AR is not just a talk anymore: it’s an application emerged into tech trends

Richa Sharma
Richa Sharma, Chief Operating Officer at Fluper Limited
Published on Jan 25, 2018 in Augmented Reality Developers Resources
AR is not just a talk anymore:  it’s an application emerged into tech trends

After the Virtual Reality gadgets like Google Daydream and Sony Virtual Reality Box kicked in, the world has been buzzing the word Augmented Reality at every nook and corner for quite some time now, and the imagination is always considered insane in the business world until it’s implemented.

Well, the researchers do have a reputation to maintain and won’t just fly words in the air if their innovations were not to be put into real time. Augmented Reality mobile app development is the application of 2018 in the App Store and Play Store.

Did you ever notice the word “research”literally means searching again what is already out there? Augmented Reality was there but collaborating the concept with today’s hardware and software technology for extraordinary application building has given it a totally different edge. Android and iOS app development companies like Fluper have only got better with the advancement in electronics like better sensors and GPS enabling integrated circuits. Let’s check out some already existing AR applications.

Microsoft HoloLens

This device is a window enabled and uses Augmented Reality technology to form a holograph of the static images by using laser lights. For example, you see a static picture of the globe in your book and with this lens, one can project it before their eyes in three dimensions which are not physically built out of a ball or something, but purely a projection of light. This holographic is a great way to educate.


The military has been using the Augmented technology for long now in fighter planes and ground troops. Head-mounted display (HMD) is used by the military men and women to get instructions while intruding a strange place. It has a display in front of the eyes which lets the soldiers read the guidelines.

Heads up Display (HUD), on the other hand, is prefered by the soldiers flying aircrafts, the information needed by the flying officer to control the plane is displayed above on the screen so that the distraction caused by looking down on the equipment for information is eliminated.

Surgeries in medicine

The concept of Augmented Reality is widely used by medical students to practice error-free surgeries in real time. Neurosurgeons can mount the brain graphics and proceed with brain reconstruction. Unlike other body parts, brain is static and can’t be brought out, treated and kept back, so the AR technology is a big help to perform the operation successfully without any human error.

Navigation application

Navigation is the everyday application for everyone in the world these days and we never figured out that it is an application of Augmented Reality. The physical roads are displayed blue and red on the screen and you are the arrow in the moving direction. It even notifies you of the traffic conditions in your area.


Yeppar is the Augmented Reality application that uses augmented reality technology with the help of an embedded system of smartphones to apply Augmented Reality in different sectors to understand the dynamics of working in 3D. This application also projects a hybrid reality for some areas where the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions are clubbed together.

How to use Yeppar?

This application is simple to use, all you have to do is scan the object in front of you and the application will redirect the entire information for the particular object. For example, you scan a real juice bottle, and the minute it matches in the database, related videos for the object will appear on the screen for further information.


Brand promotion

If we have to be totally honest, we do want to use the best brand every day but it’s hard to tell if the advertisement is speaking for the product or for more sales of its own. An AR application can get you all the details of the product you are trying to buy along with an advertisement that tells you how to use the product.

Print industry

Print media is another big industry that provides information and the oldies of our generation are more of newspaper guys than a social media guys. Therefore, if you scan the picture of an event in your application then it gives you the video highlights for the same for a better understanding of what might have happened.


The food business is something that can never fail, no matter what. Did this ever happen to you that you order something just by looking at the menu and it doesn’t really come in an appropriate quality or the kind mentioned on the menu? Now that you have Augmented Reality, one can actually see what the dish has, how they prepare it and the ingredients contained in your dish.


Automobile is one industry that will make the use of this application the most to connect with the customer and even on the service centers. The engineers can actually identify the faults in the mechanic and then direct the service engineer to troubleshoot the big blunders caused in the automobiles. The graphics due to Augmented Reality let the customer make changes to the appearance of the car and the automobile designer can implement it as the customer desires.


The understanding of words leads to the imagination in the brain and innovative objects are built by different people. Children get an interactive lesson and can actually visualize how things work in real life and the cost for practical can no longer be the excuse for knowledge. This approach in learning can boast intellectual curiosity among children at school.


AR and VR are going to take over all the sectors in the world in the coming decade. Yeppar application is one example. The best part of this application is that the hybrid solutions are developed where one can visualize the Virtual Reality and bring in the Augmented picture for a better user experience.

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