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Augmented and Virtual Reality are often termed as the technologies of the future. Despite being around for a very long time, companies and organizations have realized their potential off late in the last couple of years. Augmented Reality broke into limelight with Pokémon Go getting humongous success and becoming a huge hit. Virtual Reality also paved its way through the technologies that would give to the users a fully immersive experience of what they are doing.

After mainly exploring mobile gaming sector, both AR and VR gradually sneaked in to the other aspects of the new age businesses and became an integral part of it. Now, the companies are using AR and VR in different aspects such as sales, marketing, customer services, etc. Being around for a while now, the top mobile app development company Prismetric believes that penetration into businesses for both technologies is showing a lot of promise in taking the businesses ahead and propelling them to do better.

The greatest improvement that Virtual Reality app development along with the improvements from Augmented Reality app development has brought in, is increasing the revenues or we should say the ROI’s for mobile app development companies and clients. The organizations now have innovative methods to woo their customers and keep them engaged for a longer period of time.

Studies also reveal that the cousin brothers i.e. AR and VR will become an important tool in the workplace enhancing the enterprise processes and workflows.

Therefore without much ado, let us get into the scheme of things and understand the importance of Augmented and Virtual reality in uplifting the business methods and increasing their ROI.

Providing myriad of options

As mobile technologies have become a vital cog in the mainstream businesses today, it is very necessary to include them in the work methodologies of mobile app development companies in order to stay afloat in the cut throat competition. With AR and VR, companies can provide a wide range of options to the consumers and make their shopping experience even more immersive.

For example, if you are shopping from an e-commerce website or mobile app, with AR you can have a life size experience of the thing that you want to purchase as the technologies provides you a virtual trial room for trying the outfits or the accessories or anything else. Not only this, with VR you can interact with your costumers in entirely new manners and give your marketing team innovative methods to bring in new customers as well as retaining the old. Thus, this will result in a positive impact on the revenues and will increase the company’s ROI.

Visualizing the objects

AR and VR are capable of giving the customers an unforeseen experience as they merge the real world with the world of their own. They have the ability of objectifying the products and can place them into the real world, so that the customers can visualize it properly. The merger of the real and virtual world also gives the designers a chance of interacting with their designed 3D model as if they are physical things.

The immersive techniques will help the customers to find out how the product actually looks like and how it would fit in, before they use it in the reality. Also it will help the customers to visualize the final finish of the product and also get somewhat accustomed to its usage.

It might look like a simple addition to your marketing armor, but is mightily effective in enhancing the customer loyalty as the technologies will provide them full value for the money. In addition to this, it will give a competitive edge to your company over the rivals and make your product stand out from the rest.

And, as your product will stand out from the rest, there is a greater chance of more number of users opting for it thus increasing the money inflow and the ROI’s.

Optimum customer services

Augmented and Virtual Reality have the potential of making life easier for the customer care executives as well as for customers by using these technologies as a tool to solve customers’ queries with ease and utmost precision. With AR and VR, organizations can imply methods for the customers to help learn different ways of using the product or the things more innovatively just like an extended version of DIY videos. Moreover, they will also enable the customer care executive to give personal attention to the users and also save their details in the database for further usage.

By further involving the use of Artificial Intelligence methods such as providing live Chatbots to the users, the organizations can remain in constant touch with the customer’s queries and improve the promptness with replies.

Providing new ways of working

Now this could be the best and by far the most enterprising thing Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies can do for a company. For example, if you have an insurance company and there is a customer claiming for the damages done to their vehicle. By using the AR headset, you could feed in the live video at your office without going to the exact location with clarity and ease. Therefore, you can see the damage caused and estimate the money that will be required to fix it.

By implementing the AR and VR technologies, both customers and companies will find themselves in a win-win situation. The innovative methods will put in new zeal and energy in your employees and will propel them to do their work in an enthusiastic and efficient manner. With the new found energy, the productivity will increase along with the quality of product. Therefore, as the users will see and feel that the company is putting efforts to provide them the best possible product or service, it will encourage them to invest in your company and thus having a positive effect on the ROI.

Train your employees with perfection

Better earning depends on the quality of the product developed and better product development can only be done through a competent team. And we all know that, when it comes to training and education, no one can beat the quality presented by AR and VR.

Both technologies can be very good for employees to access the teaching videos even from the remotest of areas and acquire the required skills. It will inculcate the concept of the product from the roots thus it will help employees clear their minds about the product. Also, they can see the video again and again as per their requirement and improve their skills comparatively.

The procedure of training will be precise and up to the mark with AR and VR. Moreover, the technologies will make training session more intuitive as the teachers here can show the live pictures and demos to the employees to make them understand better.

A well trained company worker or employee will be the key in designing the product to the core and give it the qualities to make it comprehensive enough to stand out in the competition.

Signing off

Including technology has been more for the good than for the bad, most of the time, for mobile app development clients. The case with Augmented and Virtual Reality is also the same as their amalgamation will only take the businesses to higher altitudes and expand their horizons. Increasing ROI is one thing, but with the advanced technologies, the companies can make some serious inroads in designing or developing some new techniques that would be vital for the future generation.

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