ARKit: the future of iOS app development

ARKit: the future of iOS app development

When Apple announced iOS 11 at the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 5, 2017, every person had one question in mind:

What’s special about it?

The release of the previous year’s iOS 10 had already elevated the standards. People wanted to know what the latest iPhone operating system had to offer. As a result, google searches were full with queries related to iOS 11.

Now, it’s been 2 months since the iOS 11 announcement and people have become well-aware with the operating system, thanks to the rumors, reports and leaks. If you’ve also read those articles, you might know by now that most of the operating system features are very ordinary, except a few ones like CoreML and ARKit.

ARKit is one of the most significant additions in iOS 11. It will help iOS app developers create AR based apps from scratch. Those days are not very far when creating games like Pokémon Go will be a matter of days.


AR is a gradually advancing trend in technology that superimposes the game or app’s graphics in the real world. As a result, the player participating in the game has an illusion that the characters in that game have emerged in the real world. This is what makes AR a lot of fun.

The greatest example of the implementation of augmented reality in mobile apps is the popular game, Pokémon Go. Yes, we’re talking about the same popular game that featured Pokémon characters blended into the real world. The player had to catch them all and add them to their collection. The game ended up becoming an overnight sensation with millions of people downloading it from the play store.


  • AR apps are more interactive compared to normal apps.
  • Seeing your favorite game or app characters integrated into the real world is quite an exquisite experience.
  • It’s possible to implement more features in an AR based app.


ARKit is expected to bring a significant revolution in the iOS app development industry. From now on, it will be possible to make your apps more interactive by adding AR-based features. Seeing this, all iOS app developers will show interest in implementing those in their apps.

Also, more and more users will try the new apps and their demand will significantly rise in the market. This will start a new era in the iPhone app development industry. So, what do you think of Apple’s decision to roll out an ARKit in iOS 11?

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Update Oct 10, 2017
We've got a very interesting Forum thread about AR apps like the new one by Ikea and other education apps with AR features. You can check the discussion on our Forum and participate or share your opinion.

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