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Technology has carved a niche in the job market therefore resulting in a revolution unlike anything which has ever been witnessed. Unlike web application design which was a growing trend, mobile application designing has taken center stage. Programmers and IT professionals are tapping into this new found potential money maker spinning a web so vastly that it has spread across millennials.

But designing an application is not just about making it a money spinner; it is also about great design concepts and how much work has been put in by you to make it that way. If you fail to make the initial cut in terms of the design strategies then you would never be able to make a great first impression for your customers and clients, which matters a lot in today’s age. Therefore we would be discussing some design trends which would make your application a tad bit more refreshing for the users and your clients. They are given as follows:

  • BE OUT OF THE BOX: Being different is what matter in the design industry and it is applied in every aspect of it. Whenever it comes to designing applications either for web or for mobile phones, thinking out of the realm of possibility is the first thing which should strike their minds. Often times, we have noticed that the prototype designs are always different and they are full of life and experimental at best. The developers take into possibility the design compliant rules which apply for the latest Android or iOS versions or else they try to take their understanding and practicality into a much more niche level. We also try to take out suggestions from customers and many of them could seem great at first, but it could result in issues later, therefore this is something which should also be taken into consideration.
  • STAY AHEAD OF THE LATEST DESIGN CONCEPTS: When companies and clients make their developers work on stagnant versions of applications which are not being followed anywhere in the current market, then it is a waste of precious resources on both sides. For instance, we have mobile applications which should be compatible with phablet based phones and smartphones which come with bezel less design capabilities, relevant changes should be made in your applications. If you want your application to blend in with the latest design creations then the best thing to do would be to stop learning completely, it will only take you so far in the field. Ideas come from vast amounts of experience and it would therefore urge you to work upon your designs and experiment thoroughly. Plus you should also take your competition into consideration, if you want to be better in the industry, be better than your competition as well.
  • IMPROVE YOUR PORTFOLIO: We have discussed that standard design concepts don’t work in the ever changing world, there is a need to constantly improve your skills and design concepts immensely. It is not wrong to have your own signature style of design, customers and clients can resemble your designs with you which are great advantages. But it would be preferable to be different and incorporate something different in your design sense and not the usual ones. If you followed the work of famous artists like Picasso or Salvador Dali, you would find some semblance in their designs, but their works would be different in every aspect. Your portfolio depicts your creative side and you should not be hasty about it when you are filling in the details. Be natural and be different in every sense of the way.
  • BUILD YOUR APP WITH A UNIQUE PURPOSE IN MIND: This might seem strange, but designing has always been the work of a brain rather than brawn. Being unique never really hurts your chances; you can explore your creative side to the utmost extent and make your application at a level which has never been seen before. For instance, you don’t want to make your web or mobile application just like the other standard applications like SnapChat or Instagram, these applications have already made the cut and making money for their owners. It is all about how you are able to make it stand out from the rest of the crowd that makes it inspiring. You need to stop fussing over the standard design looks and focus on how they function. How it works makes all the difference in the world, the design part comes at a later stage and it would follow suit immediately.
  • USE COPY TO ENHANCE YOUR DESIGN: When programmers think of designing an application, they think about various aspects, for example prototypes, color palettes, textures and so much more. They might not think about using Copy for enhancing the design parts for your web and mobile applications. Therefore for designing the user interface for your mobile UI then that should be taken into consideration. It enhances and increases the quality of your mobile app designs considerably and it’s an alternative that programmers fail to comprehend. Making use of Copy will therefore help you out in cutting out the majority of your workload.
  • CREATE A SMOOTH RUNNING APPLICATION: The most basic functionality of an application apart from its design perspective and other relevant stuff should also include its loading time and the smooth running of it. You could include a lot of features and other design aspects but if you fail to consider its load time, extended usage and log out time, then most of the users would not look twice into your design and would therefore fail to make it big into the application market. Therefore, creating an application with a lot of bugs can create a lot of mess; you should also take into consideration the OS platforms like Android and iOS which are way too cluttered if you fail to understand the ecosystem. Therefore a great understanding of the environment can pave way to creating a great application.
  • GET FEEDBACK FROM BETA USERS: Getting Beta users to test out your application is something which should be practiced diligently. They can offer you suggestions and design perspectives which help you out in making your application great. They can find out things and can provide you with an alternative to make it better and more unique than it was before. Therefore you can employ A/B Testing principle to make your designs more subtle and easy. If an alternative fails to comply with the standard rules designed for your application, then you have the second prototype ready to run and you could improve it even further and make it much awesome.
  • LET USERS CUSTOMIZE YOUR DESIGN: This is an option worth considering if you want your users to make you an application which is exactly compliant as per their needs. You have a default UI for your application, but you can allow your users to change up some color choices, a design trait here and there which could make your application stand out. You are letting the customers showcase their views with you and that creates a unique connect with them and it would definitely help you out in making your app a resounding success. This will increase their confidence with respect to your application and there are chances that they can spread the word.


Creating applications is not always about following the standard criterion and making it look like it always does, it is about making the difference, making it a shade more unique and a tad less complicated than the others. If you are still onto making traditional app designs that doesn’t give you the kick and not being utilized anywhere, you are not fit to be anywhere in the designing territory. Therefore, be impossible, take risks, make some brainwaves and get to building one awesome application.

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