ARKit 3 Is A Game Changer

Perjan Duro
Perjan Duro, Founder and CEO at Imperium Apps GmbH
Published on Aug 08, 2019 in iOS Developers Resources
ARKit 3 Is A Game Changer

Apple is the largest guy pushing AR forward. ARKit is extraordinarily powerful, particularly compared to the opposite offerings that i would add are quite rubbish when compared to ARKit, and this September it'll become even better. Here are five new features which will change the Augmented Reality scene:

People Occlusion

If you saw the Minecraft Earth demo they did at WWDC19, you’ll understand what i'm talking about. AR content will realistically pass behind and in front of people in the real world. This will make AR experiences way more immersive and also enable green screen-style effects everywhere.

Multiple Face Tracking

While you can already place an Animoji or Memoji on your face with perfect tracking, soon you will be able to track up to three faces at once and that’s crazy powerful. Yes, you and two other friends can have dog ears at the same time in a photo, but this tech can be used for so much more and we are really excited to see where it goes from there.

Motion Capture

Motion Capture nowadays is really expensive and is usually done in big stages with many cameras around the subjects wearing those golf ball motion tracking suits. With ARKit 3 you will be able to capture the motion of a person in real time with a single camera. How crazy is that?

Simultaneous Front and Back Camera

With ARKit 3 you can use your face in the front camera to interact with AR content in the back camera view. Just imagine playing an AR shooter game where you shoot by just making boom sounds with your mouth. Yes, you might look stupid while doing it, but everyone would love it.

Collaborative Sessions

With live collaborative sessions you can build a collaborative world map between multiple people, making it faster to develop AR apps and for users to get into shared AR experiences like multiplayer games.

At Imperium Apps love AR and already have some AR apps out there like Particular and are currently working on some secret stuff. We cannot wait to see where Apple takes Augmented Reality. And if their latest job vacancies for AR/VR are any indication, they are going big!

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