Apple’s Checklist for Creating a Quality iOS App

Ojus Sharma
Ojus Sharma, Co-founder and CEO at APPLIFY
Published on Aug 10, 2018 in iOS Developers Resources
Apple’s Checklist for Creating a Quality iOS App

Mike had the idea of a revolutionary dating app a few months back. He was confident that people will forget using Tinder and Happn once it comes into the market. So, he worked on his idea day and night, hired the best app development team in Singapore, and even invested a lot of money in the app’s promotion.

Finally, the app was submitted to Apple for publishing. ‘They will definitely approve it’, he was fully assured. However, when the email arrived his app was rejected!

Mike couldn’t believe this. He read the message again and again. Where did it go wrong, he wondered. He then started investigating the whole issue from scratch.

After a detailed research, this was found: Mike had done everything but had forgotten to check with Apple’s quality guidelines. As a result, his app failed to meet the terms of Apple’s review policy and wasn’t approved.

Do you want to be like Mike? I am sure you don’t.

So, have a look at this quality checklist by Apple. It will definitely prevent you from making the mistakes Mike made:

1. Your app should be free from bugs and crashes

No bugs and no app crashes. Apple has clearly mentions this in its app store review policy. Such apps are downright rejected. Hence, first you need to make sure that all the bugs are fixed and there are no app crashes.

2. No broken links

Your app should be fully functional during submission. There should be no broken links. Only then it will be approved.

3. Content should be properly placed

Apple doesn’t approve apps in which the content and images are not properly placed. So, fix this before submitting your app.

4. Information should be complete

There should be complete details of your app in the App Review Information of App Store Connect for getting selected. All the features and specifics should be clearly mentioned.

If any features require sign in or specific hardware, it should clearly stated too. Also, the contact information should be up-to-date.

5. The description should be accurate

In your app’s description, there shouldn’t be any information that misleads users. It should properly convey your app’s features and functionality.

6. Your app shouldn’t mislead users

If your app is giving the impression that it’s completely different from what it’s supposed to be – it will be directly rejected.

It should offer all the features it claims to offer.

7. The user interface should be clean and optimized

Apple keeps the user interface in the highest regards. If it’s not up to the standard, it will not be approved. So, pay special attention towards the UI of your app while designing it.

8. Ads should be properly displayed

During the app submission, you’ll be asked if your app uses the advertising identifier (IDFA). If it doesn’t, it will be rejected.

However, this is not enough. You also have to make sure that the ads are properly displayed and don’t hamper the user experience for getting it approved.

9. No repetitive apps are allowed

Submitting multiple apps that are having the similar functionality is never going to approve your app. Instead, it will increase the chances of rejection.

10. Your app should solve the user’s purpose

Highlighting the importance of user experience, Apple clearly states that your app should do justice with the quality of an app.


If you go through, Apple’s updated app store review guidelines you would see that Apple is very specific towards the quality of its apps. It doesn’t approve apps that don’t go well with its standard.

So, before you put your hard earned money and efforts into developing your first app. Have a look at these guidelines and comply with them. Doing so will save you from a lot of time and resource wastage.

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