwide. In order to make your app successful, superb mobile app development is not enough. Apps need marketing,
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Top 10 app developers in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has always been one of the most popular regions to outsource a mobile app development project to a company. Romania, Ukraine, Poland or Russia are the top 4 locations with more success on AppFutura. Mobile app developers from Eastern Europe are known for their good coding and programming, their affordable prices and the
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Mobile app churn rate: how to prevent it?

You will see many marketers saying that efficient marketing campaigns are those which combine both user acquisition and retention in one place. This is when you are able to convert your downloads into loyal downloads. And to be sure of this you need to keep your app’s communication metric in your control. To be able
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Significance of Virtual Reality with actionable tips to market

“Virtual reality was once the dream of science fiction. But the internet was also once a dream, so were the computers and smartphones. The future is coming.” – Mark Zuckerberg Virtual Reality initially felt like dreaming with eyes open, but it has really proved its existence with Artificial Intelligence. Customers have elucidated their preference as
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Proven tips for amazing UI/UX design

First impression is considered as the most important thing for a mobile app. In other words, there is only one chance to turn a visitor into a user. When it comes to developing a mobile app, salient things like UI and UX should not be overlooked. A visually appealing and highly intuitive UI leads to
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Top app development companies interview: Key Software Services

Shefali Khanna is Business Developer at Key Software Services. The mobile app development company was founded in 2006 by Pramod Kaushik and is located in Kurukshetra, India. The company employs 25 IT professionals and developers.


Design your retail mobile app with the best user experience

If your business doesn’t have a dedicated mobile application, it might lose its visibility impacting profitability and customer loyalty. Another reason to have your own retail app is that every small and medium sized business now has its own retail app which creates a stiff competition for you.


New Samsung interface features

Siri watch out! Google Assistant move over? There’s a new a Artificial Intelligence (AI) kid in town and it goes by the name of Bixby. Mention Samsung to an average person and they may visualize any one of the many products that the South Korean tech giant has made available to the public. Ranging from
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How to elevate sales with mobile marketing strategies

It deems too surreal to be able to order your favorite dress online, or just hit a button for someone to pick you from your destination, but it’s eventually a fact that has been adjusted and assimilated so well in our lives and we can’t think of working without mobile apps. Mobile apps, are considered
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Top 10 app development companies Q1 2017

A couple of months ago we published the top 10 most promising app development companies on AppFutura for 2017. After some research and with the results on paper, we can state the most successful mobile app development companies of our first Q1 2017. The first 3 months of 2017 have been very important for AppFutura’s
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Top mobile app development companies report: Tips to outsource the app development successfully

Generating a mobile app idea is more difficult than one may think. For some it may seem like a magic trick, like plucking a coin out of thin air. With so many mobile apps already out in the marketplace, it may seem impossible to come up with a unique app idea. However, there are those
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How to find a profitable mobile app idea?

They say ideas are dime a dozen, however, do you think every idea holds the potential to be successful? As a business owner, one may look at many mobile app ideas but at the end the question that comes in mind is: is it worth it to build this app? Will it give a great
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Emergence of wallet apps in the domain of mobile app development

“Real choice is clear information and the right to walk away from a bad deal without leaving your wallet behind“. – Jeff Merkley Now that the ecosystem is changing the rules, credit goes to the discipline dealing with practical application of science to commerce. Left those days of beat up wallets that are recognised as
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Cross platform vs Native app development

Today, every business is in competition to make their online presence robust with a scalable mobile app. The increasing number of smartphone users has made the online trend quite mandatory to survive in the business. Well, the most common question while opting for app development is: which specific platform to choose? Usually, people get confused
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Mobile payment apps and systems

There was a time when cash was king. People used to carry fistfuls of them. Wallets were fat with banknotes (most banknotes are actually made of cotton fiber). When credit cards hit the scene, they were seen as another method of payment, they found their way into people’s wallets, in small slits in front of
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Chatbots, the future of businesses with mobile apps

Embracing technology in its most evolved and newest form has become a necessity more than a luxury for the present business organization because of the cut throat competition. Last year, we all have been the witnesses of the power of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality and the things they are capable of. Coming in the
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Find the best app marketing professionals in Applause

The next May 27th, mobile app marketing fans in Spain will have the opportunity to join Applause, the first International Congress of Mobile Growth and App Marketing in Barcelona. This year, Applause celebrates its second edition as a referent event in app marketing to share the expertise and works of professionals in the sector. In
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How, what and why Android Instant Apps

Ever since the launch of Android, Google has never looked back and continued to surprise the world with interesting tools, tricks, concepts and updates. One exciting concept that is rowing the present is Android Instant Apps that are all set to disrupt the entire technology landscape. If interested in reaping the benefits, there are lots
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Radical changes in the industry of FinTech apps in 2017

“Financial institutions must be able to deliver an easy to navigate, a seamless digital platform that goes far beyond a miniaturized online banking offering” – Jim Marous. We have implemented practical application of science to commerce or industry. But at the time of volatile household income and widely circulated economic insecurity, innovation in financial technology
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Top app development companies video interview: Ubertesters

Ran Rachlin, Co-Founder and CEO of Ubertesters, is our first interviewee from an app testing services company. We met at the Mobile World Congress on February and we got to know a little bit better the mobile app testing company that helps mobile app developers and app owners to publish their mobile apps without bugs
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The must-have features on a social app

Social media has fundamentally changed the way we interact with our friends, portray ourselves and view the world, in general. On one side of the spectrum, we are increasingly sharing our lives and experiences with family, friends and complete strangers. It is a personal affair that tests an individual’s social limits and comforts. On the
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GPS vs Beacons vs NFC in location-based apps

Mobile apps have certainly satisfied people’s responses to topography, climate, soil and vegetation. According to the famous quotation by John F. Kennedy: “Geography has made us neighbour, History has made us friends, Economics has made us partners and necessities have made us allies.” Mobile technology has broken down immaterial that proved hindrance in the past
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Top app development companies interview: SI Global Solutions

Noman Said is the CEO of SI Global Solutions. The mobile app development company was founded in 2015 by himself and is located in Illinois, the United States. The company employs 50 IT professionals and developers. Noman has over nineteen years of experience in management, operations, finance, banking, fund management, IT financing and accounting adopted
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Top app development companies video interview: Teks Mobile

Hussain Fakhruddin, CEO of Teks Mobile, is our new interviewee of our mobile app development company video interview series. Check out what he had to say about Teks Mobile, wearable devices and their expertise in iOS and Android development.