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End to end IoT app development

With the Internet of Things (IoT), we have succeeded to shift towards the more advanced level of technology. This innovative technology holds the ability to transfer data from various devices and sensors over an established cloud-based network. With this, a wholesome transformation is clearly visualized in the approach when we do business or live life.


The future of mobile: 2017 app numbers, predictions and trends Smartphones today are sewn seamlessly into our lives. The recent years have onlooked a tumultuous revolution in technology and with it, growth in the use. The insatiable consumer demands are met by bringing in sensation trends in the mobile technology and app development. There is an increasing competition, and the mobile app development companies
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Where Google and Apple are headed with Android and iOS

Google and Apple – the two trendsetters in the technology world! The companies keep on innovating and enhancing the user experience while bringing a plethora of newer features, technologies and additions in other forms. Google owns the most common mobile OS, Android, while iOS is its biggest rival that runs the pricey and tech-equipped Apple
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Top app development companies interview: Team Extension

Elena Daiana Paschia is the Team Leader at Team Extension. The mobile app development company was founded in 2016 by Moe Jame and is located in Bucharest, Belarus. The company employs 40 IT professionals and developers.


9 tips and tricks for rapid mobile app development

It was said by Carl Sagan: “We live in a society exquisitely dependent on Science and Technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about Science and Technology” This is equally implemented on mobile app development. There are many enthusiasts in this domain, but certainly some people consider themselves not technically sound. They try to brush
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Impact of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality on iOS app development

Complex as technology goes, people often fail to differentiate between AR and VR. AR stands for Augmented Reality which means to enhance and add computer generated elements like voice, touch, graphics and video in the real world. It is a hybrid of the real and the virtual world. Virtual Reality refers to the “reality” completely
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The future of IoT: latest trends

A report from the Business Insider predicts that by 2020, there will be 34 billion devices connected to the Internet. A huge rise from the mere 10 billion noted in 2015. Out of them, traditional computing devices like tablets, smartphones or smart watches will make up less than a third, leaving the rest to the
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Top mobile app development companies report: iOS 11

Operating systems are a big part of mobile app development. The main function of the OS is managing the tasks and performance of a mobile device. iOS and Android OS provide a basis for all the apps, big and small, to run on. OS also affect the type of features that can be built into
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Understanding mobile app architecture

The evolution of the smartphones has added several capabilities to our humble communication tools and today it touches several aspects of our life. We have reached a stage where we need a mobile app for everything; banking, shopping, traveling and even learning. It’s not wrong to say mobility has become a way of life. The
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Angular 4.0 : what are the new features and impacts

In order to walk parallel to the user expectation and deliver the most recent features in a mobile app, it is mandatory to keep updating the technology of the development frameworks. AngularJs is one of the most popular frameworks for development, hence the Google announced a major release in 4.0 of their popular Angular JavaScript
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Kotlin: a new programming language ready to rule Android’s ecosystem

This is something exciting! A language, developed by JetBrains and adopted lovingly by mobile app developers over the years, is now officially a part of Google’s Android Studio. Kotlin is important in many senses. Some may consider it a headache as they have to learn ‘another’ language to survive in Android’s ecosystem but most of
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What Android app developers need to know about Android O Preview 4

In what will likely be of interest to Android developers around the world, Google has recently announced the arrival of Android O Preview 4. Providing much-needed insight into the future capabilities of the Android O Developer platform has been quite popular and well-received by the mobile app developer community, particularly amongst professional Android app developers
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The concern for mobile app security: Android or iOS?

With the dawn of enterprise mobility, the BYOD trend has become a daily routine for enterprises, and although organizations are accepting this trend, the IT department tasked with managing the BYOD policies still look at this trend as a critical threat to the organizational data. In this article, we will be discussing the strength and
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MBLTdev 2017: the International Mobile Developers Conference

The 4th International Mobile Developers Conference, MBLTdev 2017, will be held in Moscow, Russia on October, 27. The MBLTdev is an annual conference aimed towards iOS and Android app developers where they can connect with the experts, share experiences and insights of the recent mobile trends and upgrade professional skills. Speakers are coming from Europe,
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The truth behind the APK files

The day Pokémon Go became an overnight sensation, I tried and searched, but the mobile app was not available in many countries for some reasons, and unfortunately my country fell into that list. I wanted to experience the app but was not able to, so when I almost lost the hope, the Android Senior Analyst
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6 growing trends that have boosted up chatbots

Chatbots have the ability and the potentiality to replace human work force in the near future. Artificial Intelligence technology embedded bots are sophisticated enough to have a fluent and free flow of verbal conversation with the user.


Top 6 iOS app development trends to consider in 2017

The year 2017 has walked midway to the end of its journey bringing along with it some of the most advanced technological changes. One of the most comprehensive areas that have witnessed the transformation is iOS app development. Whether it is the version update with iOS 11, the move towards Augmented Reality, the introduction of
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Want to create a compelling app? 3 bootstrapping tips

We live in the era of digital revolution. Now, people prefer to do everything when they are on the go. That is why we have already bid adieu to our dear desktops to welcome the smartphone that is making our lives even easier. So, when you are using your smartphone from morning till night, from
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Tips to support an app after launch

As an entrepreneur you already know that your mobile app is only as good as the number of users you are able to retain. You can have the most aesthetic app in the app stores, but if no one is really using it, your business goals are lost in vain.


Mobile app development tips for dummies from an app entrepreneur

For all mobile app development beginners! Look into these points to take your app to the best of its shape and value without risking your project. Mobile app development these days is expanding across all lengths and breadths. And looking at the competition around, it is important to get an app developed for your business/brand
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Top app development companies interview: Mendios

Narender P. is Business Consultant at Mendios Technologies. The mobile app development company was founded in 2011 by Sach Anand and is located in California, United States. The company employs 35 IT professionals and developers.


7 trends that define the future of mobile app development

Mobile phones were a privilege enjoyed only by the wealthy and elite class of society when they were first introduced. Over the years, the world has gone through a technological revolution as well as access to many things has increased. Knowledge has passed the hurdles of language, distance and social echelon in great leaps. And
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Build an app that wins

Businesses over the world want to capture the market with their products and services. For reaching out to their intended audience, retailers and businesses look for various strategies so that they can develop a successful app. Statistics from various research firms have reported that 77% of the users uninstall an app and abandon it, never
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A beginners guide to use Apple ResearchKit, HealthKit and CareKit in apps

Users and mobile app developers like Promatics often tend to get excited about the new things Apple makes. This time, it came up with powerful software development platforms such as: ResearchKit, HealthKit and CareKit. All these platforms are about developing powerful health solutions by aggregating your health data, drive research, monitor and collaborate the medical
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How to use social media to promote your app

There are millions of applications out there. You have to fight with some standard mobile apps – WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram – to occupy screen space in a user’s smartphone. These apps also serve as a social media platform to promote your app effectively. So, how do I effectively use a medium that initially took the
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How to determine mobile apps KPIs

Smartphones have become an everyday part of our lives and this has opened up the opportunity for businesses to reach out to their customers like never before. Engagement is not only through easier browsing but also through curated mobile apps that let the end user discover a range of products and services. The global revenue
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App monetization guide: read about how to monetize your apps

The market of mobile apps is full of applications, no matter what category you are searching in. So, users don’t give a second thought while uninstalling a free or paid app and installing another. To sustain in such a competitive marketplace it is important that you take care of your customers as well as advertisers.
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Why social media platforms are evolving day by day

Have you ever thought why social media apps evolve constantly? Social media has become the most prominent and most important platform for today’s generation. It has become the most spectacular platform for growing your business, making friends, and doing everything that a person can do using different social media platforms. Billions of people are using
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Unveiling the top 7 features of iOS 11!

iOS 11 is a gargantuan leap in the i world. iOS 11 was unveiled by Apple this year at the world renowned WWDC, proudly proclaiming its newer and sharpened features over its predecessor the iOS 10. iOS 11 sets a fresh standard and raises the bar of the world’s most precocious mobile operating system. It
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How can chatbots aid you in running a successful business operation?

In the era of digitization, it is highly imperative to keep up with the ever-changing technology. You need to keep yourself upgraded periodically or you might end up loosing the rat race. Chatbots have entered this era and are soon to become an integral part of our lives.


Testing your app: how to do it right

Mobile technologies and devices are all over the place today and smart brands make the most of this trend by developing dedicated mobile apps that bring amazing experiences to their audiences. Even if apps are popular, releasing an untested product can seriously hurt a business. That’s why you need to test your app before it
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The use of blockchain for mobile app developers

For anyone familiar with bitcoin technology, the term blockchain is probably quite exciting. The revolutionary cryptocurrency which has taken both the tech industry and the financial world by storm is built upon a series of dramatic innovations, one of which is the blockchain, a unique method for not only protecting user anonymity during a transaction
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Top app development companies interview: Itexus

Andrei Mozheiko is Co-founder and CTO of Itexus. The mobile app development company was founded in 2014 by George Epshtain, Sergey Privalov, Ilya Galkevich and himself and is located in Minsk, Belarus. The company employs 45 IT professionals and developers.


Are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto the next big thing in mobile apps?

The smartphone has become an integral part of our life and technology touches several aspects such as communication, learning and driving as well. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are not just the extensions of the smartphone technology. They draw our attention to a new ecosystem that has potential to radically transform our driving experience. Prior
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Meet our new masters: social media apps

Be it a child or an adult, if you have a mobile device, you check social media and messaging apps the first thing in the morning. While it doesn’t seem much like it, social media has gracefully taken over many facets of our lives. From subtle changes like checking social media apps in the morning
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Top mobile app development companies report: Android O

The unveiling of Google’s latest OS Android O has caused a lot of hype. This isn’t a surprise considering the significance Android has on mobiles everywhere, giving Android app developers a stable platform for their designs. Though Google has yet to reveal what exactly the ‘O’ in the Android O stands for, the excitement for
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Why mobile testing is the option for your mobile app

Undeniably the technology has enveloped us tightly and the blanket is so sheer yet strong that most of us end up sounding highly enthusiastic whenever there is an outbreak of new technology. I feel we all can relate to this situation, where we can never stop dreaming for more tech inventions to step on our
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5 questions to ask before developing a mobile app

You have an idea for a mobile application that will help you reach a new audience or better engage with existing customers. Great! But prior to diving into an app development project, you’ll want to make sure you’ve answered these 5 questions. Why? Because from our experience from working with different clients on various mobile
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Revolutionizing the money transaction process with mobile payments

Do you realize that our pocket mobile phones have become our very reason for survival and some day they will be utilized to conduct money transactions? Right from shopping to conducting business operations, mobile payments do it all. Now mobile devices are substituting our leather wallets as well. Yes, we have entered a paperless era
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Top app development companies interview: ChromeInfo Technolgies – Follow up

The last time we interviewed Shishir Dubey, Founder and Managing Director of ChromeInfo Technolgies, was in September 2015. Here you’ll find the latest news of one of the top mobile app development companies in India, ChromeInfo Technologies.


A guide for game app developers

Over the past decade, mobile app development has transformed from being a little-known “next generation” technology into a ubiquitous element of the mobile world. It should come as little surprise that game developers have rode the wave of enthusiasm for mobile app development and transformed mobile app gaming into an industry worth billions of dollars.
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Top 10 app development companies Q2 2017

AppFutura has seen an increase in its traffic and projects posted in the past 3 months. Different mobile app developers have been hired within the platform and many others have been reached by potential clients through our directory and visibility options. After studying the results of all registered app developers, we have listed the most
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A guide to on-demand service apps

The importance of on-demand service apps can be considered by looking at the first-ever comprehensive study on the impact of on-demand mobile apps. In a survey from Pew Research Center to of 4,787 mobile users, they found that 72% of the people from developed countries are using on-demand services mobile apps. Mobile applications have captured
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Why Xamarin is the top preference for enterprise mobile app development

Mobile app users number is exponentially growing on Android, Apple and Windows platforms causing challenges for the application support on multiple platforms, that is also on peak. The huge consumer reachability in mobility has created an ocean of opportunities for companies and app developers to join mobile revolution. But the question is, which framework should
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Top app development companies interview: Brainium

Sourav Sinha is the Co-founder and Director at Brainium Information Technologies. The mobile app development company was founded in 2013 by himself, Asif Ahmed and Mukesh Singh and is located in Kolkata, India. The company employs more than 150 IT professionals and developers. Let’s see what Sourav Sinha has to say about Brainium and the
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How to manage your project successfully with a dedicated team of developers

Nowadays IT-development industry is actively applying the collaboration method as working in a dedicated team mode. The approach implies the following: the client is offered the service of choosing a dedicated group of experts that will work exclusively on the specific project.


How to save content marketing disasters

A worldwide known fact is that content marketing helps customers buy the product, it sounds funny, but it is a reality that happens openly in every workplace at every passing hour, but sadly not every business turns out to be as successful as others, why? This question generally bogs down our thought process, thinking: why
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Increase app engagement significantly with the help of emojis

Regardless of whether you are =) or =( about emojis, there is no denying that they are integral to modern, digitally connected lives. With the latest communication and instant messenger apps, Android and Apple constantly releasing new and updated emojis for a variety of skin tones and around various themes, it is evident that these
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Kotlin, the newly minted Android coding language

The Android operating system has long been known for providing mobile app development companies with an “all-access” pass to one of the world’s most powerful coding platforms. Android has opened the doors to a more diverse array of hardware and software engagement, particularly when compared to the more restrictive Apple OS. Although Android has long
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What you must know before investing in the development of a mobile app

Many AppFutura readers search for a magic recipe on how to get a mobile app successfully developed before launching their own project. Well, although one solution does not work in all situations, there are definitely some things you should check from the very beginning in order to make the best out of your mobile app
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